Jesus’ penis complainer never saw the exhibit

Emily Mapfuwa, the Christian who was so offended by a statue of Jesus with a penis that she decided to take the art gallery to court, never actually visited the exhibition in which it was displayed, a local radio station has confirmed.

Mapfuwa’s lawyer, Michael Phillips of the Christian Legal Centre, was interviewed on BBC Radio Essex, where he was asked the question, “Did Emily actually visit the exhibition?” He replied,

Er, no. She didn’t.

While we should not be surprised at censorious religionists complaining about something they haven’t seen (they do it all the time), this does make Mapfuwa and her lawyers look rather silly.

So how did Mapfuwa hear about the exhibit which so offended her deeply held religious beliefs? Unity at the Ministry of Truth suggests that, as the initial complaint was filed in January, it is likely to have been an article in The Sun entitled “Aroused ‘Jesus’ Statue Outrage” which caught the sensitive thing’s eye.

The trouble is, that story was illustrated with an entirely different artwork, from a completely different exhibition (in the Saatchi gallery, 2006, as it happens).

This one:

While the statue exhibited in the Baltic – one of dozens depicting various icons in a state of arousal – was this one:

So, in effect, we have a Christian claiming to be offended by a statue that was never actually exhibited, in an exhibition that she never actually visited.

And they wonder why people make fun of them?

8 responses to “Jesus’ penis complainer never saw the exhibit”

  1. TERMINUS EST says:

    I would like to know what really offended her more: the fact that the statue had one or the idea that jesus had one. Either way, her own thoughts are offending her. Perhaps she should sue herself.

    Even saint theresa only dared dream of a spear.

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  3. Buffy says:

    Typical. It’s much like the American Family Association claiming that 70,000 of their members had been offended by a *UK* Heinz ad showing a gay couple kissing. How the heck did 70,000 members of a US RRRW group just happen to see a UK TV ad, all form the same opinion of it, and lodge complaints within a week or so of it’s airing? Must have been one of those “miracles”. Or maybe they’re all just a bunch of bigots who want to censor anything that doesn’t agree with their narrow world view.

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