Predatory Baptists stalk Colorado Springs pupils

A BAPTIST church in Colorado Springs has been warned to stay away from pupils attending Russell Middle School after its members tried to lure a seventh-grader into a van last week.

The Cornerstone Baptist Church says on its website:

Our ministries are designed to reach out to those in our community who don’t have the ability to come to church by themselves. There are many who have never heard the Gospel of Christ.

So over-zealous church members decided to take the “Good News” to pupils – including, one assumes from its website – that:

Heaven and Hell are literal places reserved for the saved and the unsaved respectively.

As a result of the van incident, the school principal sent students home with a letter to parents asking that they instruct their children not to talk to strangers, and the district has beefed up security around the property.

The letter to parents did not identify the church, and the district – acting on the advice of its attorney – declined to name it. But sources told a local paper, The Gazette, that the offender was Cornerstone Baptist Church, which is about 2.5 miles from the school.

The church has been in trouble in the past for baptising children without parents’ permission.


Ford Glover, assistant pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church

Students at nearby Keller and Fremont elementary schools also have been approached by church members, and church proselytising has been escalating in recent weeks at Russell. Still, officials were unprepared for what happened last Thursday, district spokeswoman Elaine Naleski said.

We have never had a problem like this before. We are shocked by their actions.

A few weeks ago, officials at the school met with the church’s leader to complain about members coming on school property to preach the Bible, Naleski said. But rather than stop, church members started proselytising from public sidewalks outside the school.

The school will seek a no-trespassing order if church members resume harassing children on school property, Naleski said. But it will be up to parents to take legal action against the church if their children are approached in public areas outside the school.

Assistant pastor Ford Glover said that Cornerstone would have no comment.

The church website’s “doctrinal statement” states:

We believe the church is a local, separated body of believers who are sent forth into the world to get people saved, baptized, and added to the church.

21 responses to “Predatory Baptists stalk Colorado Springs pupils”

  1. David L says:

    What a bunch of freakazoids.

  2. Buffy says:

    The church was founded by Dean Miller. Charles Dean Miller Jr. (his son, I presume) was accused by five women of sexual abuse and imprisoned for 10 years for two felony counts of sexual abuse of a child.
    The church itself has a long history of complaints of inappropriate behavior towards children including baptizing children without parental consent, forcing children to disrobe for baptisms, and preying upon children at schools and carnivals. They're predators of the worst kind.

  3. Norman Lycan says:

    Buffy's right,

    How in the hell does a registered sex offender get a congregation of idiots to help him harrass children? It's Jim Jones all over again. This is serious stuff. This is all over the internet, dozens of sources, this is a pedophile using his church to seduce children. But, somehow, as a student of history, I can no longer be shocked by the demeanor of religion. I think "jaded" is the word.


  4. John Klasen says:

    The good christian kiddy fidlers are every where, public castration after conviction is a good cure for these animals, and there will be no shortage of volenteers and it might frighten a few of their fellow kiddy fidlers from the same activities.

  5. barriejohn says:

    I was snaffled by the Plymouth Brethren when I was a similar age, and, although there was never any suggestion of sexual impropriety, I can quite confidently assert that they ruined my life. It is part of their philosophy to target the young, as they believe with others (and rightly so) that if you have the child you have the man – indeed they frequently quote those words attributed to the Jesuits, but probably of much earlier origin – "Give me a child to the age of seven (or whatever), and I will give you the man"; so they know what they are up to! They set out to make you feel "special", privileged, and part of a select few in the world, chosen by God "before the world began" to fulfil His purposes. Tremendous pressure is put on you to be baptized and join them, and every effort is made to turn you against your parents and former friends, who of course are under the influence of "The Evil One". THEY are the evil ones, and this is no less than a form of child abuse.

  6. tony e says:

    Why do paedophiles and religion seem to go hand in hand?

    These bastards should be under lock and key but again they are appearing to escape justice.

    But the best bit is, they have the cheek to lecture us on our sinful ways!

  7. Broga says:

    Ford Glover! I love it. That name. Perfect. But the look. So, so right for this kind of superstitious, sanctimonious fuckwit. The straight hair, clipped at the sides. That rictus of a smile, the mad staring eyes of the fanatic, the pimple on the pasty, pale unhealthy skin and that fat under the chin. Where do they get these nutters. In passing, should Gordon Brown (Son of the Manse) and so many other Christians be praying. Their "faith" isn't much mentioned at present.

  8. remigius says:

    Go to the website and take a look at their pastor, Matt Miller.

    Straight outa central casting!

  9. Stonyground says:

    It seems to me that excessively agressive prosletising is a direct result of actually believing in Heaven and Hell. Surely anyone who genuinely and wholeheartedly believes would have a moral duty to try everything they could to convert, and thus save, as many as possible from such a dreadful fate. It never seems to occur to them that Heaven and Hell could be fictions dreamed up in more primitive times to keep people in line and exploit them or that the survival of these fictions is due to their success at doing precisely that rather than them being true.

  10. Broga says:

    I decided to have a look at what these nutters are said to believe. For a start they lead with their pricks when they say that the King James version is "inerrant" and any other version is total shite – I paraphrase. How do they get away with it? What is their solution to the contradictions in the KJ version? Maybe their supporters are so ignorant that they do not understand the meaning of "inerrant." These guys cannot believe what they claim. They are con men, piss artists, fakers and fuckers, bleeding poor suckers dry who lack the will and independendance of mind to challenge them.

  11. barriejohn says:

    Your link is to an article about the so-called "Prosperity Gospel" (Oh, no, not "Hinn" again!). While it is fascinating, is that what you intended CS?

  12. Mr Gronk says:

    As Dawkins and The Hitch have made clear, religion IS child abuse, pure and simple. It's a meme that is kept going for centuries by drumming it into the heads of those still young enough to be trusting and credulous. This is where religion openly confesses to its own evil; it confesses that it's infantile ideas cannot work on adults, at least not those who are sane and sensible.

  13. barriejohn says:

    According to the above, there have (so far) been 4,294,967,295 replies to my previous post! I do hope you will all forgive me if I don`t manage to thank you all individually, but I do have other pressing matters to attend to today!!

  14. barriejohn says:

    Well said Mr Gronk – there is a danger that focussing on the sexual abuse alone will give an air of respectability to the OTHER child-abuse being perpetrated by the religious. It is all evil. Have you all seen the "Bible Camp" programmes and videos? Much of it is on YouTube, and (surprise, surprise!!) features our old friend Ted Haggard (or "Faggard", as he is now being referred to!). Look it up – it is required viewing for those who may not be aware of quite what these slime-balls are up to!!!

  15. barriejohn says:

    Quite – but if, as you say, you genuinely believe in Hell, as I once did, you WILL do everything in your power to "save" poor, lost souls from this fate, for their own eternal good, even if it means using somewhat underhand and dishonest methods! The end, to a certain extent, justifies the means!!

  16. CybrgnX says:

    This is even worse the the above mentioned comments. Lets grant that they truely believe and there really is a heaven & Hell. Then this activity makes them into torturers beyond anything in Gitmo. Because most Xtians believe that if you never hear of JePus then you get to heaven but if you do hear about JePus then if you dont accept him then you go to HELL. So to tell the kiddys about JePus is VERY important because they will need company in HELL as they dont want to be alone. So the Kiddys will be in eternal torment…at least Gitmo is for only a few years.

  17. Norman Lycan says:


    What do the polls show? How many of those four billion think you're an asshole? (smile) put me down as a no. But, let me be the devil's advocate again, and wake you up to the fact that in Thailand and the Balkans, child prostitution is legal. And if the truth were really known, it is common in any country torn by war.

    You have of course, made your point. But, tony e. asked this question:

    "Why do paedophiles and religion seem to go hand in hand?

    We both know the answer to that don't we? Trust betrayed. The good shepherd became a sheepfucker. Big surprise.


  18. Steve says:

    Castration after puberty doesn't always do what you're thinking of. That would require emasculation. It would be much easier to just pass the word around that the police wouldn't be in a terrible hurry to respond to any report of one of Miller's henchmen getting the crap stomped out of him.. The trouble with this is that vigilantes often hit the wrong target. They might, for example, jump on a pair of Mormon missionaries. Unlike the local nest of pedophilic we're-not-really-Baptists, *that* cult has the money and connections to mount a serious counterattack.

  19. Preacher Boy says:

    you all can say what you want to say now…but soon…very very soon…you will all answer to God…and you will regret it…weve stood through all this…and were still goin hard and strong…most people wouldof gave up…most churches wouldof closed the doors…but we havent…were still goin…and just so you all know…those girls who accused charles miller of raping them…were lying…get the facts straight before you start saying stuff

  20. Dave says:

    “Preacher BOY…..”
    If they were lying…why did he confess?? Do you even know what these people are talking about…
    When I pray I will pray your eyes are opened. Let me tell you something. You are not the first to trust these people…NOT the first and the what people don’t mention is that one of the Girls that accused the pastors son was the daughter of a deacon…