Stand by for Jesus’s return – as a Muslim!

CREATIONISTS, as we all know, come in all shades of stupid – but few equal the sheer nuttiness of Harun Yahya, the Turkish head of a publishing empire devoted to spreading the creationist gospel among Muslims.

According to this Yahoo report, his glossy books and DVDs on religion and “science” sell in Islamic bookshops around the globe. He gives away thousands of expensive volumes and lets readers download much of his work from his websites for free.

He has been accused by the Council of Europe of trying to infiltrate schools with religious extremism, and French teachers are told to keep his work from their students.

But Adnan Oktar – that’s this bozo’s real name – says his Atlas of Creation campaign and the Harun Yahya publishing empire are part of his religious vision of the end of the world.

In a rare interview this week, Oktar declared that Jesus was about to make his second appearance on earth “as a Muslim” – reach for your heart pills, Stephen Green:

Our biggest project right now is to lay the grounds for the coming of Jesus Christ. We understand this is going to be in the next 20 to 25 years.

The returned Jesus would then defeat the Dajjal or Islamic Anti-Christ, and establish Islam around the world.

And we thought that they would do this by outbreeding the infidel with their multiple wives.

Asked if he planned another enormous book like The Atlas, Oktar said he would simply continue to turn out anti-Darwin books.

I am preparing a book about skulls. I show skull fossils as evidence that there was no evolution.

Before rushing into print with any new material, Oktar should first consult with this earnest young French, ooops, Norwegian fella, whose creationist views will leave you in stitches!


4 responses to “Stand by for Jesus’s return – as a Muslim!”

  1. Big glossy books given away for free, eh? bet printing those isn’t cheap…

  2. Yosoyelquesoy says:

    The boy is just being sarcastic.

  3. Tim Danaher says:

    Hey! Adrian (Theologikos)isn’t French! He’s Norwegian!!!

    Also, check out CapnOrdinary’s multi-part ‘Debinking Harun Yahyah’ series on YouTube. Brilliant.

  4. […] Why, none other than our old friend and favourite basket-case, Adnan Oktar, who churns out unbelievably idiotic and very expensive junk science under the pen-name Harun Yahya. (See here and here). […]