Israel gives Muslims what they they crave the most: pornography

MUSLIMS may hate everything Israeli – but they are fast growing addicted to kosher Hebrew porn.

jewishporn.jpgAccording to a number of reports this week, Israeli erotic sites are proving enormously successful among Internet surfers in Arab countries.

“We notice on our servers that thousands of users live in Muslim states with which we don’t even have diplomatic relations,” Nir Shahar, who manages one of the most visited Israeli websites with erotic content, told an Israeli journalist.

Up to 10 percent of the daily contacts of the porn portals in Hebrew come from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iraq. Some owners have decided to ride the wave of success by opening an Arabic version on their websites, which immediate produced a huge surge ‘clicks’.

But Nir Shahar and others believe the expense involved in translation is needless: “The videos and photos we offer do not need much explanation,” he says.

The most popular porno themes are centred on actresses playing female soldiers, secret agents or policewomen.

Said one webmaster:

Porn does not bring peace but if nothing else, in this way we take some money out of the pockets of our enemies.

An interesting analysis of the Muslim love of porn, and the suggestion that pornography may eventually lead to the collapse of Islam, appears on M Simon’s Power and Control blogspot.

Simon observes:

We frequently joke about men’s preoccupation with sex and female body parts in the West, but our fascination with “T&A” is nothing when you consider that the Muslim world is literally consumed by female sexuality and with their fear of it. It is ironic that both Muslim men and women are under the mistaken impression that Western society is over-sexualized compared to them, when in fact, it is practically impossible to be more obsessed with sexual matters than they are in Muslim communities.

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