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Muslim scholar debunks Darwin

YEMENI cleric Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani explains all that is wrong with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Darwin, he says, may have concocted his theory as a result of having “hidden psychological feelings”. Here is an extract from the learned cleric’s TV address: [The Darwinists] say: ‘Look at this creature. We found it in a lower stratum, […]

‘Killing gays might not be helpful’

So says Uganda’s Ethics and Integrity Minister Nsaba Buturo. Buturo indicated that a planned Anti-Homosexual Bill may have its death sentence provision dropped. A life sentence may be imposed instead, which would give the authorities time to “cure” gay men and women. Buturo said: There have been a lot of discussions in government regarding the […]

Teacher was allegedly a proselytising busybody who wouldn’t learn to shut up

THE latest Christian prodnose to have martyrdom status bestowed upon her by the Christian Legal Centre, among others, had been warned to keep her religious beliefs to herself. We didn’t immediately blog the story of Weston-super-Mare part-time maths teacher Olive Jones when it broke a few days ago because it seemed that only one side […]

Shoplifting is OK if you are vulnerable and hard-pressed, says Yorkshire vicar

A YORKSHIRE vicar has advised hard-pressed members of his flock to fleece retailers by shoplifting. But they should do it only from big stores, the Rev Tim Jones said, and it would probably be best if they did not take any more than they needed. Inevitably, says The Times Some less spiritually enlightened individuals, including […]