Biblical figurines ‘breach copyright’

Biblical figurines ‘breach copyright’

A GERMAN evangelical pastor has incurred the wrath of Germany’s favourite toy company, Playmobil, by using one of its Klicky figurines to create an Eve with boobs, and by nailing another to a miniature cross.

Playmobil has ordered Rev Markus Bomhard, 38, an evangelical preacher from Eschborn, Hesse, to remove pictures of the amusing figurines, created for children, from his Playmobibel website, as they are said to be in breach of copyright.

According to this report, company spokesperson Gisela Kupiak said the pastor was violating the company’s commercial rights for his own benefit.

We are quite tolerant if this is done in the privacy of the home but if someone crucifies a Playmobil figure, or, as in the case of Eve, glues on breasts, then this is a completely different dimension.


Bomhard, above, who claims to have received a letter from Pope Ratzi praising his attempts to bring the Christian story to children, has rejected the company’s complaints, pointing out that Playmobil figures had been put to far more profane use.

He claims that a talk show host in Germany had presented a Playmobil figure on his programme dressed up to look like Hitler.

But he admitted:

It’s true that I did use a hairdryer to soften the figure for the crucifixion scene because the fingers wouldn’t spread out properly otherwise. Then I had to let it harden again before I could nail it to the cross.

He has now made it clear on his site that the figurines are not Playmobil originals.

Not all in the Bible Klicky figures and scenes are available to purchase. It is a deliberate and creative adaptation.

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  1. The site below is in a similar vein:

    But at least The Brick Testament was done by an atheist for a laugh. Rev Markus actually appears to be serious!

  2. Tim Danaher says:


    And what a lovely story to be teaching kids…

    This just shows what happens when Germans try to be hip n’ trendy… it’s just fucking embarrassing.

    I went to a funeral here recently, where the ‘trendy’ vicar somehow managed to work the subject of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (German theologian, murdered by the Nazis in the most horrific way imaginable) into the eulogy for our friend’s sister, which had everyone looking at their feet and shuffling embarrasedly.

  3. Tim Danaher says:

    p.s. Who’s the white dude with the sausages supposed to be?

  4. remigius says:

    Tim D.

    Perhaps he’s one of the three wise men.

    Gold, frankfurters and myrrh!

  5. remigius says:

    Or maybe it is the daughter of Herodias……


  6. Stuart H. says:

    And evangelicals had the audacity to complain about that tongue-in-cheek artwork that had a frog nailed to a cross?
    I don’t know whether to laugh or call social services for this cranky pastor’s kids!

  7. Uzza says:

    What the hell? After I buy a product the manufacturer still gets to tell me what I’m allowed to do with it?

  8. Godless not gormless says:

    Tim Danaher

    “p.s. Who’s the white dude with the sausages supposed to be?”

    I thought sausages too as soon as I saw that but I think remigius “nailed it” with

    “Perhaps he’s one of the three wise men.

    Gold, frankfurters and myrrh!”

    Nice one remmy!!!

  9. Godless not gormless says:

    Robert Stovold,

    Thanks for the link to the Brick Testament. I’ve had a great laugh looking through some of it so far so I’m looking forward to looking through the rest of it. I’ve passed it on to a few friends who will appreciate it too.

    Thanks again!

  10. Vollhorst says:

    Germans suck!
    …Jesus too!