Big Mo says No to alcohol-fuelled vehicles

GOSH, can you believe that almost a whole month has elapsed without us having had a “mad Muslim cleric” story on this blog?

Just as we were beginning to think that the mullahs had run out of fatwa fodder, along comes Saudi imam Mohammed al-Najimi  who has issued a religious edict forbidding Sons of the Prophet from using alcohol as a substitute for petrol.

Trumpeted the old loon:

I warn Saudi students that live abroad not to use alcohol as a cheap substitute for petrol, because the prophet has cursed not only who drinks it but also those who use it for other purposes.

The Saudi daily, Shams, claims that many students and researchers who live in western countries use alcohol as an alternative source of fuel, because it is cheaper, pollutes less and many automobiles lately have been made to run with alcohol.

Of course, they also use it as a means to get completely shit-faced, but the Saudi press just ain’t that keen on pointing out how much a-whoring and a-boozing their nationals engage in when abroad.

By the way, General Motors Flex Fuel cars run on waste beer supplied by Coors. Waste beer? Surely that’s gotta be urine?


Melvin's plans to introduce Budweiser vehicles run on waste beer to Saudi Arabia ended in complete disaster

Melvin's plans to introduce Budweiser cars - run on waste beer - to Saudi Arabia ended in complete disaster when he was subjected to a little light beheading.

9 responses to “Big Mo says No to alcohol-fuelled vehicles”

  1. Memoriam says:

    Yeah, Allah said so. That must be it. I’m sure this has nothing to do with how much the Saudi government makes off of oil and petrol.

  2. Kev says:

    But just think about how much trouble could be caused by all those drink fueled vehicles on a Friday and Saturday night!!! You will have Minis being beaten up by gangs of drunken 4X4s, hoards of drunken cars with their tops down and Allah knows what the pick-up’s will be getting upto.

  3. FrodoSaves says:

    So does that mean Muslims can’t use ethanol-based cleaning products? Or even methanol-based ones, for that matter? And they can’t eat vinegar, because alcohol was used for the purpose of making it? I could probably go on adding lots of things, making a funny list of things Muslims can’t use because of alcohol, but I have plans and my point is made 😉

  4. The Val says:

    Ha ha ha, using religion to perpetuate the continued use of oil. That is almost priceless!

  5. Alun says:

    My vans run on biodiesel. Am I damned?

  6. chrsbol says:

    I’ve tasted that “Coors” and yes it is waste beer.

  7. valdemar says:

    As a Northerner, can I suggest t’ compromise whereby Saudis use Poncy Southern Beer of no real alcohol content? Or maybe they could just go downhill in an old bath.

  8. remigius says:

    Now now valdemar. We’ll have none of that latitude attitude. Anyway I thought you bloody northerners kept your coal in t’ bath.

  9. Buffy says:

    Screw them. Let them all walk. Or does Big Mo have some prohibition against walking?