‘Virtuous’ vigilantes grow more aggressive in Israel – and it’s ‘down with mini-skirts’ in Mexico!

YESTERDAY we posted a piece about the imbecile Muslim cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid banging on about provocative female flesh at the Olympic games.

Today we have more crap from ‘purity’ pillocks stretching from Israel to Mexico.

Haaretz reports today that the activities of Israel’s “modesty guards” – a “virtuous” band of ultra-Orthodox Jewish vigilantes working to eradicate so-called immodest behaviour in Haredi areas -are growing more aggressive.

With aims similar to those of Saudi Arabia’s Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Mutaween), they are going as far as to break into the homes of those whose lifestyles they disapprove of.

One of the guards has been arrested for an attack by several of the vigilantes on a secular Jewish woman, whose home they entered.

In a rare TV interview, a member of the Modesty Patrol – which has also been accused of roughing up women who refuse to sit at the back of buses – said the organisation enjoys the support of rabbis and the police.

Meanwhile, in Mexico City, a Catholic priest has caused outrage among some Mexican women, who say the Roman Catholic Church is making it easier to justify sexual violence against women by suggesting that women in mini-skirts were prostituting themselves.

Mini-skirts like this have upset a Mexican Catholic priest. Oh dear, this appears to be a man

Mini-skirts like this have upset a Mexican Catholic priest. Oh dear, this model appears to be a man.

According to Yahoo News, the Rev Sergio G Roman sounded warned against miniskirts in an online publication to prepare Catholics for a church family-values forum next year in Mexico City.

When we show our body without prudence, without modesty, we are prostituting ourselves.

Mexican newspaper columnists lampooned the article, and women’s rights advocates have attacked it.

Guadalupe Loaeza, a renowned Mexican social commentator, said she worries the priest’s statements will be taken seriously and make it acceptable to blame the victim.

It gives rapists permission to say, ‘Well, she had on a miniskirt’. What the church says has credibility — that’s why this type of statement is so dangerous.

Roman’s statements echo recent comments by government authorities elsewhere in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A police superintendent in Jamaica called on women last week to dress with greater modestly to curb rapes on the island.

After an 8-year-old girl was gang-raped by five men at a market in Montego Bay, Steve McGregor blamed rapes this summer partly on girls wearing short shorts and tiny bathing suits.

McGregor was criticized by a Jamaican group that monitors the portrayal of women in the media.

Said Afola Shade the director of Women’s Media Watch.

It’s time we stop penalizing the victims. There are men raping babies. Can babies dress skimpily? I think it’s time we stop this foolishness now.

Hat tip: Michael Cohen.

4 responses to “‘Virtuous’ vigilantes grow more aggressive in Israel – and it’s ‘down with mini-skirts’ in Mexico!”

  1. Angela Kingdom says:

    This sort of thing makes me fume with anger. Religion – invented and run by men – is all about the control of women. These morons should learn to control themselves or just look away. Better still: chemical castration or I’ll do it free with a blunt knife!

  2. tony ewing says:

    As a bloke, what really saddens me is the fact that these officials have a obvious fear and hatred of women. Every woman on the planet has the right to wear what they like. No argument.

  3. Ex Partiot says:

    It is just to bad that there is no way to ship these f-k turds to a planet at least 4000 light years away

  4. yelinna says:

    They forget the fact that rape victims include nuns.