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Muslims are at the heart of a dog-fighting epidemic in the UK

I FIND the idea of organised dog-fights utterly despicable, and regard those who engage in this horrifying pastime as savages who deserve nothing less than having their nuts crushed in the jaws of a grumpy pit-bull terrier. So it was with gritted teeth that I forced myself last night to listen to a BBC Radio […]

Debbie Purdy wins landmark assisted suicide case in the House of Lords

IN A dramatic landmark judgement issued late this afternoon, the House of Lords unanimously ruled in favour of Debbie Purdy’s appeal to have the law on assisted suicide clarified. The unanimous judgement, said MS sufferer Miss Purdy, gives the Director of Public Prosecutions: An amazing opportunity to make clear what is and what is not […]

Woman journalist rejects offer of immunity from prosecution for wearing trousers

IN WHAT appears to have been an effort to spare Sudan international embarrassment, a Khartoum judge has offered a woman charged with wearing “indecent” clothing immunity from prosecution. But Lubna Ahmed Hussein, arrested recently for wearing the “crime” of trousers, has rejected the offer – made by the judge because she works for the UN […]

When will all this mad pandering to Islam stop?

JUST when we thought that efforts to pander to Muslim “sensitivities” had reached the limits of madness in the UK, along comes another bloody daft initiative, this time from the Avon and Somerset Constabulary. The force, according to The Times, has begun equipping its female officers with uniform issue hijabs to wear when they enter […]

The life and crimes of paedophile preacher Tony Alamo

SUDDENLY I heard a voice, a voice that came from every direction. It was all around me. It was going through every fibre of my being. My head, my arms, my legs; it was all around me. The voice said, ‘I AM THE LORD THY GOD. STAND UP ON YOUR FEET AND TELL THE PEOPLE […]

Greek Orthodox Christians object to exposure of their past acts of vandalism

A SCENE from an animated film at the new Acropolis Museum which shows Christian priests destroying parts of the Parthenon has been deleted following protests by the Greek Orthodox Church. As a protest  against his film being censored, the creator of the segment, Greek-born French filmmaker Constantin Costa-Gavras, has demanded that his name be taken […]