‘Blasphemous’ Madonna: mischievous or mad?

QUEEN of Pop Madonna has left the Vatican scratching its head over a dedication she made to the Vicar of Christ – who can hardly be described as a fan.

During a concert in Italy at the weekend, the controversial 50-year-old dedicated her hit song Like a Virgin to Pope Ratzinger.  She told the 60,000 fans who flocked to her “Sticky & Sweet” world tour:

I dedicate this song to the Pope, because I’m a child of God. All of you are also children of God.

Oh, yuck!

Madonna was once accused by the Vatican of staging one of the most satanic shows in history.
Italian newspapers have been gushing over the singer’s electric performance and called the dedication a surprising provocation. They seem to think that the dedication was intended as a wind-up.

Madonna's iconic and provocative  'Like a Virgin' album shot

Madonna's iconic and provocative 'Like a Virgin' cover shot

Italy’s top newspaper Corriere della Sera said in a front-page report:

At the Roman leg of her tour, Madonna didn’t miss the opportunity for a provocation that will certainly be discussed.

Like a Virgin ruled the music charts way back in late 1984 and early 1985. Madonna performed the song in the first ever MTV Video Music Awards in 1985. The song was deemed provocative -especially so for Catholics since Madonna had the gall to wear a white wedding gown for the video.

Madonna, who comes from a devout Italian Catholic family, has raised the ire of the Catholic Church in the past with sexually charged antics designed to shock.

In 2006, she staged a mock-crucifixion at a concert in Rome to the backdrop of accusations from the Vatican of blasphemy.

The Vatican also condemned her controversial 1989 video for the song Like a Prayer that featured burning crosses, statues crying blood and Madonna seducing a black Jesus.

The Vatican later panned a show where she decked the stage out with religious imagery as one of the most “satanic shows in the history of humanity”.

5 responses to “‘Blasphemous’ Madonna: mischievous or mad?”

  1. Doris Tracey says:

    What else is new? I will judge no one any more.

  2. Michael Cohen says:

    And i thought she was a kabbalah only girl these days

  3. Stuart H. says:

    How does she know he’s a virgin?

  4. Tony says:

    Why does anyone pay any attention to anything that old slapper does?

  5. Steve says:

    Kabbalah’s got to her head. If it said in it that we’re all children of god, I wouldn’t be surprised at her outlook.