The truth about ‘persecuted’ Christian Jennie Cain

THIS  is the tearful face of another of those damn self-serving Christians who have been inundating the media with woeful tales of “persecution”.

Jennie Cain, playing the role of Christian 'victim'

Jennie Cain, playing the role of Christian 'victim'

A week or so ago, the Telegraph reported on the case of  poor, put-upon Jennie Cain, whose five-year-old daughter Jasmine had apparently been banished to the naughty step for “discussing heaven and God with a friend”.

Cain, who works at Landscore Primary School in Crediton, Devon,  made a big song-and-dance about her daughter’s alleged telling off. As a result, she was  told she faced disciplinary action and suspension for a series of moaning-Minnie emails she blasted off to friends, in which she slagged off the school.

Immediately the ghastly Christian Institute became involved, and the cynical troublemaker was flagged up by the Press as another example of how people are being persecuted for their Christian beliefs.

Crucially, what was omitted from all the reports was the fact that Cain’s darling little angel had scared the shit out of a classmate with threats of eternal damnation.

Today we learn from this report that parents and local residents are overwhelmingly backing head teacher, Gary Read, over his stance that no child should threaten another by saying she or he would “go to hell” if they did not believe in God.

Far from being a victim, Cain – by cramming her child’s head with crap about “damnation” – is directly responsible for the distress caused to another child, and should be summarily booted out.

The local Express and Echo paper reports this morning that its readers:

Have inundated the paper’s website with comments supporting headteacher Gary Read’s actions.

Christians and a local Religious Education teacher are among those who have spoken out, saying that the school has a fine record of respecting different beliefs and values, and of trying to be decent and fair in its treatment of pupils.

Readers of the Express and Echo have also criticised the inaccuracy of the paper’s headline on 13 February, when it declared:

Five-year-old girl is told off at school for talking about God.

Landscore school says this is plain wrong. They encourage pupils to talk about their beliefs and opinions, but to do so with respect for others.

One Crediton commenter says:

For any five-year- old to make a comment about ‘going to hell’ is worrying and it is something Mrs Cain should take responsibility for, rather than attempting to dirty this school’s good name.

35 responses to “The truth about ‘persecuted’ Christian Jennie Cain”

  1. Marcus says:

    I think little Jasmine Cain should be renamed “Bob”

  2. Angela K says:

    Ms Cain’s daughter should be taken into care immediately lest she suffer more religious abuse. Well done the head teacher though!

  3. newspaniard says:

    Barry: I was going to add a bit of my own vitriol to the website linked, but it’s gone (wonder why).

    Angela K: I’ll second that.

  4. masked grappler says:

    I see that cretinous christfreak bob has been threatening people on the comments section of the website –

    Actually there are a few sky-daddy retards on there coming out with the usual shite ‘it wouldn’t happen to a muslim’ and ‘this is a christian country’.

    Funnily enough, the other day my 6 year old son got told off at school for saying he was ‘going to take a wee on god’. I just told him to be careful what he said and maybe dont mention god at school, I didn’t start playing the persecution card but thats not atheist style is it?

  5. valdemar says:

    Thought so – it was obvious this school is run by nice, sensible people, even from the typically biased Daily Mail report. What gives anyone the right to tell any child they’ll burn in hell? And to say it’s okay to let children evangelise others with that kind of muck is disgraceful. Good on the people of Crediton. An outbreak of sanity is what this country needs.

  6. ZombieHunter says:

    I wondered how long it would be before the real truth about this story came out.

  7. FrodoSaves says:

    Good on the readers of that paper for not being duped by her conniving manipulation of the facts.

  8. Rozi says:

    How dare she teach her child about people going to hell?! THEN play the victim card?! The poor girl herself is a victim of this vitriolic bullshit.
    It’s a scare tactic, a horrid little lie to frighten children.

  9. Stuart H. says:

    With child-abusers like Cain about, there’s a good argument for making the atheist bus adverts a public service announcement

  10. chrsbol says:

    Take a look at her photo looking slightly upwards holding the cucifix. What’s the female equivalent of tosser?

  11. Stuart W says:

    There was a recent poll on the Daily Mail website – ‘Are Christians persecuted?’ with (at last look) 87% saying ‘Yes’.
    It doesn’t seem to occur to Mail readers, bless em, that the reason things like this are major headlines are because they are still very isolated incidents, the details of which absolutely pale in comparison to the hate crimes committed against minority groups.

    Take a look at the ‘Persecuted Christian’ stories from recent years, harked back to ad nauseam:
    – Lynette Burrows got a pointless phone call to say that a complaint had been made against her but she is not in trouble. No arrest or, to our knowledge, threat of arrest.
    – Joe and Helen Roberts recieved a ludicrous £10.000 compensation for having their freedom of speech undermined. They believed SO strongly in free speech you see, apart from sinful stuff to do with homos marrying, of course.
    – Ms BA worker surgically attached to her cross got a new rule invented for her that kept the blanket ban on necklaces intact but allowed Christians to wear the cross as a brooch. Still she moans.

    Gosh, didn’t John the Baptist have it easy compared to the suffering of this lot?

  12. Stonyground says:

    The idea that Christians are persecuted in Britain is laughable. If a third of state schools were atheist schools claiming to have an atheist ethos, if twenty six unelected atheist representatives sat in the House of Lords, if so called public service radio had daily servings of atheist propaganda where christianity could be slagged off completely unopposed, maybe then they would have some idea how we feel.

    Interestingly, despite the fact that all of the above is true of Christianity and not atheism, belief in their poisonous drivel is in terminal decline. This is hardly what would be expected to happen if their beliefs were actually true.

  13. Broga says:

    Christians persecuted in Britain? Not content with the infestation of the BBC in defiance of all opposition they have 20 plus unelected bishops sitting on the arses in the House of Lords and presuming to “represent” the rest of us. And picking up expenses and cheap meals.

  14. masked grappler says:

    There’s something very wrong about Ms Cain, I mean, look at her. If I had toilet paper with her face printed on it I’d feel that my arse was dirtier AFTER wiping.

  15. Buffy says:

    Same old crap. They abuse others in the name of their deeply held beliefs then cry “persecution” when anybody dare call them on it. It’s been going on for centuries and they show no signs of slowing down.

  16. Neuroskeptic says:

    Obviously Jennie is in the wrong here but I’m not sure about the 5-year-old victim either. In my day, if someone were talking crap like that, we’d have got revenge – in the form of chasing them around the playground brandishing some nettles from behind the bike-sheds. Ah, happy days…

  17. valdemar says:

    Neuroskeptic, you are talking common sense on the interwebs! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

  18. Andy says:

    This very poor reporting on the Freethinkers part.

    You undermine your own very good case, with such nasty pieces.

    The comments above make one ashamed of being an atheist.

  19. valdemar says:

    Andy, was my comment in any way nasty? Daily Mail bias – check. Wrong to terrorise kids with hellfire – check. School well run – check. Local people sensible – check. I’m getting green lights across the board.

    Okay, some people here are a tad hostile to religion, but what do you expect on an atheist site? An invitation to Holy Communion?

  20. remigius says:

    Andy. re your above comment.

    I cannot think of a single episode in the entire annals of human history whereby any atheist has cause to be ashamed of his, or her, non belief in an imaginary, all powerful, magic man in the sky.

    Please do enlighten us, Oh great one, as to why Andy thinks one should be ashamed of these honest and accurate comments.

    Some would say that the picture of Jennie Cain, above, portrays an air of piety; possibly appealing to a greater authority to address an imagined insult done here on earth. I think she looks more like a person who is mental in the head and is passing on that mental-in-the-headedness to the next generation.

    I dunno…

  21. remigius says:

    And well done to Barry for lending Jennie one of his shirts for the photo shoot.

  22. Joe says:

    The little Jasmine has done a great job. She spoke the truth. One always suffer when one speaks the truth. Jesus said “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.
    I think the head needs the sack. Not Jennie cain. Many thanks

  23. Teresa Wright says:

    I am a christian stop persecuting christians you nazies

  24. Teresa Wright says:

    She has every right to stand up for her religious beliefs

  25. Barry Duke says:

    Oh that’s rich, Christiangirl. You lot have persecuting others, including other Christians, for centuries, and you have the bloody gall to accuse us of persecution! Check out the facts before you make foolish assertions. Oh, and for the record, the Nazis were a national CHRISTIAN movement.

  26. Barry Duke says:

    If “standing up for her religious beliefs” means allowing her child to bully a classmate with threats of hell, then no, she has no rights at all!

  27. Marc says:

    talk about hate mongers! "free thinker" must mean "hate monger" in British 🙂 You people are the true bigots of the world. Leave those poor Christians alone, and stop your ugly hatred.

  28. Kevin says:

    Wow, I almost wish I lived in Britain reading about all this.

    Here in the US the headmaster would have been fired by now and the mother would be gloating about it on talk shows. I wonder if you Brit atheists know how good you have it over there, ideologically. 40% atheist and agnostic!!! If it weren't for the freezing beaches and godawful hash I'd move. It would be nice to not have to worry about the next time Christians try to force Adam and Eve into science class.

  29. Aaron says:

    hey im sorry to see all these comments to be honest, just shows how messed up this world is. people are always going to be afraid of hearing the truth…damnation in hell.

    im 17 been a christian for a number of years now.. and to be honest its the only logical way..if you are atheist..what have you got to live for? when i die and when we all die we’re gonna have nothing, all our savings..gone, family…gone,awesome car…gone, mansion…gone. im thankfully going to live an eternal life in heaven because christ died for me and saved me from the oposite, eternal life and DAMNATION in HELL, you can sit and slag me off and other professing christians off for standing up for their beliefs but in the end who is gonna come out top…?

    and if you really think about it, the fact that you are slagging this woman off (who by the way i think she has gone over the top with the issue she should have kept it within the school)you are persucuting christians. we should have freedom of speech same way that atheists muslems hindus and whoever else wants to say what they believe!

  30. David Griffin says:

    You bigots are just so full of hate and so self righteous, all very sad

  31. Steve says:

    “What gives anyone the right to tell any child they’ll burn in hell?”

    Freedom of speech?

  32. col says:

    This little girl was just giving the message of the Gospel, she was in fact telling the truth that Jesus said ” I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” no one get’s into Heaven unless it’s through believing in Him.
    Of course many Christians belive that all children end up in heaven if they die up to an age that only God knows.
    But the Gospel says this, Jesus died so that people would not have to go to Hell, if people reject the Lord Jesus Christ and end up in Hell once dead, then they only have themselves to blame.

  33. col says:

    By the way, it’s not Christians who say you will end up in Hell if you reject the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, it is God Himself that says thats where you’ll end up. Why should God let any person into Heaven when all they have done is mock, call and reject what His Son did on the cross whilst they were alive on earth?
    Hell’s a real place I’d ask all to think on it!

  34. Nidhogg says:

    Prove it then.

    Prove past the literal hundreds of revisions and retranslations that this big and scary Hell of yours ever existed.

    Prove your puny God that barely even has a name is not the insecure and petty prick many stories have shown us. Christians invented Hell, just like they fabricated Paradise and Purgatory; and some of you still fail to realize what a business your belief has become. Though I admit that I am impressed to how your holy books have been fine tuned over centuries to provide so many useful mental gymnastics and faith-driven self blockades with which to make your faith quite unshakeable.

    So, prove that your religion is the one and only or shut up and worship to yourselves as your own book commands, lest you be no better than those Scribes and Pharisees JC seemed rather miffed about in his day. Oh, and admit that for all your talks of love and doing the right thing, that you only worship out of the selfish desire for eternal life, the fear of your expiration date, or the fact that you require a crutch with which to stand on your own two feet where logical reason has obviously failed to satisfy.

  35. Nidhogg says:

    And Aaraon, dear: I’m only two years older than you, and I do not claim to know you; but stop acting like your mortal life only gained meaning and value because of some God. Material wealth is an empty and hollow life -path, this we can agree on, but you do not need a deity to give you the worth and value of your own existence. To truly live only for a supposed after we expire, is truly a sad existence indeed no matte how much you sugar coat it. I grant that any being that claims to give you free will, and then turns around and fine tunes reality so that in this illusion of choice he has somehow blessed us with, any worldview or whatnot that doesn’t agree with him leads to a lake of fire; is not worthy of any human worship let alone my own.

    But maybe I’m just stark raving mad, and maybe this God that you folks have among any other religions today, is so much different in the reality of which you view him through your books. Just remember that more often than not, the deities people worship have become nothing more than mirrors of themselves over the ages.