Muslim arrested for beheading his wife

A NEW York man who established a TV station in the hope of portraying  Muslims in a more positive light, is today in prison after police found the headless body of his recently divorced wife.

The Hassans

Muzzammil Hassan founder of Bridges TV, is charged with beheading his wife, Aasiya Hassan.

According to this report, Orchard Park police are investigating the particularly gruesome killing after her husband Muzzammil Hassan, 44 -  an influential member of the local Muslim community – reported her death to the police.

Police identified the victim as Aasiya Z Hassan, 37. Detectives have charged her husband with second-degree murder.

Orchard Park Police Chief Andrew Benz said:

He came to the police station at 6:20 pm [last Thursday] and told us that she was dead.

Muzzammil Hassan told police that his wife was at his business, Bridges TV, on Thorn Avenue in the village. Officers went to that location and discovered her body.

Muzzammil Hassan is the founder and chief executive officer of Bridges TV, which he launched in 2004, to help portray Muslims in a more positive light.

The killing apparently occurred some time late Thursday afternoon. Detectives still are looking for the murder weapon.

Said Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III:

Obviously, this is the worst form of domestic violence possible.

Authorities say Aasiya Hassan recently had filed for divorce from her husband.

Benz added:

She had an order of protection that had him out of the home as of Friday, February 6.

Hassan was arraigned before Village Justice Deborah Chimes and sent to the Erie County Holding Centre.

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27 responses to “Muslim arrested for beheading his wife”

  1. Rocketboy says:

    Quick correction, that was in New York, not New Jersey.

  2. Rocketboy says:

    Oh, and check out this site:

    “While he and his wife were happy to be in the United States, they were upset by the negative perceptions of Muslims, and particularly how this perception might affect their children.

    That is how they came up with the idea of Bridges TV. Mr. Hassan’s wife challenged him to start it.”

  3. Me says:

    So, because I’ve seen this in various places already, is the man claiming this is an “honour killing”, or is he just a common variety murderer?

    I know we like to point out religious flaws and faults but if this guy is just a regular crazy, I don’t think he should be used as an example of islamic values.

  4. masked grappler says:

    I was thinking this was typical ‘honour’ killing stuff what with his wife filing for divorce – but then why did he turn himself in?

    I think there’s more to be revealed with this one.

  5. newspaniard says:

    Second degree murder for decapitating your wife. What do you have to do to be charged with murder in the first degree?

  6. Why couldn’t he just shoot his wife, like most Americans? I mean, decapitation? That really is more associated with Islam.

    Not My God

  7. nullifidian says:


    Apparently (and according to Wikipedia) in the USA first-degree murder is premeditated (or associated with other felony crimes) whereas second-degree is not premeditated.

    How cutting someone’s head off can be considered unpremeditated is something that I’ll leave to the imaginations of magical lawyer types.

  8. remigius says:

    Why does everyone assume it was a murder? Maybe her head just fell off.

    It happens.

  9. Marcus says:

    Remigius, this might be the way Islamic women are expected to give head!

  10. Tim Danaher says:

    “Obviously, this is the worst form of domestic violence possible.”

    Your Name? “Frank A. Sedita III”

    And your occupation, Mr. Sedita? “District Attorney”

    And your specialised subject tonight will be? “Stating the bleeding obvious”

  11. valdemar says:

    He could claim his being arrested for decapitating his wife is just another instance of Western prejudice against Muslims. I’m sure someone is preparing a column for the Guardian with a more subtle variant on that theme.

  12. Rocketboy says:

    If it was considered a ‘crime of passion’, then it would be considered 2nd degree. Also, it’s not to say that the chargers will stay at 2nd degree, they could always be bumped up to 1st degree if/when more facts come to light.

  13. Michael says:

    “A NEW York man who established a TV station in the hope of portraying Muslims in a more positive light, is today in prison after police found the headless body of his recently divorced wife.”

    You couldn’t make it up

  14. Rocketboy says:


    “While Muslim leaders have urged against applying cultural stereotypes to the crime, advocates for women linked the killing to attitudes in Muslim societies.

    “This was apparently a terroristic version of honor killing, a murder rooted in cultural notions about women’s subordination to men,” said Marcia Pappas, New York State president of the National Organization for Women.

    She decried the scant national media attention paid to the story, which broke the same day as the commuter plane crash that killed 50 people in Clarence.

    While domestic violence affects all cultures, Muslim women find it harder to break the silence about it because of a stigma, she said.

    “Too many Muslim men are using their religious beliefs to justify violence against women,” she said.

    After episodes of domestic violence, Aasiya Hassan, 37, filed for divorce Feb. 6 and obtained an order of protection barring her husband from their Orchard Park home, her lawyer, Corey Hogan, said.

    She and her husband both worked at Bridges TV, a satellite- distributed news and opinion channel. They launched the station in 2004 in an effort to counter images of Muslim violence and extremism.”

  15. Buffy says:

    Muzzammil Hassan is the founder and chief executive officer of Bridges TV, which he launched in 2004, to help portray Muslims in a more positive light.

    Can you say “irony”? I knew you could.

  16. Fabbi says:

    We are deeply saddened and outraged by this brutal premeditated murder. Hopefully we can keep this horrible crime against women from occurring again. We are a group of friends that know and worked with a young woman named Joy Loftin while she was employed at the Vanderbilt YMCA here in New York City. During the length of her employment, several extremely disturbing incidents occurred that cause us to be concerned and call into question the motives and the integrity of Shan Colorado Finnerty, Hortensia Colorado, and Elvira Colorado.

    On several occasions, Joy came to work with visible bruises on her neck and arms. She eventually explained to us that Shan had punched, beaten, and choked her and she asked us for help. As wardens for the community, we tried to place Joy in women’s shelters around the city in an effort to mitigate the abuse. However, at the urging of Shan’s mother and aunt, Hortensia and Elvira, she returned to their apartment and refused to press criminal charges against Shan Colorado Finnerty. The abuse continued and one day, she came to work very early, visibly distressed and crying, with more bruises and abrasions. She said that Shan had verbally abused and beaten her once again; that she wanted to return to California, and that she was going to quit her job and reunite with her family. She tendered her resignation later that week. Out of concern for her safety and in an effort to find out what happened to her, we requested an officer from the domestic violence unit of the 5th Precinct conduct a welfare check at their home on Kenmare Street. However the officer was unable to find anyone at the apartment, and therefore could not verify that Joy was safe. We realize that she is suffering from battered women’s syndrome and may be unable to help herself due to the isolationist environment that the Colorados have formed around her. Abusive men are often enabled by their family, while the victim is persuaded to believe the abuse is her fault, and the pattern of emotional and physical trauma continues. Taking into consideration what has happened to Joy Loftin, it is especially deceitful that their display “Altar: El Llanto De La Resistancia” at the American Indian Community House was in part dedicated to victims of domestic violence.

    In light of these events, we are dismayed, disappointed, and outraged to know that members of the American Indian Community would commit, condone, and perpetuate domestic abuse and violence, while simultaneously conducting workshops, writing and performing plays, and displaying works and art that would have the public and those who support them believe otherwise. It is a vulgar and offensive misrepresentation of American Indian Culture, and further support of Coatlicue Theater, Hortensia Colorado, Elvira Colorado, Shan Colorado Finnerty and their work is tantamount to supporting domestic abuse and violence. Considering their duplicitous behavior, having them represent American Indian Culture is an insult to the dignity of American Indians and an affront to human beings.

    We therefore will not attend nor support any Coatlicue Theater productions or events where they will be featured. We will be encouraging others that might consider attending, participating, or funding them to do the same. Our actions are warranted, and to be associated with the aforementioned individuals and Coatlicue Theater would be equivalent to enabling and contributing to such offensive behaviour. We are urging everyone to reevaluate their support of Coatlicue Theatre and the Colorados, and question the individuals concerned. Until the responsible individuals are held accountable and measures are taken to verify that the abuse is no longer occurring, we will continue with our boycott of Coatlicue Theatre and we will strongly urge others to do the same.

  17. rick karch says:

    This is a very important case in terms of American justice. Muslims are slowly instituting Sharia law into our system. This is an opportunity to make them understand that they must learn and live under the same civil law as the rest of us. We do not accommodate them. They must assimilate into our system.

  18. muslim says:

    all i can say that is this man was not practicing true islam if he really did this. no were in the quran does it say that a man can kill his wife for no good reason. even devorce…. besides, i’m sure she had a good reason to want to devorce him if he killed her. he was probly like that thier whole marrage. wich is all very sad because instead of makeing muslims look good he did the oposite. but muslims really are not bad people. there are bad people in every culture and realigon that you will every see. but as for the god fearing muslims, you would never see this kind of behavior.

  19. John Thompson says:

    Third world men do not respect women and women have no rights. Just because they are in America you can’t actually think that type of mantality will change. In Turkey the female prisoners are sold as prostitutes, the women even serve time for the men. America needs to take a better look at what types of traditional values are being practiced in our country. For me American values is what counts and not to mention Our Constitution. We had better start living by it or we will all lose.

  20. John Thompson says:

    2nd Degree Murder! You’ve got to be kidding me?

  21. frankyV says:

    Look at the Women and Religion site. There are some horrors there. The (LEGAL) sentence, imposed by a judge, for one man who stole (Pakistan), was for HIS SISTER to be repeatedly raped by 4 men, to pay for his crime. She was raped for an hour by these ‘holy’ men. Discrimination is rife in all religions, even the C of E – I don’t see 12 female bishops in the Lords! Catholicism tries to control women’s sexual activity and health all over the world causing death & disease by its vile and self serving machinations. We in the West are lucky, as our lives are no longer in danger, so we must do all we can to help women living in these barbaric countries. The march on March 7th on Women’s Day would be a good way to start.

  22. Rocketboy says:

    More updates…


    ““It’s obviously difficult to envision a more vicious crime than this,” Sedita said. “But the sheer brutality of the crime, under New York State law, does not elevate murder second to murder first.”

    First-degree murder, punishable by a sentence of up to life imprisonment without parole, may be charged only in an intentional killing accompanied by one of 13 special circumstances, according to the law.

    Those special circumstances include the killings of a judge, police officer, corrections officer, witness, or a contract killing, terrorist act, serial killing or torture killing.

    Sedita pointed out that New York State law does not recognize a beheading — no matter how vicious that is — as one of those 13 specific circumstances.”

    I think it’s time to change the law.

  23. Patrick Latham says:

    This is the reason im anti-thiest. This should be the war to fight. Ignorance. People should be sick to talk about this lightly. People pick and choose to be bad or good and religions make it harder for people(stupid people)to live there lives. Look to science, reason, intelligence. Yourthumb is up your a**.

  24. Hassan says:

    Islam is a religon of peace from this incident u can not blam islam and its preachings. Quran says if a man killed some one for nothing he killed the whole man kind and tht is for all mankind not only for muslims.

  25. asddfgghhjhj says:

    He should burn in Hell just like all other Murderers of the innocent!

  26. Ilham says:


    This a murder case. He cannot hide behind religion to justify this.
    He is a muslim but he does not represent muslim values. Lets seperate Islam as a monolethic religion just as Christianity and Judaisium is.

    Murder cases are reported all over the country but you are hardly ever hear a link between the murderer and his religion, but if he is a muslim, then it immediately becomes a story of ‘a Muslim murdering his Wife’ WHY?

    Women are victims of honor killing, domestic violence, rape and Murder and until we see women having full rights and protection, then she will never achieve ultimate freedom. A WOMEN MUST BECOME INDEPENDENT, FINANCIALLY AND CLAIM HER RIGHTS WITHIN HER OWN COUNTRY (IF SHE IS NOT GRANTED IT, THEN SHE MUST FIGHT FOR IT AND CLAIM HER RIGHTS FROM ISLAM, BECAUSE ISLAM GIVES WOMEN MANY RIGHTS.

    Thank you,

    Ilham Shebani (a muslim woman, arab and raised in London UK)
    Build Self Group
    Inspire – Empower – Excel

  27. ali says:

    for it to be first degree they must have proof that he planned killing her maybe he did?