Oh woe! Mo’s booze plan goes belly-up

A GROCERY store owner in Gloucesershire has been forced to withdraw an application for a license to sell alcohol because his shop is too close to a mosque.

The application was made by one Mohammed Islam – which, we would suggest, isn’t the most appropriate of names for someone planning to flog booze near Rug-Butter Central.

An Islamic anti-alcohol poster

An Islamic anti-alcohol poster

True to form, local Muslims flew into a rage, and set up a petition opposing his plan.

In a group e-mail to licensing officers at the council they said:

Whilst Bangla Bazaar [the name of Islam’s store] is a seemingly honourable shop retailer and employer, it cannot manage the problems that will emanate from the sale of alcohol.

But if Muslims don’t drink booze, WTF is the problem?

Apparently they are scared of being doused with the stuff.

Representatives of Gloucester Muslim Welfare Association explained in this report:

Members of the Muslim community have been targeted in the past with alcohol being hurled at them whilst on the way to the mosque. Granting an alcohol license to a shop a few doors down from the mosque, which is established almost 50 years, will not only cause us to be in an invidious position but will reflect adversely on the number of visitors coming to the mosque from out of the area, who see it as a place that sets social and moral standards.

Islam, who has been running the store for six years, said he was applying for the license so he could offer a better service.

We do a lot of different types of food, and I want to be able to cater for everyone. I want to start selling papers as well, to make it an all-round convenience store. With the supermarkets selling the same things as me, I need to look at other ways to keep the business going.

He added:

If it is an issue of crime and disorder I can understand, but they don’t know if it will have an effect. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

A special meeting of the city council’s licensing sub-committee was to discuss the the application at the end of last week, but the application was suddenly withdrawn.

Hmmm …There have been no reports of Islam receiving death threats, but if past Muslim outrage is anything to go by, there’s more than an outside chance that someone in the in Barton and Tredworth area may have suggested putting Mo to the sword, and his store to the flame.

11 responses to “Oh woe! Mo’s booze plan goes belly-up”

  1. Rozi says:

    As has been pointed out before; these Muslims get all riled up about selling alcohol and letting guide dogs in… then when they realise they won’t make any money out of the evil West they suddenly see their way to making leaniancy.
    Funny that.

  2. newspaniard says:

    On, not altogether, another track, I see that the fundies who had their way over the very dubious evidence concerning passive smoking, have a new campaign. The anti drinking lobby, seems to be peopled by the same group. They are suggesting that everyone who drinks anything stronger than Pepsi is a curse on humanity. They have started demanding minimum charges for drinks and banning happy hours. How long before they insist that there are separate, no-alcohol bars in pubs. How about, ‘If you smell drink on someone’s cardigan, you are a victim of passive drinking’. Lawyers will be queueing up with class actions against the drinks companies not forgetting those nasty people who supply Sch… mixers to encourage alcohol drinkers. Does this government REALLY think that kowtowing to these loony pressure groups will get them elected EVER again. I don’t think so…

  3. FrodoSaves says:

    Members of the Muslim community have been targeted in the past with alcohol being hurled at them whilst on the way to the mosque.

    Good thing booze is the only thing that’s sold in bottles.

    Also, alcoholism isn’t a disease because it’s sold in bottles? How is alcoholism sold in bottles? Even ignoring that, it’s like saying AIDS isn’t a disease because you can’t catch it directly.

  4. dead yeti says:

    Maybe its the lunch time beers talking but i really want a copy of that poster

  5. valdemar says:

    If people are hurling alcohol, it IS too cheap. But seriously, folks, it’s perfectly legal to buy alcohol and no religious group should have a veto on when and where it’s sold. That’s sanity. Let’s hope it will break out at some point.

  6. Bubblecar says:

    “Members of the Muslim community have been targeted in the past with alcohol being hurled at them whilst on the way to the mosque.”

    Hmm. Sounds like a feeble excuse to explain why they turned up stinking of booze. “We’ve not been on the pish, Imam – infidels drenched us in whisky on the rocks and gin & tonics as we innocently walked past. *Hic*”

  7. Urmensch says:

    What next?
    Will they have all pork products banned within a certain area of the mosque in case people start throwing bacon and sausages at them?

  8. Stonyground says:

    I love the poster, so completely devoid of artistic merit. Isn’t representative art supposed to be harim? I also like the way anything the godly disagree with is always blamed on Satan. If there is an evil demonic power and he needed a way of bringing the maximum possible amount of pain, misery and conflict into the world, can anyone think of a better method than spawning three conflicting monotheistic religions, each with an all male priesthood, each claiming an exclusive right to allow believers into paradise?

  9. Buffy says:

    That poster is a riot. Bring on Reefer Madness!

    But when you think about it you could all the same claims about religion, except it’s not sold in bottles. They should be careful about their propaganda, really.

  10. chrsbol says:

    Maybe they should ask the “Royal Anglian” regiment to escort them to the mosque?

  11. remigius says:

    I haven’t made a contribution to this post.

    But I have had lots of beer.