Heaven’s full of people who were never born

GOSH! You learn something new every day.

Last night we attended a talk given by British atheist and voluntary euthanasia campaigner Dr Michael Irwin, who detailed the background to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill likely to come into force next year.

Dr Michael Irwin

Dr Michael Irwin

Dr Irwin, of the Secular Medical Forum, reminded a meeting of the Brighton and Hove Humanist Society that the Bill faced stiff opposition from church leaders – but it was most strongly opposed by the Catholic Church. Cardinal Keith O’Brien, for example, described the Bill as “grotesque”, “deathly”, and “Frankensteinian”, despite its potential to cure some of humankind’s most awful afflictions.

The Cardinal complained:

It is difficult to imagine a single piece of legislation which more comprehensively attacks the sanctity and dignity of human life than this particular Bill.

Dr Irwin then produced this delicious observation by Dr Richard Harries, former Bishop of Oxford:

I am sure the Roman Catholic bishops are intelligent, rational people, but their starting point on embryo research is mistaken. They believe that the newly fertilised egg, the tiny bundle of multiplying cells smaller than a pin head, has the same right to life as an adult.

But more than two-thirds of fertilised eggs are lost in nature anyway. If each of these is really a person, that is, an eternal soul, it would lead to the absurd conclusion that heaven is mainly populated by people who have never been born.

4 responses to “Heaven’s full of people who were never born”

  1. Stuart H. says:

    This was never summed up better than in a poem – I think by Liz Lochhead – which ends
    ‘every lonely wank goes straight to the heart of Jesus’.

  2. 1minion says:

    But these unborn haven’t been baptized. Isn’t baptizing babies the way to get them to heaven? They’d go to limbo. Oh wait, the pope’s already said limbo was only a theoretical idea, not real.

    Kind of wish they’d look at the rest of their beliefs and toss out some more unreal things.

  3. Valdemar says:

    Put me down for Hell (as if it needed saying). At least there’d be a chance of some intelligent conversation, whereas Heaven is full of fertilised ova and religious bigots.

  4. TERMINUS EST says:

    “…heaven is mainly populated by people who have never been born.” What a brilliant statement! Too bad religious people won’t listen to rational arguments like this one.