US moron slams ‘abortion’ doughnuts

US moron slams ‘abortion’ doughnuts

LIKE most in America, the Krispy Kreme Doughnut company was anxious to get in on the Obama inauguration celebrations yesterday.

So, according to this report, they issued a statement declaring:

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc is honoring American’s sense of pride and freedom of choice on Inauguration Day, by offering a free doughnut of choice to every customer on this historic day, January 20. By doing so, participating Krispy Kreme stores nationwide are making an oath to tasty goodies – just another reminder of how oh-so-sweet ‘free’ can be.

What followed next was a demonstration of how UTTERLY INSANE some Christians can be. The words “freedom of choice” was immediately interpreted by Judie Brown, President of the American Life League as pro-abortion propaganda, and the silly cow rushed out an hysterical statement, lambasting both Krispie Kreme and President Obama:

The next time you stare down a conveyor belt of slow-moving, hot, sugary glazed donuts at your local Krispy Kreme, you just might be supporting President-elect Barack Obama’s radical support for abortion on demand – including his sweeping promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act as soon as he steps in the Oval Office, Jan 20.


‘Choice’ is synonymous with abortion access, and celebration of ‘freedom of choice’ is a tacit endorsement of abortion rights on demand. President-elect Barack Obama promises to be the most virulently pro-abortion president in history. Millions more children will be endangered by his radical abortion agenda.

Celebrating his inauguration with ‘Freedom of Choice’ doughnuts – only two days before the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to decriminalize abortion – is not only extremely tacky, it’s disrespectful and insensitive and makes a mockery of a national tragedy.

A misconstrued concept of ‘choice’ has killed over 50 million preborn children since Jan. 22, 1973. Does Krispy Kreme really want their free doughnuts to celebrate this ‘freedom’.

She winds up with:

We challenge Krispy Kreme doughnuts to reaffirm their commitment to true freedom – to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – and to separate themselves and their doughnuts from our great American shame.

Krispie Kreme immediately took fright and caved in to these lunatics by issuing a fresh statement, from which the phrase “freedom of choice” was expunged. The new statement ended with the words:

The Inauguration Day promotion is not about any social or political issue.

This was all too much for P Z Myers, over at Pharyngula, who said in despair:

I’m sorry, world. Some Americans are flaming morons, and the rest of us fall ass-over-ankles to cater to them.

29 responses to “US moron slams ‘abortion’ doughnuts”

  1. Marcus says:

    Seeing things that aren’t there is a characteristic of Christianity, so we should not be surprised by this latest report of religious lunacy. That said, Ms Brown may be a nutter, but she’s a pretty savvy one. She has certainly succeeded in getting full media attention for her vile anti-abortion propaganda.

  2. newspaniard says:

    What’s the female equivalent to ‘wanker’?

  3. Angela K says:

    Fruitcake complains about doughnuts!

    The Christians have learned from the muzzies how to examine the minutiae, look for subliminal messages and find something to whinge about.

  4. Bob says:

    Countless millions have been butchered in the vile practice known as abortion. It is a holocaust every bit as wicked as Hitler’s murder of the Jews.

  5. Barry Duke says:

    Brilliant Angela. I am kicking myself for not thinking of that for a headline!

  6. Barry Duke says:

    Well, Bob, you better have a word about the abortion “problem” with your god then, as he is the biggest abortionist of them all. Or are you unaware of the fact that millions of women around the world suffer a spontaneous loss of their foetuses?

    If your god wants to fast-track these foetuses to heaven, why does he allow them to be conceived in the first place? Or are they despatched immediately to hell because they “died unsaved”?

    Answer please, without any references to your bloody bible!

  7. Barry Duke says:

    Newspaniard: I think the word you’re looking for is “wankstress” but I don’t think it will catch on.

  8. Bob says:

    Calm down Mr Duke. God is sovereign, He has the right to do what He wills with His creatures as He is the potter and we are the clay. Of course babies that die before being born will not go to Hell. Those who choose to kill their babies can be forgiven by God but only if they truly repent and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

  9. chrsbol says:

    Morning Bob!
    Let me be the first today to say “Fuck off”

  10. TONY E says:


    Why could you not have been aborted?

    Anyway, to the sane, why does what a woman does with her own body always seem to upset these assholes? Surely the termination of a foetus is better than bringing an unwanted kid into the world?

  11. remigius says:

    Bob. A lot of people consider me to be a pro abortionist…though I think of myself as merely a gifted amateur.

  12. hen says:

    @Bob: You have a right* to free speech, just as Barry has a right to not provide you with a platform. Why people can’t make this distinction always boggles my mind.

    * Actually, in the UK, you don’t have a right to free speech. You can say whatever you like so long as it won’t offend someone, or is not libelous or is…

  13. remigius says:

    Barry Duke. Wankstress sounds more like a wrist injury.

  14. Mike says:

    Why can’t bob go away and let the grown-ups talk in peace?

    Didn’t somebody say “welcome to Coventry” on another post? How about making this comment the very last one to even acknowledge his existence?

  15. nullifidian says:

    Bob said:

    God is sovereign, He has the right to do what He wills with His creatures as He is the potter and we are the clay.

    Also known as “might makes right”. By your argument, Hitler was right.

    However, you’re still wrong, and you’re still a twat.

  16. remigius says:

    Bob. Just read your Scotsman article. Does this mean that a gay member of the emergency services would be fully justified in refusing to respond to another vicar with a potato stuck up his arse?

  17. remigius says:

    Barry Duke. You seem to have deleted Bob’s last post referring to a report in the Scotman about a Christian fireman who was rewarded for refusing to give safety advice to homosexuals. As a result it made my last post appear completely out of context.

    Free Speech For Bob!

  18. Wurble says:

    The story of this D’oh nutter beggars belief but I think the saddest and most telling thing is that she was taken seriously. America has a long way to go, lets hope Obama can redress the balance.

  19. Stuart H. says:

    On abortion – I think a more interesting question is will Obama let the FBI re-open their appeal to law agencies and charity registers in other countries for information which allows them to identify the foreign funding of US pro-abortion militias.
    The last appeal, in the mid-1990’s, led to an unusual number of pro-abortion groups suddenly winding up or trying to relaunch themselves in countries with little or no public records for charities. Sadly, the enquiries stopped when Bush got in (wonder why!).
    By the way, I’ve asked officials of various UK pro-abortion groups for a straight condemnation of bomb attacks or shootings of doctors in the US. Never got one yet.

  20. Stuart H. says:

    Strike that reference to ‘pro-abortion – I meant ‘anti-abortion’ of course!
    That kind of day, and when you’re dealing with folk who present themselves as the opposite to what they are an easy mistake to make!

  21. Barry Duke says:

    My apologies, Remigius. Bob is like an incontinent cat, leaving dollops of crap all over the place, and I wiped this one off not realising that you had already replied to the bigoted fireman piece. Never mind, I have just posted the story he was gloating over.

  22. newspaniard says:

    Judie Brown, therefore has to be a Wankstress (as well as being a twat), although, remigius’ definition is far funnier.

  23. Bob says:

    Latest news: Krispy Kreme has aplogised. Go into and type the company name in search.

  24. Marcus says:

    Of course they’ve apologised, you numbskulled nuisance. It says so in the report above that they reissued their statement. If they’ve apologised again, then it proves, once more that Christian bullying in the US works. It also shows that the phrase “freedom of choice” can never used in the future for fear that it will be associated with abortion.

    This you approve of? Readers of this blog have rightly identified you as an annoying, miserable, immature, self-pitying, whining little bible pest. Instead of spending hours on this site exposing your ignorance and inviting abuse, why don’t you get yourself laid – or better still, throw yourself under a bus – an ATHEIST bus – and remove yourself from the gene pool.

  25. Bob says:

    Calm down, you are losing it. If you don’t like my posts then don’t read them. You have that “freedom of choice” Ha Ha

  26. remigius says:

    Marcus. I fear it is too late to remove Bob from the gene pool as he has already shat in the shallow end.

    Hi Bob. How are the boys?

  27. Angela K says:

    Hey Bob, I think you should join Landover Baptist Church where you’ll find some like minded friends, I’m sure they would welcome you.

  28. Buffy says:

    I blogged about that one myself. Only absolute nutcases could see “free choice of donut” and automatically think of “abortion on demand”.

    George Carlin said it best: “Most of the people who are against abortion you wouldn’t want to f*** in the first place”.

  29. free thought says:

    Wow. So many responsible for articles and comments are as narrowminded as the founder of this rag!

    If you truly want to be a free thinker, lose the hate, people. Your minds are imprisoned by your emotions. You are intellectually enslaved by things you do not understand.