Roll up, fools, for your prayer antennas

CHRISTIANS don’t half come up with some dumb and tasteless products! We were researching something completely different today when we stumbled upon a breathtakingly daft piece of religious “technology” – the Prayer Antenna.

The basic version – $19.99 plus a five buck shipping charge – comprises a length of copper (or silver) wire fashioned in the shape of a crucifix. You slip it onto a finger of your choice by means of a band at its base, point it heavenwards and pray that that God gives you this week’s winning lottery numbers – or that, at the very least, delivers you from genital warts.

The luxury silver version weighs in at $39.99.

Here is what says about its break-through product.tpa1.jpg

Does it work? Possibly to put out a mugger’s eye, or to fish your car-keys out of a storm-water drain, but as a hot-line to God? – heck no! We clicked on Prayerantenna’s testamonials page, and surprise, surprise, it was blank.

We at the Freethinker much prefer Paul Davies’ far more stylish, tongue-in-cheek Prayer Antenna. The Canadian-born artist first exhibited his work of art in New York in 2006.prayer-antenna.jpg

This is what he said about his “religious technology artifact”:

The Prayer Antenna is part of a series of Religious Technological Artifacts that I am making. The Antenna receives signals from God (yes, your God). The Antenna currently takes the form of a surplus/thrift-store motor-cycle helmet (or similar) that is ornately ordained and fitted with sufficient technology to receive signals. The helmet bristles like a porcupine with many different antennas. The visor is blacked out. Integrated headphones allow the worshipper to experience the signals. Sufficient controls allow the worshipper to tune the signals. The helmet is mounted to the wall on an ornate arm (at around waist level) and a small kneeling stool is provided (like a prayer kneeler). To use the Antenna the worshipper must kneel on the stool and inset their head into the helmet. The wall and surrounding are painted with a decorative pattern.

Learn more about Paul Davies at his website here.

3 responses to “Roll up, fools, for your prayer antennas”

  1. Marcus says:

    Two questions: 1. Do the makers of the Prayer Antennas warn the faithful not to use ’em during lightning storms; and 2. If I stick one on my TV will I, at last, manage to pick up Channel 5?

  2. Gary says:

    WOW, a direct line to god. Maybe if I get one I can have a word with the big fella and find out what he really does, hehe