Mormons are hypocrites and liars

Mormons are hypocrites and liars

The Mormons were cock-a-hoop last year after the success of Proposition 8, the campaign to eradicate marriage rights for same-sex couples in California.

But, in the wake of the passage of Proposition 8, the Church of Latter Saints stood back, essentially saying:

It was nothing to do with us, guv – a big boy done it and ran away!

They took this line because of the revulsion millions expressed over the church’s tactics. These involved handing down orders to its members to donate to Yes on 8 and to agitate  for the ballot measure.

According to the GayAtheistAgenda blog:

Websites and multimedia efforts filled with anti-gay propaganda and outright lies (not to mention extortion attempts) were prepared by the Church and by Mormons under the direction of the Church to ensure the passage of Proposition 8.

According to Crooks and Liars. The Mormon Church spent at least three months intimidating their members into giving money to “Yes on Prop 8”, telling Mormon families that their “souls will be in jeopardy” if they did not contribute portions of their income.

And what has this money bought? A pernicious pack of lies, broadcast dozens of times a day into California homes. A church whose ninth commandment reads ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ is helping fund false ads that claim California parents do not have the right to remove their children from sex education classes – a right they have and that courts have repeatedly confirmed.

Yet when the measure was passed the Mormons came over all innocent.

They complained that they only comprise two percent of the California population, so how the hell could they be held responsible for the passage Proposition 8?  But they ignored the fact that Mormons contributed at least 40 percent of the cash to the Yes on 8 campaign (possibly as much as 70 percent), and had put in significant non-monetary efforts to the fight to eradicate gay rights.

The Mormon Church said it only donated a meagre $2,000 to fly some church officials to a meeting. This was the biggest lie of all and no doubt the primary impetus behind their lawsuit asking for donor’s information to be kept a secret.

In fact it is now known that, in November 3, 2008, received a contribution of $30,354.85 from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

So today, the Mormons stand exposed as liars, hypocrites and shameful violators of IRS laws. Bear this in mind the next time Mormons show up on your doorstep, and politely tell them to shove their literature where the sun don’t shine!

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  1. TONY E says:

    If it was not for hypocrisy no religion could exist, they are all lying scumbags.

  2. Leprof says:

    Why “politely”?

  3. Angela K says:

    The morons are following the example of their founder Mr Smith, he was a liar, drunkard and womaniser.

    Re politely, above. Telling the morons, jovies etc to F.O. politely has a lot more impact; they are fairly used to having abuse shouted at them.

  4. valdemar says:

    Last year young Mormons kept trying to waylay me on my way home from the shops. I didn’t tell them to FO. But I did feel like asking why I, a reasonably intelligent adult, should let a kid who’s barely old enough to shave convert me to a religion founded my a semi-literate buffoon. But they’ve gone now. Ah well, maybe they will return.

  5. Buffy says:

    It gets worse. Per the LA Times the church put in more than $180,000 toward the campaign. Their hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

  6. Stonyground says:

    The Mormon Church is a useful foil to Christians who claim that Christianity couldn’t have taken off had it not been true. The Mormon Church now has a vast number of followers despite the fact that it started up recently enough for it’s History of fraud, plaguarism and absurdities to be thouroughly documented.

  7. Buffy says:

    The Mormon Church is a useful foil to Christians who claim that Christianity couldn’t have taken off had it not been true….

    Then there’s that other religion that was simply pulled out of somebody’s backside; Scientology. It caters more to the rich and famous, but it’s just as absurd and very much a cult.

  8. paa says:

    Aren’t you guys supposed to be “free-thinkers”? Slander, bigotry, and hatred against a religion is not my idea of “free-thinking”. Try using a little understanding and kindness once in a while and it will do wonders for your ability to think freely. I don’t have a problem with people being against organized religion, but I do have a problem with people who demonize those who believe differently than themselves and treat them with disrespect and hatred. This attitude can sow the bitter seeds of tyranny and oppression. You risk becoming the very thing that you wrongly accuse the Mormons of. You accuse religious people like me of being bigoted, hypocritical, and full of hate, when I see those things as being anathema to all that I am and strive to be. It seems to me that this kind of philosophy of yours is negative in the extreme and fails to see the good in others or even in the world in general. Your attitude, at least from what I see from this article and the responses, to me, appears to be an enslaving philosophy, which severely limits ones scope of vision to exclude all that which doesn’t fit one’s pre-determined focus on all the negative regarding religion by willingly choosing to ignore anything which reflects in any way positive on religion, or on religious adherents. A true “free-thinker”, in my book, is one who is open to the opinions of others, respects the beliefs of others, and yet remains free to hold his or her own beliefs without feeling threatened or intimidated by the beliefs of others. This is how I strive to be, and though both religious and non-religious people can be this way, I am saddened by those of any belief system, be it religous or non-religious, who fail to respect the beliefs of others. They threaten the free flow of ideas and the ability to have intelligent and meaningful discourse. Regarding the gay marriage issue, one thing which the opposers of proposition 8 can’t seem to get through their heads is that one can support Prop 8 and still be an advocate of gay rights: Gays do, can and should have many or most of the rights of heterosexual couples through civil unions – we are just asking to have the word marriage reserved for heterosexual unions of 1 man and 1 woman. Those who are gay can and should be treated with the same respect as all other human beings. All I see from the left on this issue is “attack, condemn, demonize those who oppose them”, and I’m sure that that’s all the responses I’ll get from this posting, though I’ll never know because I don’t plan on returning to this site again. I just wanted to post this one message here because I thought that as “free thinkers”, you deserve to hear an opinion from the “other side”, and in the hopes that it might spur you to use more moderation and thoughtfulness in your postings. I’m not asking you to accept any kind of religion, just that you will try to show some respect towards those who believe differently than you.

  9. Buffy says:


    You obviously don’t know what a freethinker is. It has nothing to do with respecting your religion or your self-perceived right to put your religious beliefs above the rights and needs of others. A freethinker is a person who holds that beliefs should be formed on the basis of reason and logic rather than dogma, authority and “tradition”.

    one can support Prop 8 and still be an advocate of gay rights

    No you can’t. If you don’t support the right of same-sex couples to marry then you don’t support gay rights. If you don’t support full equality for gay people then you are not an advocate of gay rights. Telling gay people to be satisfied with the “gays only union” is not being an advocate for our rights, it’s being a bigot.

    I am saddened by those of any belief system, be it religous or non-religious, who fail to respect the beliefs of others.

    You don’t respect my rights, and even worked to eradicate them. Why the hell should I respect the “beliefs” you used to do so? If you don’t respect human beings how dare you clamor for respect for your “beliefs”?

    we are just asking to have the word marriage reserved for heterosexual unions of 1 man and 1 woman

    Selfish, aren’t you? Who are you to demand such special rights? You don’t own the term marriage, and marriage has encompassed a wide variety of unions across the span of history and around the world including same-sex unions, polygamy, polyandry and countless other varieties. If you bought the “god ordained marriage between one woman and one man since the beginning of time” garbage that your church fed you then maybe you should do some extracurricular reading. You’re seriously unereducated.

    All I see from the left on this issue is “attack, condemn, demonize those who oppose them”

    You mean like those constant OMG THE GAYS ARE GOING TO GET YOUR CHILDREN!!! ads we were subjected to by you guys during the campaign? Don’t dare whine to me about attacking, condemning and demonizing. Don’t even try to play the victim. Your hands are dripping with blood.

    If you truly strive to be free of bigotry then stop using your religious beliefs as an excuse to deprive others of what you have. You have absolutely no right or authority to do so, and no excuse to play the victim when you’re called on it.

  10. Barry Duke says:

    Very well put, Buffy. It’s incredible how people like Paa think they can get away with sneaking their bigotry onto a site like this under the mantle of “tolerance”. Just how stupid are these people? Or, more to the point, just how stupid do they think we are?!

  11. Ilegalplayer says:



    " the Priesthood..being of the(BLACK AFRICAN)lineage by which he could not have the right of PRIESTHOOD(Abraham1:26-27)"

    24..from(BLACK AFRICAN)Ham,sprang that race which preserved the CURSE in the land(Abraham1:23-24)

    "..the LORD shall CURSE the land..A BLACKNESS came upon all the(BLACK AFRICANS)..of Canaan,that they were despised among all people..(Moses7:8)"

    "..seed of Cain were BLACK,and had not place among them..(Moses7:22)"



    "…the Lord God did cause a skin of BLACKNESS to come upon them (Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 5:21)"

    "And the skins..were DARK,according to the MARK which was set upon their fathers..which WAS A CURSE upon them…(Book of Mormon,Alma 3:6)"

    "and the CURSING which hath come upon their skins…(Book of Mormon, Jacob 3:5)"


    "Who placed the Negroes originally in darkest Africa? Was it some man, or was it God? And when He placed them there, He segregated them….The Lord segregated the people … At least in the cases of the LAMANITES and the NEGROES we have the definite word of the Lord Himself that He placed a dark skin upon them as a CURSE … Race Problems–As They Affect The Church
    by Mark E. Petersen 1954: Page 14

  12. niconico says:

    I am a Mormon. Everything I am reading is the truth. I witnessed first hand how they said the Prophet ordered the members to give money. The reason they did it to begin with was they thought other Christians and Religions would except them. The opposite happened. My Bishop was to meet a Pastor for lunch and the Pastor was a no show. Never returned calls zip. I can not begin to tell you the things I have witnessed. They lied to me to get me to join. I don't dare try to get out. They already have done things to my employment and worse. Keep it up. They can only get away with it for so long. Living in fear.

  13. fred mauney says:

    For those whom are reading this go to u-tube and write in ' Impeachment o Orrin Harch ' watch and then say why or how come.

  14. mady says:

    i worked with this girl who is a mormon. the way i found out she was a Mormon i was watching a show and there was a contestant that was on the show and he was a mormon i told her about it she said she was one to i liked they they were with there wife's. they do everything for there wifes . they girls waited till they got married to have sex that was really wonderful to me. She invited me to the church i felt as if i was in school all over again you attend classes and when your visiting your called and investigator not a visit er that was really weird as well.

  15. mady says:

    They keep saying the church is true they get really offended if you ask if they are Christian's. they are nice fake they are only nice when they want you to join there church. BUT LET ME get to the point why i stopped going was because the girl i worked with started talking to a married man and they are big on marriages they don't condone divorce yet she taking to a married man but she doesn't watch scary movies drink coffee but you can sit there talk to a married man i don't get it i shouldn't have based my feelings on that but man she is being a slut and not showing what her church is really about not proving people wrong i think.

  16. iffifatman says:

    ok, first of all. we were NEVER intimidated into giving money to prop 8. Its just what we all felt was right to do, now i know that most of you arent familiar with that term… but hey, thats what we are, good people. wanting to do whats right. Plus, i have to say, when i read this i had to chuckle at how false it all was.

  17. iffifatman says:

    So, you stopped going to an entire church because of one person?

  18. mormongirl says:

    i honestly wonder how any of you think you have to right to treat people this way simply because they hold different beliefs to yourselves.
    at least have the decency to respect they live their way and you live theirs.
    and if they dont show you the respect you deserve, then still show them theirs; doesnt that make you the better person and give you a one up on them?
    i am a mormon, and i have two best friends. one is an inactive mormon and no longer attends or practices church, and the other has never been a mormon and certainly does not practice any of our commandments. i on the other hand am an active and happy mormon and will continue to be so despite any persecution i might have to endure.
    surely if it is possible for us three people to love each other despite our incredibly different circumstances in our beliefs, it is possible for other people to give the same curteousy.
    its a shame that it has to come to sites like these where people feel the need to display the hatred they feel towards something that they do not understand.

  19. gabriel says:

    the mormon church is the bigger dirty in 21 century

  20. Purba Negoro says:

    Atheism has accomplished comparatively little for humanity.
    In contrast- despite their many admitted problems- religions have lifted humanoity immensely and been a NETT BENEFIT.
    Yes- admittedly there are the lunatics who find refuge in anything-goes-USA and the savage extremism of indoctrinated village peasants whose lives are so desperate death becomes attractive- yet Islam and Christianity has created the very construct of free-a argument you atheists borrow in order to propagate the very structure of Atheist argument. Without a Chirstian-conceived education, in a society founded on the principles of Protestant Humanism and Freemasonry- Mr Foote would not have the acuity to argue the case for Atheism. argument of a no-god.
    Christianity has created the concept of humanism and its most illustration incarnation- Medicine Sans Frontieres, UNWHO, UNICEF, UNESCO etc.
    Islam has taught generations of children forbidden by white Protestant colonials to read, write, think and fight for their independence. Without religion- would their be a Taj Mahal, Haga Sofia, Blue Mosque of Iraq, Rajasthan and Agra brilliant architectural wonders- a St. Paul's, a St Peters, Our Lady's Church of Munich?
    What of the Buddhists and the Hindu's huge contribution to mathematics and astronomy- all for the purpose of worship? What of Borobhudur, Prambanan, Angkor Wat, Padagon
    One is yet to see atheists in their droves digging canals for irrigation in Africa, pipes for clean water in Bangladesh or as brave Jesuits dying in a colonial Indonesia to teach the dirty brown ingrate natives to read and write the langauge of their oppressors.
    Count the atheist orphanages? How few they are. Even the concept of unemployment welfare, social security an public health are Catholic socialist argument as old as the brilliant Thomas Aquinas.
    Summarily- atheism remains a notable non-contributor to charity, charitable causes and the alleviation of the suffering of their fellow human, seconded only by their beloved bed partner- the greedy, corrupt and depraved Ashkenazim of Zionist-Fascist Israel.
    Will there ever be an atheist Mother Theresa? I very much doubt it. Atheists remain far too smug and self-indulgent. Humility and acknowledgment of one's own insignificance and that the price of born into privilege is selfless charity is what all religions teach.
    It is a lesson atheists would be wise to learn well.

  21. DMH says:

    Hear hear, Purba Negoro.

  22. Kevin Sinclair says:

    Listen, guys. I’m a Mormon. I live in Washington State, in the US. In my county, a bill was proposed this last voting cycle to legalize gay marriage. I voted “YES”. The essence of Christianity is acceptance of others AS THEY ARE. Loving them no matter what. “Love the sinner, hate the sin” is a bunch of bullshit. I see no reason to deny somebody else a right that I have simply because of a difference that they aren’t responsible for. I have made my position known in my local congregation, and nobody has treated me any worse for it. Just because some members of the church are shortsighted idiots, following the leaders like blind fucking SHEEP, doesn’t mean that all of us are that way. Just something to keep in mind.

  23. Kevin Sinclair says:

    PS: Yes, Kevin Sinclair is my real name. If you want to TALK (not flame-war, not insult, but TALK), you can contact me at

  24. E Gill says:

    Kevin Sinclair does not sound like a member of the LDS church. He sounds more like an idiot by claiming to be mormon, yet cursing and talking down about the leaders of the church. If you are a member, you should certainly consider acting more like one. We are supposed to be setting the example, not looking like hypocrites. Think about what you represent.

  25. h allison says:

    The funny thing is most mormons don’t even know the history of their own church!! The lies, the adultry, the scams that went on in the early church! Joseph Smith was a charleton at best, a womanizer who deceived his own wife to have extramarital affairs. Why would anyone buy into a religion with this past history is a mystery to me.

  26. h allison says:

    Kevin you are possibly the first and only mormon that would defend the rights of others in your own congregation, I have met others that have done the same. However this isnt the rule but the exception. I am sure you will be called to account for your position and possibly excommuicated for it. Mormon’s don’t like it when you speak your mind when it is against the popular thinking, it’s not about free thought in your church it’s about towing the line and you know it. The thought is always a collective one not an individual one. The truely sad thing is what they do to members and their families when they choose to buck the system of thought. Chastise and divide family members of those who decide it’s not for them. What good christian church would do that??

  27. J.L. says:

    Ok, I am a Mormon. I was born into the church and I’ve been attacked my entire life for it. I don’t see why all of you can’t just let me believe what I know to be true. Have we attacked you? No. Have we fought for our beliefs such as marriage should be between a man and a women? Yes we have. We backed what we believed in just as our founding fathers did, and just as everyone does today. Fact is if I wasn’t a Mormon and backed the anti-gay movement you wouldn’t care nearly as much. For whatever reason your hate is generated becasue I am a Mormon. And no free thinkers are advance makers who move into the future determining what is truth through fact, not slander. If you would give the church a chance and actually examine the doctrines with an open mind then you would see it is a good thing. I’m not saying be converted. I’m saying don’t disown it until you at least know where we’re coming from.

  28. h allison says:

    JJ, umm, your founding fathers belived in marriage between one man and one woman, NOOO, they surely didn’t. You need to do some research. Joeseph and co. had many wives, not just one. Look at logic, if the premise is wrong the whole idea falls away. Your church may have twisted and turned along the way, but that doesn’t excuse the past. Remember your church claims to be the living apostles from Christ’s originals ones. How could they have made so many mistakes?? I don’t doubt you do what you belive to be “true” and stand behind what is being told to you. Do you remember the passages that also claimed black people were cursed by GOD or was that a simple convienence swept under the rug. NOt even to mention the many false accounts of peoples living in the Americas that have NO proof what so ever. Even if you belive that your religion is the one and true one, there are so many others that claim the same. Magical thinking is a thing of the past and your founders did just that, using magic stones to interpret writings that were founded to be false. Yes you have attacked the very people who are fighting for their rights based on lies and false beliefs. You have no cornerstone on what is true as no religion based on just beliefs do. What makes your religion so different than any other, besides what you believe. And belief is what it is, not based in fact.

  29. h allison says:

    Truth, your doctrines are not truth look at the research!!

  30. Utahn says:

    I am a California native living in Utah and am amazed at the insanity of this religion. I think that Mormons are nice people and mean well but the brain-washing is insane!! I am an avid supporter of Equal Rights and have spent countless hours marching around the Utah Temples to support the No on H8 movement. I do not agree that the Mormans are the sole reason for ‘Yes on 8’ passing but I believe they had a large influence…Even if their ‘voices’ (or dollars) were traveling hundreds of miles to reach the ears of voters.

    And for all the Mormans on here that are complaining of being given a hard time for your religion, weren’t your ‘Magic Underwear’ supposed to protect you from all that hatred?

  31. h.allison says:

    Purba, you are correct there have been good things to come out of people of faith. However, when the same beliefs are used to slaughter others throughout history and continues today and will continue tomorrow there is no justification in such acts of inhumanity. Name me one freethinker or atheist that have strapped on a bomb or flown airplanes into buildings or called for a jihad on the infidels??? The concept of my God is better than your God is what continues these atrocities across the globe, not to mention the religious bigotry from believing they have the cornerstone on the True religion and every other is false. As long as people use God and religion to kill innocent people and justify racism, I want no part of it.

  32. Peter says:

    Aren’t you guys supposed to be “free-thinkers”? Slander, bigotry, and hatred against a religion is not my idea of “free-thinking”

    are you serious….

    I think Christopher Hitchins sums it up better than I,
    but you are going to have to visit youtube for that…

    I would sit down whilst he reads the FACTS

  33. Peter says:

    One has to wonder what exactly the world thinks of Mormonism..
    which is reflected in RD’s comments

    need I say more…

  34. h. allison says:

    Umm, yes a world religion based on myths and untruths, proven to be a fictional tale by it’s founder cannot be taken as serious, can it?? Hatred, NO, Slander, well maybe, Mormons have used their power of postion to gain inroads to our politics so it is open season as far as I can see. Either you back up your facts or we have the right to dispute them as well. The book endorses polygamy as well as racism, these two facts have been well documented.

  35. h. allison says:

    Got to hand it to them however, at least they include female into their religion!! The rest do not, father, son and holy spirt. Ummm, how in the world could this exist in the natural world. Last I looked I had a mother AND a father./If the Christian Religions isn’t patriarchial at best, maybe I missed something??

  36. FatBastard says:

    The biggest liar and asshole I know is that pathetic cry baby Glenn Beck and he’s a Mormon/moron.

  37. Hammo says:

    I feel sorry for any person of faith, regardless of their faith, if they have never exposed themselves to the teachings of other faiths or even the thought that perhaps there is no god.

    That is free-thinking.

    It’s no coincidence that 99% of all religious people believe in the faith they were born into.

    Talk about being ignorant!

    P.S. Of all the religions I have researched, the LDS are the most cult-like, apart from Scientology.

  38. earl says:

    Wow get a life!

  39. hallison says:

    LOl Earl, we have a life, an authentic one, maybe you have a hand me down one??

  40. Malcolm Lowes says:

    Now that we have Family Tree DNA autosomal analysis

    to give us a reasonable `picture` of our geographical

    Genetic Genealogy. Would some proud member of The

    Brigham Young family please step forward and offer

    their DNA for analysis?

    We could then laugh our sox off as we saw that

    Brother Brigham could well have a Sub-Saharan DNA

    Admixture. He who hated the Negro.

  41. hallison says:

    Yes, and hated women as well. At least as equals, loved them for his own purposes, like hmmmmm….

  42. Mormon says:

    to niconico. if you are a mormon like you say you are well then you would know that the prophet ABSOLUTELY does NOT FORCE you to give tithing. If you watch general confreneces and go on to church websites it clearly states that it is up to you seeing as how god has given us all, our own free wil, so will the church. It is a choice, you are not forced. and also if you are living in fear as you say you are name your bishop and ward because i know for a fact that any Latter-day Saint leader would never do that as it goes against everything we believe in. To those who read the bible often- you owuld know that there are many gaps in the bible that is why the book of mormon was given to Joseph smith. If you have actually read the bible then you will know that it testifies of the book of mormon. The book of mormon and bible testify of eachother.

    TO EVERYONE who dislike our beliefs. Im not a smart person but at least we are taught with the decnecy to not critisice other churches and if there are LATTER-DAY SAINTS who do, then they obviously dont listen. what people believe in is all up to the those who believ in it, who are you to judge what anyone has to believe in honestly if you have nothing good to say its better if you just say nothing at all. All i have to say is that at the end of the day all that matters is what the lord thinks,nothing else matters. but then again that is just MY opinion. I am happy as a latter-day saint and will continue to be for the rest of my life wether you critisice hate and believe im supposedly “brain-washed”, I have a life full of joy without hate obviusly you are so content on hating latter-day saints that you dont have the time to be actually happy.

  43. LATTER DAY SAINTS! says:

    FREETHINKERS.COM woahhhhh dudes church is not built or even based on hypocrisy for that matter. why do people have the time and strength to release hate on The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. ask yourself why is it that the world has so many bash-sites against latter day saints from every church including people of our own but there isn’t anything about any of the other churches written down from our church. are you guys talking about Joseph Smith, well he is our founder of our gospel, what’s it to you?? is this what you really do in your free time..fully discuss the matters of our gospel. you must really like to talk and research our gospel. well its completely up to you if you want to “dogg” our church but please i ask of you to get to know us as human beings rather as the evil people you envision us as. it is totally easy for you to hate us but our gospel teaches to love not hate. these commandments are there for our benefits and safety. SEXUAL IMPURITY..well this is a topic which really saddens me. it is something which should be saved until marriage. it isn’t only for our safety its also for the benefit of the child. every child has a right to life yes right and when these young and even older people which don’t or not ready for children then what abortion then?? and if you want to bring a child into this life and have no support financially for the child then what?? i ask of you approach these young missionaries and ask them questions and then ask them for a book of mormon and read it daily and pray about it you’ll fully understand the true meaning of JESUS CHRIST and THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS. i apologise immensley for bringing this up but if you want to send “hate” mails then is the way to go please understand where im coming from. im only 17years old so please forgive me but this how i strongly feel about my gospel and beliefs and Jesus Christ also.

  44. Latter-day Saint says:

    the preferred term is not “mormons” but latter-day saints. we are absolutely not a cult. just because we choose not to brag about what we see or do does not mean we are a cult. what we do and see is found sacred and i believe that we shouldnt share it with those that are not of the same faith, not because its a secret orginisation but were just sick of people twisting our words, everything we say we have backed it up with evidence just as our fore-fathers have. dont judge the church or its beliefs on what the people who follow it do. “majic underwear” nice, nobody has said that it is meant to protect us absolutley nobody. this is what i mean by when you hear one thing about our church you exaggerate it and twist our words. If you dont know for a FACT that its true then keep your false comments to yourself.

    THE REASON WHY THE OLDEN DAY PROPHETS HAD MORE THAN ONE WIFE- because it was a time of war, fighting and viloence many of the women were left without husbands so in order to take care of their children and provide for them they were paired up with the only men who were left.

  45. Malcolm Lowes says:

    As an ex-mormon I beg all that might be considering joining to think long
    and hard before doing so. You will learn that God told Joseph Smith that all other churches are an abomination in my sight. So from the moment that you are faced with that, you realise that Mormons/LDS have little if
    any real respect for other belief systems.

    When I joined the church, I knew nothing of Polygamy or Plural Marriage as the LDS prefer to call it. When you do find out, you are told like some of the posters above, that it occured because men had died in wars and women needed the protection of a family, all well and good, but then
    if you look up the Fanny Alger story on the Internet you will see that a little girl of barely 16 was taken as Joseph Smith’s first plural wife.
    That he had sex with her, and his many other wives.
    True You do not have to pay tithing, however, if you do not pay, you will not get a temple reccommend, an access to the Secret endowments in the LDS Temple. Under Mormonism the rules are Total Obedience or Eternal Damnation.

  46. anne says:

    I feel so sad for you “latter day saint” blogger. I know you think that what you have written about polygamy is true because I used to be you. Open your heart read something that is not written by someone that is a member of the church. It is devastating I know, but you have NO idea about the true history. Study- what is the harm in that? You are making an uniformed opinion. Your testimony is based on an uniformed opinion. That is what all LDS do because we were only given one side of the story! The truth is out there, its up to you. Do you want the red pill or the blue pill??? You choose.

  47. Purba Negoro says:

    We are still awaiting an Atheist mother Theresa or the Muslim equivalent, Dr Muhammed Yunus founder of Grameen micro-credit- a bank nearly 95% run by women for women, and lifted millions permanently out of eternal despair, poverty and destiution- and all without USURY.
    Not bad for a Muslim.
    PS- when will the US have a female President- most nations with large Muslim populations already have.

  48. bill says:

    the mormons keep at me, ad gg on like me a kid, am 26 yares old, there say we all worship the some god, we not at all. ad there keep on tell 2 pray i see if the book mormon is. am sorry its not true at all, if i pray 2 my he mig am got, ad drink wine u can drink, its not worry 2 drink it at all, the doc said wine iz gd 4 u.

  49. sun says:

    Same story different day….History which can easily be found about the early church still reveals Joey Smith did in fact take young women as his wives, brought them into his home and had relations with them. His first wife kicked him to the curb……Those so called golden plates he told everyone he found would have weighed 300# and he a young boy carried them under his coat home, yeah RIGHT!! Where are those plates now, hmmmmm, oh yeah they were taken back up to heaven. Are you freakin kidding me, you base an entire religion on this nonsense. How easily people are duped into believing this stuff in order to belong to a club like the mormons. I guess it’s just human nature to suspend rationality for a false sense of security.