Putting Christ back into Christmas – the fun way!

CHRISTIANS of a more fundamentalist stripe who are always banging on about “putting Christ back into Christmas” will be less than ecstatic over a new board game launched just in time for the festive season

According to this report, Blasphemy®: The Race to the Cross is the brainchild of US company Pinstripe Publishing, LLC. The game – its first – pits competing messiahs against each other as they wander through the Holy Land performing miracles, giving sermons, accumulating followers, and receiving faith; in the end, the first player to get his Jesus crucified wins the game.

Which Jesus will win the race to the cross?

Which Jesus will win the race to the cross?

Said Steve Jaqua, president of Pinstripe Publishing, and the game’s creator.

On one level, Blasphemy® is a loving mockery of the simplistic good-versus-evil worldview.

The game features a rich artistic and literary presentation that includes a large plush game cloth (32″ x 44″) portraying ancient Palestine, Faith tags, wooden Ministry tiles, storybook cards, four brightly coloured Jesus figurines, a giant die known as The Holy Roller, and the requisite wooden cross with crucifixion platform.

Quipped Jaqua:

Like Christianity itself, the production quality of the Blasphemy® game components are sure to last well over 2,000 years.

According to Pinstripe’s website:

In Blasphemy® you take part in the fate of a would-be Messiah. Your aim is to convince your compatriots that your Jesus, and your Jesus alone, is the genuine article.

To accomplish this, your Jesus must cut as impressive a figure as possible. He must give stirring sermons, perform miracles, attract devoted followers, and generally carry on in a Messiah-like fashion. Your Jesus must make every effort to discredit his rivals, and in the end, he must get himself killed.

Yes, alas, the price of fame was dear in those days. It was clearly written that the Messiah would come to a sticky end. Accordingly, you win the game if you’re the first player to get your Jesus nailed up.

The release of Blasphemy® comes hot on the heels of news that another less-than-reverential board game  – Playing Gods: The Board Game of Divine Domination – is now available for the Christmas market.

It is described as “the world’s first satirical board game of religious warfare” and, features among others a less-than-benign Jesus wielding a cross as a weapon in which a lethal spike is imbedded, and a Muslim with a bomb who could be Mohammed.

12 responses to “Putting Christ back into Christmas – the fun way!”

  1. valdemar says:

    What will really offend Christians about this is that it’s based on fact – there were competing miracle workers around, as in The Life of Brian.

  2. Andrew Bolton says:

    As Valdemar says. It;s a pity the four pieces aren’t Jesus, Apollonius of Tyana, Simon Magus and Brian…

  3. Gaia says:

    What a lovely little game! Perfect for that naughty atheist on your holiday shopping list! Thanks for getting the word out!

  4. Ex Partiot says:

    What a great idea, it should realy put the fundies panties in a twist. I live in Europe but I will try to get a copy of it

  5. 1minion says:

    Enjoyable as this sounds, I’d have nobody to play it with.

  6. Sarah Wood says:

    To be honest… if I wanted to waste my time being a narrow minded bigot, I would still be a Christian.

    Laughable and entertaining as Christianity may be, going out of our way to offend Christians is a little childish and only goes to encourage those who view atheists as just rebellious and immoral.

  7. valdemar says:

    Sarah, offending Christians in this way is justifiable. Their beliefs are absurd, as you and I both know; but far too many people are inclined to be deferential about their claims instead of saying ‘Oh shut up about your soul and your god, it’s superstitious twaddle founded on a ragbag of old folk tales’.

    If that doesn’t win you over, think about the beliefs of Scientologists and ask yourself; would a funny board game about Ron Hubbard, evil Lord Xenu and Tom Cruise be bigoted? Legally actionable, yes, but bigoted, no. It would make a valid point about the need to criticise any nasty, inhumane ideology that makes absolutist claims over our world and all our lives. If and when Christians, Muslims, Scientologist and the rest withdraw from the political arena and leave us alone, then we’ll stop mocking them. Probably.

  8. newspaniard says:

    Anyone else noticed that the Athiest Bus Campaign has now topped £120,000?

  9. tony e says:

    I have visions of ‘Birdshit’ opening this up on christmas day and saying ‘Yes! I can be the Messiah!!’

  10. Randy says:

    Yea, and Gawd said unto His sons, “Move out of My basement and get a job already. I shall bestow My approval on He who gets nailed first.”

  11. […] glory days and maybe, just maybe, get it right this time.  And anyway, I figure that if He sees He can’t win the game without getting crucified, it’ll take some of the sting out of the real thing.  The boy is still edgy around […]

  12. Dan says:


    The Freethinker blog doesn’t need to go out of its way to be offensive. Being offensive is kind of its default position, and has been ever since 1881.