Muslim clerics ‘don’t live on this planet’

THIS will come as no surprise to Freethinker readers, but what is astonishing is that the observation was made by Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, the head of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain.

Siddiqui was commenting in The Times on the tragic case of model Sahar Daftary, 23,  who fell 150ft from the twelfth storey of a block of flats on December 20.

Her death occurred shortly after she learned that her husband, whom she had married last year, was already married. The case, said The Times:

Has shone a light into the murky world of Muslim polygamy in Britain.

Her husband, Rashid Jamil, 33, was arrested on suspicion of murder but bailed by police after they found no evidence that the death was anything other than an accident or suicide.

Rashid Jamil failed to tell his new bride that he was already married

Rashid Jamil failed to tell his new bride that he was already married

Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, the head of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, told The Times:

This story is very common, unfortunately. We have tried to plug some of the holes in the whole system, but unfortunately our clerics do not live on this planet.

They don’t understand. For them, controlling the sexuality of the woman is far more important than justice, so we have this problem.

Ms Daftary, a Sunni Muslim from London whose family comes from Afghanistan, was crowned Miss Face of Asia in a beauty contest last year.

She was found critically injured by the apartment block in Salford Quays near the Manchester United football ground after a confrontation had taken place between her and Jamil. Also present was Jamil’s other wife, Narissa Amjad, 29, who is expecting a second child by Jamil.

Jamil also had a former wife. They had a daughter but were formally divorced. According to relatives, Mr Jamil had also undergone an arranged marriage in Pakistan that ended in divorce.

Ahmad Thomson, a barrister and founder of the Association of Muslim Lawyers, said that polygamous marriages could work in Britain if all parties were open and in agreement. But he added:

Sometimes the husband has tried to keep the earlier marriage secret. When the second or third wife finds out, it’s devastating.

Islam traditionally allows husbands to take up to four wives at a time.

10 responses to “Muslim clerics ‘don’t live on this planet’”

  1. mn says:

    There’s a “Muslim” Parliament in GB ? How’s that ? Where I live, we have a couple of parties who base their politics on ethnicity … They brake some laws by doing that but no one has an interest in suing anyone.

  2. polomint38 says:

    but unfortunately our clerics do not live on this planet.

    Anyone who believes in invisible omnipitent friends in space, are not living on the planet! The clerics just do it for a living.

  3. Angela K says:

    WTF is a muslim parliament, I bet it is democratic and has women in it – eh? And of course the muzzie men [who else] want polygamy, apart from the obvious, they can also claim more benefits.

  4. Mike says:

    What’s with the new design? looks worryingly like the Guardian! You’ll have thier readers coming over and calling you racist, you know.

  5. chrsb says:

    The only sad part of this story is she wasn’t holding his hand when she jumped?

  6. newspaniard says:

    Angela K, The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland has a single elected Parliament under The Sovereign, which, for better or worse, is supposed to run this country. Other organizations such as the mafia, IRA, muslim parliament, churches of all denominations and similar unelected groups, firmly believe that they take precedence over Westminster and act accordingly, and with the, seemingly, full co-operation of our current administration… which, I hope, answers that question.

    The law of the land says that poligamy is an offence under the law, and you and I would be gaoled for it UNLESS you are a follower of the islamofacist faith, in which case, you are above the law and can marry as many as you damn well please and receive tax and state benefits with impunity, because our craven government refuses to enforce the law against these people. Currently, the same applies to wife beating, enforced marriages etc. Eventually, public executions will take place of rape victims, gays, and anyone who upsets any senile, hate filled imam. Currently murder is acceptable providing the killing is done outside these islands for purposes of ‘honour’. Whereas in islamic countries, ‘honour killings’ may attract as much as a 3 hour gaol sentence,presumably with full compensation for loss of earnings.

  7. Angela K says:

    Newspaniard my post was ironic. Love your rant though – excellent.

  8. valdemar says:

    I wondered about this story – the poor victim looks like a very Westernised Muslim, as indeed does the villain of the piece who deceived her. But I daresay the pressure was on her to marry a ‘good’ Muslim. And she found a fairly typical specimen – misogynistic little git who can’t keep it in his well-tailored strides. What a surprise.

    Quite like the new design, by the way. Very 21st century.

  9. Alan C. says:

    #Every year millions of people around the world do not mark the beginning of their new year when the clock strikes 12 on December 31. For the Chinese, the Year of the Ox will begin on January 26. For Jews the next new year starts on the evening of September 18, while Muslims have just celebrated the beginning of 1430, which arrived on the evening of December 28.# From The Times.

    The Muslims are still living in the 14 hundreds, that explains a lot.

  10. Ex Patriot says:

    These people do not belong in the civilized world, send them back to the middle east if hey can’t abide by the laws of the country they try to come into. If a person is dumb enough to go the M.E you certainly have to abide by their laws.