Sneaky gays get revenge for Prop 8 – by forcing ‘multisexuality’ on Californian tots

EVER hear of the Capitol Resource Institute?


No? Well, neither had we – until we stumbled across this silly rant by the paranoid Californian pressure group (Motto: What strengthens families strengthens California).

The barmy “family values” outfit is all of a-lather over what it sees as an endorsement of:

Multisexual behaviour at all grade levels in San Francisco schools.

Said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute:

Homosexual activists lost at the ballot box [over Proposition 8], but now they are using schools to re-define marriage – while excluding parents. Parents need to know what is going on, because this has gone as far as lesson plans for kindergarteners and it is spreading across the state. San Francisco is fully implementing these new policies under the guise of ‘anti-bias’ laws by endorsing multisexual behavior at all grade levels.

Karen England

Karen England

She added:

Activists are targeting education for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. This curriculum does not allow for differing viewpoints on controversial issues like homosexuality and ‘gender changes’.

Students are taught to realize that some families include gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. To steer them away from bigoted (traditional values) ideas, they learn to define ‘homophobia’ and ‘prejudice’.

What kindergartner isn’t going to walk away believing they are bigoted or homophobic when their teacher tells them traditional values they are taught at home are hateful?

California parents need to continually educate themselves on the lessons and activities their children’s schools,” England said. “They need to be proactive because there is a concerted effort to keep parents in the dark and exclude them from these highly controversial lessons. Parents-not political activists-should be in charge of their children’s education – particularly when it comes to sexual education.

England is quoted on the CRI website as saying:

Educators want students to totally embrace ‘healthy attitudes’ on multisexuality, instead of outdated traditional values – without getting parents knowing it.

14 responses to “Sneaky gays get revenge for Prop 8 – by forcing ‘multisexuality’ on Californian tots”

  1. barriejohn says:

    They`re probably afraid that things in America will soon be as bad as here in England, where children as young as four are forced to have gay sex by their loony, left-wing, family-hating, atheistic, anti-Christian, Marxist teachers!! It`s "political correctness gone mad"!!!

  2. Bubblecar says:

    Karen England is a sad, fat, ugly old cow who needs to accept the fact that just because she, personally, is extremely unsexy, doesn't mean that sexy people are out to destroy her and her fat, ugly kids.

  3. barriejohn says:

    So you don`t like her then Bubblecar?

  4. CaptainJJB says:

    kids see things in a wonderful light and we should listen to them… not the other way around.

  5. Buffy says:

    CRI is another one of those 'Pro (heterosexual Christianist) family" groups that exists solely to vilify LGBT people and make our lives hell while all the while pretending they're the persecuted ones.

    Under CA law parents can excuse their children from any school lessons they want. There is no reason for any of these idiots to be making a fuss other than anti-gay grandstanding and to beg for more $$$ from their like-minded followers. Some 50 or so years ago these fools would have been screaming because their precious twits were learning that some kids have a black parent *and* a white parent, and some kids parents are even divorced. Oh, the horror!

  6. Har Davids says:

    They never stop hating! It's time some virus appears that only attacks and kills bigots like these; I would gladly help disposing of the corpses, unless I would be one it's victims, of course.

  7. barriejohn says:

    You`re absolutely right there again Buffy! I know this is a bit off-topic, but when I was in junior school over 50 years ago now (oh dear!!), we had a book that I can quite clearly picture now, called "Little Black Sambo". It was all about this poor black kid in the Caribbean somewhere, who did daft things like putting the butter under his hat to protect it from the heat, and so on, with disastrous consequences. There must be something wrong with me, because instead of falling about laughing at this "goon" I just thought to myself: "Hang on a minute, they`re just making him look stupid because he`s black and poor. What`s funny about that?" At least that shows that times HAVE changed, so perhaps there is some hope for the future after all!!

  8. Stonyground says:

    I don't think that the Sambo book is off topic at all barriejohn. In the God Delusion Richard Dawkins mentioned what he called the "Moral Zeitgeist" meaning a kind of majority feeling about what is and isn't acceptable as moral behaviour. He alluded to certain adventure books for boys that were openly racist in a way that is no longer acceptable. These days no one has a problem with nursery and primary schools teaching that racism is wrong and within a generation these people and their gay-bashing will hopefully have gone the same way.

  9. Buffy says:

    By the time I was growing up "Little Black Sambo" had been updated to "Little Brave Sambo", and the child was no longer black, thereby eliminating the racism in it.. "Political Correctness gone amok", the wingnuts would no doubt be crying if it were done today. Such a pity they see being sensitive to humans as an evil thing while we're supposed to give the utmost reverence to their ridiculous beliefs and their books/symbols.

  10. Buffy says:

    Maybe just saltpeter and BC in their water supply. They'll stop reproducing and there's no guilt (or body disposal) to worry about.

  11. HDH says:

    >Under CA law parents can excuse their children from any school lessons they want.

    I don't think this is accurate. From what I understand, the issue surrounding the book being taught in Alameda is NOT being given as an option because attornies say parents in this matter do not have a right to excuse their children.

  12. Leosia says:

    What is it about gays and religious nuts that they have to convince everyone else to be the same? In our politically correct society we have, rightly, become more tolerant of individual choices but, wrongly, have accepted that being gay is "normal". When you normalize something it suddenly becomes something that everyone, including children, should have access to. Next we will be teaching kids how to be gay in school alongside their creationism classes. We can even have separate toilets for gay kids and transgender freaks.

  13. barriejohn says:

    And just who is trying to "convince everyone else" that they should be gay, exactly? You say that "we have, rightly, become more tolerant of individual choices", and then talk quite glibly about "transgender freaks"! I think you are totally confused on this subject, and would do well to observe a respectful silence until such time as you are better acquainted with the facts, and more tolerant in your own outlook!!

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