Vatican, stung by cruelty accusations, tries to limit the damage to its reputation

A SENIOR Vatican official has criticised the excommunication of a Brazilian woman whose nine-year-old daughter had an abortion after being raped, as well as the medical team who performed it.

Said Rino Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life:

Unfortunately the credibility of our teaching took a blow as it appeared, in the eyes of many, to be insensitive, incomprehensible and lacking mercy.

The Academy for Life is tasked with promoting the church’s doctrine on bioethics.

Fisichella recently hit the headlines when he attacked President Obama’s decision to allow stem-cell research to be resumed in the US, reversing the ban imposed by the imbecile George W Bush.

Monsignor Rinio Fisichella

Monsignor Rino Fisichella

In a frantic backtracking exercise, Brazilian bishops said last week that the excommunication of the mother and doctors of the girl, who was pregnant with twins after having allegedly been raped by her stepfather, was wrong and would not be applied.

According to this report, The National Conference of Bishops of Brazil decided that the child’s mother acted “under pressure from the doctors” who said the girl would die if she carried the babies to term.

Dimas Lara Barbosa, the body’s secretary-general, told reporters the mother therefore could not be excommunicated.

We must take the circumstances into consideration.

As for the doctors, there was no clear case that they should be expelled from the church either, he said, contrary to the position taken by Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho, who announced the excommunications.

Barbosa said only doctors who “systematically” conduct abortions are thrown out of the church.

Sobrinho’s sick decision that the abortion “was more serious” than the rape caused brought worldwide condemnation of the Catholic Church. Many commentators denounced his lack of compassion.  But Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, the head of the church’s Congregation for Bishops, supported Sobrinho, telling the Italian daily La Stampa the twins had had a right to live and that the attacks on Sobrinho were “unjustified.”

Abortion is illegal in Brazil except in cases of rape or if the woman’s health is in danger.

The girl was found to be four months’ pregnant after being taken to a hospital suffering stomach pains. Officials said she told them she had been abused by her stepfather since the age of six.

Her 23-year-old stepfather was arrested and is being kept in protective custody.

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  1. remigius says:

    Lily, you wrote…

    ‘I think you need to think twice before you type. I wouldn’t trust the AP to report that some dogs have fleas, much less to report this story honestly’.

    I think you need to think once! You seem to distrust the AP report giving details of the girls weight, even though it was citing the director of the medical establishment that would have weighed her as a matter of routine. And yet you whole-heartedly put your faith in a nonsensical fable, drawn from non-eyewitness accounts, about events that supposedly happened two millennia ago – with those very same events being based on at least a dozen crucified/resurrected saviour myths from the millennia previous to that!

    And you have the nerve to accuse us of being closed-minded.

    Can we keep this puppy please Uncle Barry?

  2. Dr William Harwood says:

    For the overwhelming majority who do NOT need further proof that the incurably godphuqt are dangerously, criminally, certifiably insane, PLEASE spam-filter this troll.

  3. Stonyground says:

    Do you think that Lily would continue to defend the Catholic Church if she had lived a few hundred years ago and been accused by them of being a witch? Somehow I have the feeling that even as she was exploring the absolute outer limits of human suffering that she would.

  4. Buffy says:


    While it’s obvious you’re incapable of using reason I’ll try once more.

    There is no physical law that says a girl must weigh some magical 100lbs to begin menstruating. First menses is triggered by hormonal changes, not weight. (My wife was 9 and 85lbs when she began. I was 10 and about 95lbs). While overweight girls sometimes have their first menses earlier it doesn’t’ mean the weight triggered it–it’s likely their diet (chock full of hormones thanks to modern food production practices) contributed to it.

    You can stick your fingers in your ears and pretend the reports that the girl is 80lbs are false. You can pretend a 9 year old is capable of carrying to term and giving birth to twins. Religious people are known for denying reality to keep their fairy tales intact in their heads. Meanwhile real live human beings suffer and die as a result.

  5. remigius says:

    And I would add that the poor child, and we must not loose sight of the fact that she is only a child, has been subjected to the most appalling physical and mental/emotional abuse.

    The fucking catholic church are doing her no favours by dragging this excommunication nonsense through the court of public opinion.

    When will these cunts start to respect human life. I mean the life of a real living, breathing human being and not the foetal result of a sickening, appalling assault on an innocent girl.

    What is wrong with these people?

  6. Lily says:

    The comments are increasingly off-topic, irrelevant and just plain bizarre. Let’s see:

    Buffy, why didn’t you read what I wrote before writing your nonsense? I wouldn’t be too quick to accuse anyone of lacking “reason” given your reading comprehension level. Or is it merely lack of intellectual honesty? Let’s parse what you said, shall we?

    There is no physical law that says a girl must weigh some magical 100lbs to begin menstruating.

    What I actually said: One reason menses is occuring earlier in the west, particularly in the US, is obesity. More and more girls reach 100 lbs (45kg) earlier than ever and that appears to be the tipping point.

    First menses is triggered by hormonal changes, not weight.

    No kidding? REALLY? And what do you think happens to obese females? Fat contributes to the over production of endogenous estrogens. That is why obesity is related to a significantly higher risk for a whole host of diseases, among them endometrial and breast cancer which are normally treated with synthetically derived progestins and progesterone (Provera, Megace) I invite you to google obesity and estrogen for further information.

    Beyond that I have repeatedly stated that I don’t know what the girl weighed; that it doesn’t matter because the abortion was appropriate no matter what her weight, if her life was in danger. How many times must I repeat that?

    What is this psychological need you all have to read dishonestly and refuse to discuss?

    Hey, Harwood! I’m still waiting for that list of your peer-reviewed journal articles.

    remigius Yeah, boy. We all know how much an abortion helps an abused child or, any rape victim for that matter. Bet you didn’t know that more than a few such victims have chosen to carry to term, in order to put an end to the violence.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing takes away the horror of rape. Killing a child doesn’t do it. The woman is still a victim and now there is another.

  7. remigius says:

    And before someone admonishes me on this post, like someone has just done in real life, I use the term ‘cunt’ as the most hateful word I can direct at anyone. My ‘so-called’ friend Susie has just dissed me for using a word that is associated with female genitalia. But she is happy to use the words prick, dickhead and knob.

    Women eh…I dunno.

    Yeh Barry I know. I’ll get my coat.

  8. remigius says:

    Yeah! Lily’s back…

    And she’s just as mental as ever.

    Happy days.

  9. remigius says:

    Lily. I sincerely wish I knew what the fuck you were on about.

    Please go to a clinic. Ask them to give you a thorough examination. A check up from the neck up.

    Then come back here…You will be most welcome.

    Barry. What is the procedure when one suspects a retard has got hold of Lily’s email account?

  10. Chicken Girl says:

    remigius Yeah, boy. We all know how much an abortion helps an abused child or, any rape victim for that matter. Bet you didn’t know that more than a few such victims have chosen to carry to term, in order to put an end to the violence.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing takes away the horror of rape. Killing a child doesn’t do it. The woman is still a victim and now there is another.

    In this case, the abortion saved a little girl’s life. You keep saying that you’re okay with that (grudgingly, I guess) and yet here you are, in this comment thread, still trying to argue that she should have tried to carry not one but TWO fetuses to term, despite being NINE YEARS OLD.

    And that is what has got me so pissed off about this Lily. That you think there’s any “if” about this. This girl is a CHILD. She cannot carry even a single fetus to term. She physically cannot do it. She is NOT an adult. She’s not even a teenager, Lily. Not even close. She is NINE. With all she’s been through, unfortunately, there’s probably no going back to happy, carefree childhood for her. But this utter disregard for her right to LIVE is sickening. Yes, I know you’re going to sputter now about how her twins had to die so that she could live. But, Lily, I hate to break this to you, but… they were going to die anyway. You know why? Because their mother was NINE YEARS OLD. I don’t know about you, but I will enthusiastically take two lives lost over three.

    Unlike you, I think that third life is actually kind of important.

  11. Lily says:

    Chicken girl? Whatever. I have said repeatedly that if the girl’s life was in danger, the abortion was appropriate. It doesn’t matter what her age. What more can I say? It is sheerly idiotic to claim that I “grudge” this outcome. A life was saved. That is always 100% good news.

    Actually, remigius, I hadn’t noticed that you used the word “cunt” because I just skimmed your message. I didn’t need to read it because I knew it would be more dishonest, off-topic ranting. You don’t need to apologize for “cunt” either because I know you don’t have the breeding to avoid it. Just in case you want to know- I, at least, have never used prick, dickhead,knob, etc. in my life. Nor has anyone I know. But, then, I do hang around with a better class.

    I don’t know if I am mental. I do know that I am appalled, disgusted, and thoroughly disheartened by the intellectual dishonesty on parade here. I keep saying I am finished but my sheer disbelief that you can be so oblivious to the use of natural reason and my inability to believe that you want to be a ranting mob compels me to keep trying to reach you. However, enough is enough. It can’t be done, or else I cannot do it. I accept that. C’est la vie and all that rot.

  12. Chicken Girl says:

    remigus, I’m not going to chastise you, but don’t you think it’s kind of ironic to use the word “cunt” as an insult against an organization headed entirely by men?

  13. Chicken Girl says:

    Lily, you keep saying “if”. There is no “if”. Her life WAS in danger. FACT. The abortion WAS necessary. FACT. Her life WAS saved. FACT.

    And here you are arguing until you’re blue in the face that she should have carried to term as if it’s perfectly reasonable to expect a NINE-YEAR-OLD to do that.

    If a nine-year-old girl pregnant with twins is not the freaking DEFINITION of a dangerous, life-threatening pregnancy, then what the hell is?

  14. Chicken Girl says:

    By the way Lily, are you still going to insist that excommunicating the girl’s doctors was appropriate even though it is blindingly OBVIOUS to anyone with a functioning brain that the abortion was to save her life?

  15. remigius says:

    Chicken Girl.You wrote

    …remigus, I’m not going to chastise you, but don’t you think it’s kind of ironic to use the word “cunt” as an insult against an organization headed entirely by men’

    Not at all. It seems that the ‘men’ who are in charge of the misogynistic cults that so prevail in our society are afraid of women, and especially their genitalia. Please don’t ask me why, I’m not party to their particular hang up. I really would like to know why they fear women and their reproductive organs, but alas that secret is forever lost to me.

    The best I can do is rub it in their faces. So to speak!

  16. Chicken Girl says:

    The best I can do is rub it in their faces. So to speak!


  17. Dr William Harwood says:

    I wrote to Senator Obama, asking him why a man with less than one full term in the Senate should be promoted to the office of President. It was simply a thought exercise, and I did not mail it, since I recognize that I have no standing to question an American politician on such an issue. Only a fatuous oaf would think that Obama should have to justify himself to someone who is not even an American.
    And only a fatuous oaf would think that a non-historian who believes her bible’s assurances, that the earth is flat and that a snake and a donkey can talk (or does she concede that her bible is fiction?), has the standing to question a biblical historian who has published 40 books and over 600 journal articles in 9 countries, including such peer-reviewed publications as Journal of Higher Criticism, Humanistic Judaism, Free Inquiry, and Skeptical Inquirer.
    Editor: Stop providing this turd of Ratzinazi shit with a forum for her insane delusions. Flush her.

  18. remigius says:

    I wish I knew what Hawt means. I’ve googled but the best it can come up with is Hot Artists With A Thirst!

    I’m getting too old for this shit….

  19. remigius says:

    Dr Harwood. Yes, we realise that you have been on the receiving end of a rather spiteful ad hom, but surely a gentleman of your calibre would rise above it…and demolish the bitch with a well aimed rational broadside.

  20. Chicken Girl says:

    remigius, Urban Dictionary is your friend. 😉

  21. remigius says:

    The Urban Dictionary is no friend of mine. They have rejected most of my submitted entries –




    jihad nauseum







    and my own personal favourite anaqur’anism – meaning ‘trying to play a 21st century game by 7th century rules.

    The bastards rejected the lot of them.

  22. remigius says:

    I have looked up ‘hawt’ on the urban dictionary.

    I am still none the wiser but at least I am better informed!

  23. Lily says:

    Harwood, those are not peer-reviewed academic journals. It is very nice that you are publishing articles in magazines of interest to you and others here. That is not a small accomplishment, especially in the numbers you have cited. But it is not scholarly, peer-reviewed work.

    Remigius may think it is “ad hominem” (and spiteful at that!) to report that I can’t find your name in any scholarly journal or citation index but that is a plain fact. You claim to be a scholar. I have asked you to tell me about your academic output. Why won’t you tell me about it? “Authorship” of a self-published book is meaningless in academia, as you must know, if you are really part of it.

    Let’s see. What else have you got wrong? Well, as a matter of fact, I do have training in history, although I did my advanced degrees in a different, but related area. No, I don’t believe in a young or a flat earth, nor do I believe, any more than the Catholic Church does, that the Old Testament is too be taken literally, where it clearly is not meant to be. A poem is read as a poem. Mythology is read as mythology. Stories are read as stories. There is an intelligent way to read ancient literature and there is the way atheists and fundamentalists do. I know the difference. It is the rare atheist who does.

    You can certainly keep screaming for me to be prevented from posting and that is ok, if it happens. It is ok, if it doesn’t. I have no wish to torment you. I would remind you that you are the one who claimed expertise in an area that I am very well read in. I have asked you to cite some of your academic work. You have failed to do so. Had you been able to, I would have gone to the library and read some of your articles, so that I could see if my own reading or understanding is, somehow, faulty.

    Still, I am perfectly content to leave you to enjoy your writing in an area you clearly have a deep, if idiosyncratic, interest in. I will continue to rely on the expertise of the majority working in those areas of biblical scholarship. Scholarly consensus can, of course, be wrong. But you must demonstrate that. Declaring it isn’t enough.

  24. Buffy says:


    Why do the male cultists fear women and our reproductive organs? Jealousy and fear. We have them, they don’t, and the thought of us having control over something so powerful terrifies them. That’s why they have all that garbage in place to control us and our organs.

  25. Wurble says:

    I think the point most people here are trying to make and please correct me if I am wrong ( not you Lily, you shut the fuck up and listen ) is that there can be no justification for any course of action in this case other than an immediate abortion, I think the current accepted term is, its a ‘no-brainer’.

    Your first post on this story said “the archbishop was correct originally”, I assume you meant in announcing the excommunication of her mother and the Doctors which he justified by saying that “abortion was more serious than the rape” ( of a 9 year old girl). Well, its not! And to think anything else shows a disgusting lack of empathy on your part. You should be ashamed of yourself!

    You claim to be educated ( I don’t, by the way) and yet you come across as an ignoramus of the highest order, you don’t appear to have the common sense you were born with.

  26. remigius says:

    Buffy – You seem to be very proud of your formidable front bottom. I am pleased for you, but I don’t think this is the reason behind such misogyny. I think it’s more of a mental thing than a fanny thing.

    Just try to imagine what the world would be like if Lily was pope.

    Scary isn’t it.

  27. chrsbol says:

    I’m off to church today to hand in my de-baptism form has anyone any suggestions (within the law) of what I say to the man in the frock?

  28. remigius says:

    I have always found the word ‘twat’ very effective when addressing the clergy.

  29. chrsbol says:

    Cunt it is then.

  30. Barry Duke says:

    @ chrsbol re “man in frock”: I was waiting for a bus outside a church in central Brighton last Sunday when a lad of about five in the queue spotted the priest in emerald green and white vestments at the church entrance.

    He tugged at his father’s sleeve and asked: “Dad, why is that man wearing a frock?”

    Dad smiled down at him and said: “Chris, this is Brighton – it’s full of men in frocks!”

    Little boy: “S’ppose …”

  31. chrsbol says:

    Ah yes green and white vestments. When I was forced to attend mass one had to make a note of the colour of the robes and what the sermon was about because you would be tested the following monday at school to make sure you’d been. Severe punishment to those who hadn’t. I was thrashed with a belt for something as paltry and my mother took me to the man in the frock to show him my weals. “He got what he deserved” was what the twat said. I could fill this blog with similar stories and that’s why I’m handing in my de-baptism form. Not that it’ll do any good but it may just annoy some fucker.

  32. Lily says:

    Wurble- you are a drooling idiot if you think telling me to shut up does anything to support your “argument”. It is merely an attempt to bully me, since you cannot win on the merits of the case.

    It is simply disingenuous to claim that the 9 year old could not possibly have given birth. It has already happened and there was a recent case in which a 10 year old in Cincinatti was impregnated and brought the child to term.

    As I have stated repeatedly, there is no question but what an abortion was proper, at the point the girl was in danger. There is no way for me or you to know whether she could have safely gone another few weeks to the point of viability. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT AN ABORTION IS PHYSICALLY VIOLENT UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES???

    Bloody hell! Do you not understand that forcing the cervix open unaturally is violent?!!? Or perhaps, they gave her drugs to kill the babies. She still had to deliver them. Or, maybe they opened up her abdomen and removed the children that way. Those are the only 3 options.


    I don’t have the slightest doubt that you and your ilk will find a way to dismiss this. You are beneath contempt and you are certainly a waste of my time. I need to have my head examined for continuing to try to talk sense in an insane asylum.

  33. remigius says:

    Bing bong…”Will Dr Freud please come to Emergency”

  34. Rozi says:

    First of all, legally, they can’t do any of the things you describe.

    Listen, I know you’re probably feeling an instinctive maternal urge, whenever babies and children are involved I feel the same. However, the feelings are misplaced. You are speaking generally about abortion, I get it, but ultimately how we may feel is not backed up by science. I understand how you feel, really I do, but you must understand. These are not babies, they will be one day, but they aren’t here and now.
    I still feel uncomfortable with abortion, partly because of my catholic ‘education’ and mainly because I find it hard to separate the cluster of cells and developing organs with the smiling giggling tiny adorable humans that run around and smear poop on their toys (Dog bless ’em). But in reality; they are separate. One is a process, the other is alive.

    The ones who really need your concern are living children, thinking, breathing, feeling, like this poor girl who not only has to live with the events of being raped by a man she thought she could trust as a father-figure, but now has to face condemnation from the authorities she thought she could turn to.
    No one should be forced or just wonder into childrearing, it is not a light undertaking. Children need to be raised in safety, security and love. Having a baby was overwhelming for me, an educated woman in her early twenties, but can you imagine how it was for her?
    I don’t regret having my baby, it was right, appropriate and I love her more my own life. Perhaps I would have regreted an abortion, but would it not be better to resent oneself than an innocent baby?

    I’m pleading that you think long and hard about these women who have abortions, they aren’t evil, they aren’t uncaring. They aren’t always the victims of rape, but know they’ll never be able to raise a child. Isn’t it better they discontinue a pregnancy and not then treat a human being, complete with a brain and working nervous system, like a nuisence?
    In short, there are people in the world who need your love, young and old, more than an fetus. Just look down your street at the homeless, the disposessed, the elderly alone in crumbling homes and children living under abuse and violence. They are ALIVE, they need your help and concern.

    I probably will come across as uncaring to an embryo, but if was the choice between a scared, traumatised young girl and a group of vaguely human shaped organs, then I know who I’d rather help.

  35. Lily says:


    When have I ever expressed anything even remotely suggesting that women who have abortions are evil? They are not. Most of them are victims. It is quite a coup for society (aka men) to have succeeded in turning women against their own flesh and blood. Do you think it an accident that the most fervent supporters of abortion are men between 18-44? Why do you think that is?

    While I have no particular maternal feelings, I do recognize that when any class of human can be disposed of like a used kleenex, we are all in danger. That is why the US constitution calls the right to life “inviolable”. It undergirds and guarantees all our other human rights which are meaningless, if we don’t have the right to life. Abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide, euthanasia– just exactly who is safe when the young, the elderly, and the mentally and physically handicapped are not?

    No woman needs to raise a child she is unable to care for. There are long lists of couples waiting for children in the US. That includes 5+ year-long waiting lists for handicapped infants. That last has probably shrunk considerably, since we have nearly aborted Down syndrome infants out of existence.

    While I do not take the inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy lightly, those 9 months pale in comparison to deliberate killing of a human being. And it is “inconvenience” the drives the vast majority of abortions. Guttmacher (the research arm of Planned Parenthood) reports the following world-wide “reason for abortion” stats which I believe are the most recent:

    # Wants to postpone childbearing: 25.5%
    # Wants no (more) children: 7.9%
    # Cannot afford a baby: 21.3%
    # Having a child will disrupt education or job: 10.8%
    # Has relationship problem or partner does not want pregnancy: 14.1%
    # Too young; parent(s) or other(s) object to pregnancy: 12.2%
    # Risk to maternal health: 2.8%
    # Risk to fetal health: 3.3%
    # Other: 2.1%

    The numbers tell the story, don’t they?

    In short, there are people in the world who need your love, young and old, more than an fetus. Just look down your street at the homeless, the disposessed, the elderly alone in crumbling homes and children living under abuse and violence. They are ALIVE, they need your help and concern.

    LOL! That was one of the most subtle insults I have ever had hurled at me. Beautifully delivered! But guess what? It fails utterly. I do work with them those people “down the street”. I give, as do vast numbers of other Christians, serious amounts of money to charities that work with people in need of all sorts. I, personally, work with a group that prepares women in prison for successful reentry into society and the workforce. I also support a group that cares for the children of women in prison– houses them, educates them, brings them on visits to their mothers provides ongoing medical care, wonderful recreational opportunities for them with not one penny from the government. It is all from donations from, you guessed it, Christians. You may conclude from this, by the way, that the plight of vulnerable women and children is very near to my heart.

    I still utterly reject the hell-born notion that killing infants in the womb has any redeeming value at all. It is, on rare occasions, a painful necessity.

    And finally:

    NO ONE; NO ONE is condemning the child! Soemtimes I think you pro-death people are out of your minds. No 9 year old can consent to an abortion. Even if she knew what it is, she could not consent to it meaningfully. By the same token, what 9 year old could stand up to her mother and the doctors, i.e. the “authority figures,” and refuse one?

    Can there be anything more to be said?

  36. newspaniard says:

    Wurble: I can’t recall being called an ‘Ilk’ before, but it seems to fit. Do Ilks have invisible friends for whom they will argue, and argue, and argue, and argue exists until everyone is exhausted? I know that persons of a certain gender are inclined to insist on always getting the last word, even if the word they are using is total b*llocks. Anyway, this Ilk approves of abortion at any stage, if the mother wants it, after all, in the main, it is she who has to bring it up, not the sanctimonious god botherers who are so quick to point and sit in judgement.

    I know, Barry, another house-point lost; heading for the naughty step now.

  37. Chicken Girl says:

    It is simply disingenuous to claim that the 9 year old could not possibly have given birth. It has already happened and there was a recent case in which a 10 year old in Cincinatti was impregnated and brought the child to term.

    The youngest person ever to give birth was a five-year-old girl in Peru in 1938. She survived and went on to have another child as an adult.

    You know what that was, and your 10-year-old Cincinnati girl is? A freak occurrence. They got lucky. No, lucky is an understatement. They won the freaking lottery. Just because it has happened does not mean it’s reasonable to expect it to happen, any more than it would be reasonable for me to quit my job and put a down payment on a mansion just because I bought a lottery ticket. Hey, people win the lottery all the time, right?

    If I did quit my job, you would rightly think I was batshit insane. And that’s just money that I would be playing with. We are talking about a little girl’s LIFE. It quite simply is not worth the risk. Not for one fetus, not for two, not for a hundred. The needs of the people who are ALREADY HERE are more important.

  38. Rozi says:

    I ought to apologise, really, if I have insulted you. I did not intend to. I only wanted to claify that atheists are not ‘pro-death’, we believe that there’s no afterlife, no heaven or hell, no reiencarnation, so how can we not believe in life? That’s all we have ultimately.
    What we’re saying is that those who have a provable life, a real one with a nervous system and a functioning brain, have rights. They need to be listened to.
    You mention euthenasia saying its preying on the elderly and the infirm, which it might be in some cases, but if it were me in intolerable pain or reduced to a vegetable, I’d want someone to end it and use my organs to help someone with a chance of survival.
    Sorry, there’s probably no point in arguing, you have your views and you are intitled to them, but… meh.

  39. Wurble says:

    “Wurble- you are a drooling idiot if you think telling me to shut up does anything to support your “argument”. It is merely an attempt to bully me, since you cannot win on the merits of the case.”

    Not bully, more like ‘Wind up’, Not sure if it worked though!

    As my final word I just wanna say, Thank jebus that the people who had any influence in this case i.e., the girls mother and the Doctors had the good sense to go ahead with the abortion, it shows that when the chips are down nobody really gives a flying fuck what the catholic church has to say, but it sure is fun to argue about it!

    Lily, that “Bloody Hell” is gonna cost you at confession, what’s the going rate these days, still 3 Hail Mary’s and 4 our fathers?

    Keep taking the tablets.

  40. psychoquack says:

    pope’s arse-licker: “trying to talk sense in an insane asylum”? If you had the intelligence The Flying Spaghetti Monster gave linguini, you would realize that you are LIVING in an insane asylum. It is called the Catholic Church. What you are doing, attributing to others what you see in the mirror, is called projection.

  41. Chicken Girl says:

    To continue my comment from earlier, speaking of the medical lottery.

    Earlier this year, a woman in Australia gave birth to a baby girl that she had carried to term inside her ovary. The only reason the pregnancy hadn’t been aborted was that the condition was not discovered until her doctor did a c-section and went, “Holy shit. The baby’s in her OVARY.” Reportedly, the woman’s ovary had been stretched so thin you could see the baby’s hair. This woman was INSANELY lucky. And the fact that she and her baby escaped nearly-certain death doesn’t mean we should start refusing women treatment for ectopic pregnancies. (Or have I given you ideas?)

    Another C-section, this time in Mexico. This woman was in labor at home, hours away from medical help and her labor was not progressing. Having lost a previous baby in labor this way. She decided THIS baby was coming out alive or she was going to die trying. She performed a cesarean section on herself with a kitchen knife. Her baby survived and she made a full recovery.

    Guess this means we don’t need to keep wasting money on hospital c-sections, huh? (hint: no)

  42. Broga says:

    Lily loves the academic stuff – and her new favourite is “peer reviewed”.

    As for her reaction to a priest abusing her, possibly advancing with a lighted taper while she was up to her arse in dry brushwood, I don’t know?

    Poor, sad Lily. Utter determination to insist that her crazy beliefs are correct in every respect when even a quarter sane person would see that they cannot be. What goes on in her head? Why is she terrified of entertaining fresh thoughts, new ideas? And yet she has learned to write, she can read and she acheives an element of comprehension. As my old and long deceased Scots grannie might have said, “She is more to be pitied than laughed at.” However, her comments on this site, including her CAPITAL LETTERS hysteria make that unlikely.