Barmy Australian politician wants topless bathing banned – because it offends Muslims

CHRISTIAN nutjob Rev Fred Nile MP has stirred up a hornet’s nest by demanding that topless bathing be banned in NSW to protect Sydney’s Muslim and Asian communities.

Christian conservative Fred Nile

Christian conservative Fred Nile

Reverend Nile is National President of the Christian Democratic Party – a conservative party which appeals to Christians on moral and social issues. Best known for his homophobia, Nile was once National Co-ordinator and NSW Director of the Australian Federation of Festival of Light.

The dummy, er dhimmi, claims that Australia’s reputation as a conservative but culturally inclusive society was at risk of erosion by more liberal overseas visitors.

Our beaches should be a place where no one is offended … I think it’s important to respect all the different cultures that make up Australia.

Topless women, he added:

Risk raising the ire of Muslim men in particular … I don’t want to have any provocations or disturbances on our public beaches.

According to this report, acting Premier Carmel Tebbutt and the NSW Opposition Leader, Barry O’Farrell, have both said that topless bathing is an issue for local councils, not state governments.

But Nile said he believed most politicians would come around once all the issues were considered.

I think if you survey Australian women you’ll find a lot of women would be uncomfortable if it became the custom [to be] topless at the beach. Australia’s always been a conservative country as far as beachwear goes. Once being topless is accepted as lawful the next question will be why can’t women go totally nude on a public beach and I don’t think Australians want to go down that pathway.

Nile is a vocal opponent of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, which he describes as a “public parade of immorality and blasphemy. He has objected to the “indecency and obscenity in various parts of the Mardi Gras” and stated that it reinforced “the worst stereotypes”.

In 2005, Nile called for the repealing of New South Wales’ anti-vilification laws, partly in response to a ruling by the Equal Opportunity Division of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal which found that two radio hosts had vilified a gay couple. Nile claimed that the Homosexual Vilification Act was being abused to gag free speech. He said:

You make a joke about Baptists, Catholics, the Pope, Irish people… why can’t you make a joke about homosexuals?

Nile is also frequent critic of the Australian Greens.  He has frequently labelled the Greens as being “anti-family”, “anti-Christian” and “pagan”, citing their opposition to the current practice of opening parliament with daily prayers and support for policies such as the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

7 responses to “Barmy Australian politician wants topless bathing banned – because it offends Muslims”

  1. newspaniard says:

    WOW! Bigot or what? “Did you, Sir, or did you not, go swimming in the sea without the full covering of a burka?”

  2. mikespeir says:

    To me, the jury’s still out as to whether public topless bathing is a good idea. But one thing’s for sure: if it’s bad, it’s not because it offends Muslims!

  3. Bobbie Graves says:

    The terrorism works when you sumit your action to “their” views.
    So what about the people that are offended when they are judged by a religion, left over from the rock ages, and are forced to comply. Somthing is missing?…Oh yea freedom of choice.

  4. valdemar says:

    Great, another collaborator, another Quisling in the struggle to save the West from barbarism.

    Or, on a lighter note, this guy’s political opponents should ask him, repeatedly and loudly, if he would ban drinking alcohol in Australia because it offends Muslims. That might swing the debate Down Under. They like a drink, I’m told.

  5. Ex Patriot says:

    I live in europe and on the coast of the Adriatic and if a women wants to go topless it is her choice, it is called freedom of choice and we do have muslims here also but we don’t worry about them being offended, if they don’t like it they can stay home

  6. Country guy says:

    This man in one slice short of a loaf of bread: It is 2009. Who, but these religious bigots find women’s breasts offensive – they are God given.

  7. Gary W says:

    I think women should be allowed to go naked in public and have sex in the supermarket aisle if they so choose. As to the kids looking on, they can use the education. LOL..aussie perverts! Dammit.