More wailing and gnashing of teeth at the Christian Institute

THE Christian Institute – which feels so badly betrayed by New Labour because of the “raft of gay rights legislation” it has introduced over the years – is gnashing its teeth over news that 10 Downing Street yesterday hosted a lunch for an influential American gay rights activist.


Sarah Brown

The CI reports, via Pink News, that the Prime Minister’s wife, Sarah Brown, hosted a private lunch in honour of political strategist and author David Mixner, once named by Newsweek as the most powerful gay man in America.

Wailed the CI:

He is a vocal opponent of an ongoing campaign in California to protect the legal definition of marriage.

David Mixner

David Mixner

Which is a mealy-mouthed way of saying that he opposes religious crackpots seeking to overturn recent legislation that allows civil partnerships to take place in the state.

Among ministers who attended the lunch  were Chief Whip Nick Brown, Health minister Ben Bradshaw, Treasury minister Angela Eagle, and Deputy Leader of the Commons Nick Bryant.

Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive of homosexual lobby group Stonewall, who also attended the lunch, described the gathering as:

Another small historic step forward.

The CI, naturally, doesn’t see it that way, and laments the fact that:

In 2003, the Government succeeded in abolishing Section 28 in England and Wales. This part of the 1988 Local Government Act prevented local authorities spending public money on the promotion of homosexuality in schools or elsewhere.

Controversy over the promotion of homosexuality in schools has been increasing since the removal of Section 28. Just this month storybooks about homosexual relationships were withdrawn from primary schools in Bristol after protests from parents.

The CI is furious about gay adoption too:

Joint adoption by homosexual couples was legalised in 2002 and came into force in 2005. Critics said the move used children as political trophies and was more concerned with an adult’s rights rather than a child’s best interests.

There have been at least two scandals at Islington and Wakefield where social services have ignored signs of abuse by homosexual carers for fear of being labelled ‘homophobic’. Meantime the press are reporting that Christians are being turned down as unsuitable adopters because of their religious beliefs.

New employment laws are another source of discontent:

In 2003 the Government introduced new regulations banning sexual orientation discrimination in employment. Recently a Church of England Diocese was sued under these regulations and ordered to pay £47,000 in compensation to an openly gay man who was turned down for a job as a church youth worker.

And just don’t get them started on civil partnerships:

Homosexual relationships gained legal recognition with the Civil Partnership Act 2004. ‘Gay marriage’ in all but name, the Act extended all the legal rights and privileges of marriage to homosexual couples.

Now some public authorities are erasing the word marriage from all official documents and replacing it with the ‘neutral’ word “partner”. Christian registrars are being put under pressure to perform civil partnership ceremonies by politically correct councils.

There’s more, but, frankly, we think the point is made: the CI is a viper’s nest of bigotry and intolerance – and no-one with an ounce of common sense gives a rat’s arse about its so-called “values”.

8 responses to “More wailing and gnashing of teeth at the Christian Institute”

  1. June Knight says:

    Why is it that personal choices of relationship and commitment is considered an offence yet the constant proliferation of images and values of violence against women and sexual assualt of women and children is protected as a free expression of choice and freedom of speech? My view of violence of women and children is told to be one opinion and equal to to those who support violence against women and children,.

    Also surely a govt health warning should be put on a Christian marriage pack. They have the highest rate of domestic abuse and abuse against children and most of the prominent churches colude with it by telling women and childrent to shut up, submit or be excommunticated and go to hell.

    Fact is our psychiatric wards and mental health facilities are full of the victims of christian marriage and families.

    I think good relationships are wonderful and its really nice seeing two people get on with each other. Do I see that in Christian marriage. No I just see misery – also a crap sex life because they really cannot talk or explore that bit honestly either. Christian men are crap in bed and are most likely to have hangups and some really sick practices and bad attitudes to women.

    Good luck. Lets tell the truth.

    Female abuse website for those in religious relationships “” Already suffered abuse and harassment from those who love the Lord.

  2. stevenH says:

    Succinctly and accurately put June.

    I am in total agreement.

    Their “moral” viewpoint is an appalling fallacy. I find christians reprehensible in their disgusting, backwards attitutes towards women and sexuality.

    The fact they imagine themselves as “superior” while grovelling ignorantly in the cess of their own belligerence is as offensive as it is incredulous in this day and age.

    How this primitivist barbarism still influences legislature with its sickening attitudes and the ceaseless spouting of blatant nonsense I do not know!

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  4. neowolfe says:

    It’s okay , I guess, I just wrote a reply then after my reply was deleted, asked to register. Okay, your website. Maybe that’s why your newest post is october. I don’t want to play your game. If you want opinion, welcome it. If you want discussion welcome it. Stop stiffling it.


  5. Karen says:

    One minor correction: The “campaign in California to protect the legal definition of marriage” is actually a response to a recent state high court ruling, which overturned a voter-approved resolution from a few years back mandating marriage to be between one man and one woman. The prejudice against gay marriage has dropped in this state since then, and I’m hoping their campaign fails. If it does, we’ll see it back on the ballot again, though. Bigots don’t give up easily.

  6. the val says:

    “Meantime the press are reporting that Christians are being turned down as unsuitable adopters because of their religious beliefs.”

    Ha! This is funny – and a good idea.

  7. Newspaniard says:

    June Knight has a point, several, in fact, but I would just like to point out that it is not necessarily the women of marriages that are the victims, many men suffer hell from their spouses too.
    Although NOT a Labour supporter, I am prepared to concede that they must be doing something right if they are getting the religious right in such a tizzy.

  8. Stuart H. says:

    Unless you’re homophobic, it is the C.I who are amongst the most vocal opponents of attempts to protect the lagal status of marriage.
    They are, after all, the ones who try hardest to prevent anyone getting a civil partnership ceremony.