‘Evil’ police accused of ‘grooming’ children for homo-sex

DOTTY British evangelist Stephen “Birdshit” Green is off on another of his comical rants – this time against the Kent police who have launched an essay competition for secondary school children.

Timed to co-incide with Kent County Council’s sponsorship LGBT month this February, contestants have been asked to pen essays entitled All Different, Same Respect. The three age categories are 18+, 15-17, and under 14 and the prize is £25.

The demented Stephen "birdshit" Green

The demented Stephen "birdshit" Green

In an hysterical Christian Voice press release yesterday, Green quotes Kent Police Deputy Chief Constable Adrian Leppard as saying:

As part of the national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) history month we have run a competition for local secondary students to write a short essay of up to 200 words or use pictures to explain what “All different, same respect” means to them. This competition compliments (he means ‘complements’ – CV) work already being done in schools around diversity, through the national curriculum.

Said Green:

We have sadly grown used to sex educators trying to corrupt children, but now the police are doing it as well. There is no suggestion on the Kent Police website that the young children they are asking to enter should seek their parents’ approval. It is all being done behind the parents’ backs. And as a large number will be under the age of consent, some as young as 12, it is a monstrous exercise in nothing less than child sexual abuse.

There’s more of this shit:

The competition might be headed ‘All Different, Same Respect’, but I have no respect for police officers who wish to corrupt young children by insinuating into them the idea that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. I spent part of this morning mucking out a cattle yard. It brought home to me that a man who indulges in sodomy cannot be paddling with both oars in the water.

Such men need compassion, help and deliverance from their destructive lifestyle, not more recruits. Figures released last year showed that the number of sex offenders was on the increase. Is that any surprise, with the police encouraging children into homosexuality?

Children of that age do not need to be told that homosexuality is acceptable. Some may be going through a phase where they experience crushes towards older people of the same sex. To convince them that such desires indicate an adult homosexual orientation is a disgraceful betrayal of adult responsibility, made even worse when it is authority figures such as the police doing it.

Parents should also demand to know what exactly is “being done” in their child’s school “around diversity”, as the national curriculum makes no provision for the promotion of homosexuality. Parents also have the right to withdraw their children from sex education, another technicality which the police are blithely ignoring.

And yet more:

If a choir master or scout leader or any other adult in a position of trust managed to persuade a child to write an essay praising positive attitudes to homosexuality, he would be accused of grooming that child for sex. So why are the police involved in it, and why are they subverting family life in such a way? There is only one word to describe them, and that is ‘evil’.

Kent Chief Constable Michael Fuller needs to reflect on the words of Jesus Christ, that it is better for a man to have a millstone hung around his neck and be thrown into the sea than to cause a child to sin.

At the same time Fuller might also consider this bit of biblical “morality” from Deuteronomy 21:18-2:

If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son … Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city… And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die…

Green winds up with:

This nation desperately needs to turn away from doing evil and start doing good. It is as if Satan has taken hold of all the levers of power in what was once a God-fearing nation. May God grant the grace to allow us to repent, and may He raise up Christian men to engage in what is now, undeniably, a full-scale spiritual war.

Strait-jacket for Mr Green. Now!

Hat-Tip: Stuart Weightman.

17 responses to “‘Evil’ police accused of ‘grooming’ children for homo-sex”

  1. newspaniard says:

    I really think that Birdshit needs counselling, poor sod. Prolly abused as a child.

  2. Shargraves says:

    LOL – “mucking out a cattle yard” – “not paddling with two oars in the water” FFS! I laughed so hard that tea came out my nose. (And I’m not even drinking tea…)

    What was he thinking while mucking out – buggering jesus perhaps?

    This man needs some serious psychiatric care. AND needs to show a bit of respect himself. Cheeky homophobic bastard, always equating being gay with paedophilia somehow.

    He should look to his own kind first when it comes to abusing children – as insane god-botherers seem to be the experts.

  3. valdemar says:

    Quite a few kids have gay/lesbian parents these days. It’s just not that big an issue. People like Green are preaching to the Britain of the Fifties and expecting a ‘Festival of Light’ response.

    I agree about Green’s sex problem – perhaps what he needs is a long, hard sh*g from a burly dock worker (of either or indeterminate gender)? I’m sure thousands must read this blog…

  4. Wurble says:

    That’s just like my kids, always writing essays “behind my back” ( which incidentally, is my front! Think about it.)

    Birdshit had better be careful or someone’s gonna cart him away to a world full of plastic cutlery, still I don’t suppose he will mind too much as long as the jacket he’s wearing is straight!

  5. Doris Tracey says:

    I think sex education should be taught in the home by parents when the children are around 12 yrs of age and not before.If a child starts asking questions before that age then the child should be given an honest answer. Children don’t have to be told whether the homosexual lifestyle is right or wrong. When any child is abused sexually by an adult the children know instinctively that it is wrong because they have fear and they become sad. Children should not be told to hate homosexuals either, to each his own. I don’t think sex education should be taught in school the children should concentrate on becoming creative, and not sexually. I think after a certain age around 12 children can figure things out for him or herself and the parents can teach pros and cons about the responsibility of sexual activity.

  6. Police teach about homosexuality = sex crime on the up and up. Er…

    So knowing about homosexuality means you’re going to commit a sex crime?

    What was he doing with oars in that cattle yard, anyway?

  7. Bob says:

    The job of the Police is to go after criminals and protect the law abiding – it is not to waste taxpayers money by promoting the gay agenda.

  8. Wurble says:

    The gay agenda!! Wake up Bob, there is no agenda, except perhaps to be accepted and not victimized. How paranoid do you have to be to think there is any other “agenda”????


  9. newspaniard says:

    Doris Tracey: Your theory is laudable but pie in the sky. School is the place of education for all children. Chilren should not be ‘protected’ from sex education nor should they have to guess what is going on because their parents are too shy (or ignorant) to explain the subject properly. The child should know that Uncle Roger’s little secret will not cause his parents to explode if the child tells them about it. Girls need to know why they start bleeding, and boys about night emissions. Are your strictly religious parents going to explain this to them without the child spending the next few years on a guilt trip? I think not. Let the professional educators do their job, with the parent(s) filling the (guilt) gaps.

  10. Threefinker says:

    Did you really have to quote the Moron so much?
    I couldn’t even be bothered to read all of them as I already knew there would be zero information to be gleaned.

  11. remigius says:

    Bob. Grow up.

  12. Bob says:

    Now, now remmy – I have just written truth, don’t you believe in free speech?

  13. Shargraves says:

    No Bob Hutton, you’ve written bigotted, stupid, descriminatory garbage.

    as usual

  14. Stuart W says:

    Covering every one of Stephen ‘Cowshit’ Green’s press releases and rent-a-quotes would give Barry eye-strain, but I flagged this one for him as that paragraph about cattle has to be a must-read. After years of chortling that Green is obsessed with anal sex, now he writes to editors to admit that he can’t help thinking about it even when going about his daytime jobs!

    I see that Sideshow Bob is still trolling away every day little realizing that he sounds like a silly schoolboy throwing mudballs at other kids who won’t play with him then sneering ‘free country’ when challenged.
    Have you joined Christian Voice yet Bob, and if so why not?

  15. Angela K says:

    Strange how Green and his chums are obsessed with two men having sex but says nothing about sex between two women. Green really does make me laugh given how many kiddie fiddlers there are in the church.

    Sex should be taught both in the home and school before the age of twelve, then maybe there wouldn’t be eleven year olds giving birth. Knowledge empowers, ignorance is a weakness.

  16. Alun says:

    Never trust bearded men. What’s he hiding?

  17. jordab says:

    i’m 15 years of age and im self sexing my penis since 2 years.will there be any damage to my penis in future?how can i avoid this