The ‘Religion of Peace’ strikes again

A YOUNG man who police say had been “radicalised” by Islam is in custody following an explosion in Exeter yesterday.

Nicky Reilly, 22, from Plymouth, suffered serious facial injuries when a device detonated at the Princesshay shopping centre in the city, according to the BBC.

Reilly was arrested after the explosion in the Giraffe restaurant in the £230m shopping development- one of Exeter’s main attractions.

CCTV footage taken from a nearby camera appears to show him emerging from the cafe with blood pouring down his face before his arrest.

No-one else was hurt in the explosion at the restaurant, which was busy at the time and is popular with families.

Another device, which did not go off, was found outside the premises.

Devon and Cornwall Police Deputy Chief Constable Tony Melville said:

Our investigation so far indicates Reilly, who had a history of mental illness, had adopted the Islamic faith. We believe, despite his weak and vulnerable illness, he was preyed upon, radicalised and taken advantage of.

What glum faces there must be in mosques and madressas throughout the land today. Not because someone had tried to bomb a restaurant in the name of Allah, but because he bungled the job and failed to kill or maim anyone.

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3 responses to “The ‘Religion of Peace’ strikes again”

  1. Valdemar says:

    ‘… Reilly, who had a history of mental illness, had adopted the Islamic faith.’

    I wonder how soon this very honest copper will be sent on an ‘awareness course’ of some kind? Or perhaps it’s down to lousy English teaching in schools.

  2. Steve says:

    What kind of organisation preys upon, radicalises,and takes advantage of any person regardless of their mental state?
    It is time to end the feel good political correctness in regard to this religion of delusional, dangerous pinheads. So many people realise this and still so little gets done.

  3. I must say Britains current enemies are rather, well, rubbish aren’t they? The Nazis demolished huge tracts of cities, the IRA did drive-by shootings and left craters in the streets. On the other hand the radical muslims, apart from 7/7, have made a catalogue of useless blunders like being caught lighting fuses, using old explosives that are no longer explosive, crashing a burning car into a minor airport… and now a suicide bomber fails to kill even himself!