Gay Jesus exhibition attacked

A SERIES of 12 photographs depicting Jesus as gay enraged the Pope, and they have now become the focus of attack by fundamentalist Christians in Sweden. bike.jpg

Earlier this week, according to the Swedish paper The Local, a fight broke out outside the Ecce Homo photo exhibition, by Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin in the town of Jönköping when a group of religious fanatics set fire to a poster of the wall of the cultural centre hosting the exhibition.

The exhibition has been causing controversy ever since it was first unveiled a decade ago.

Tony el Zouki, chairman of Kulturhuset, said around 30 people were involved in the fracas. Jönköping is known as the heartland of Sweden’s evangelical Christian movement.

“If this is some Christian group, then I really do not understand them. The message of Christianity is that people should understand and love each other,” el Zouki told The Local.

See more pictures here.nakedchrist.jpg

6 responses to “Gay Jesus exhibition attacked”

  1. Sweet Jesus…

    I told you he was a little sweet. First it was the chocolate Jesus. Now it’s a queer Jesus. [Via The Freethinker.] Fingers were being pointed at religious extremists on Sunday after a fight outside an exhibition that portrays Jesus as gay. The Ecce H…

  2. Dirk Vanden says:

    I’m 75, raised a Mormon. I am convinced that Jesus’s teachings had to do with a homosexual or pansexual way of life, not pie in the sky when you die. I believe that following “The Jesus Path,” whether you intend to or not, ends up making you a lover of men, i.e. a cocksucker. I blame my homosexuality squarely on Jesus. Peter & Paul tried to take a homosexual philosophy & turn it into a heterosexual religion hasn’t worked for 2000 years. They tried to run it on guilt, not love. It didn’t run. That doesn’t invalidate the true teachings of Jesus – like pearls in a pigpen after a feast of spoiled oysters! Jesus was at least the world’s first bisexual Hippie.

    Hooray for you!

  3. Elad Sasson says:

    There is one problem with the photo of the baptism of Christ. The person in the photo has an un-cut penis, while Jesus himself had a cut penis. Just a reminder, Jesus was born as a Jew and died as a Jew.

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  5. heeeeeey says:

    thats akward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dave Anthony says:

    How in the fuck would you know Jesus was circumspect (LMFAO)? You must know him personally? Is that what Born Again really means?