Lunatic botches his own circumcision

Lunatic botches his own circumcision

He later mutilates his son’s penis

A GOD-ADDLED Vancouver man who circumcised his four-year-old son at home with a razor blade, then used blood coagulant meant for horses, has been found guilty of negligence causing bodily harm.

The man, identified in a court ruling only as DJW, admitted that in 2007 he circumcised his son, DJ, who was born at 2.5 pounds and couldn’t be circumcised at birth.

The man performed the circumcision just a few years after he circumcised himself.

As a result, he damaged his dick in nine places, and doctors had to suture it at hospital. His penis became infected, according to lawyer, Doug Christie, who said:

He learned from that experience to do things differently.

Justice Marion Allan of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver ruled that the negligence charge was warranted but acquitted DJW on charges of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. Social workers who found out about the circumcision a day after the procedure reported the incident to child-protection services.

DJW initially claimed a circumcision performed with reasonable care would fall under a religious exemption, Christie said. But he dropped the argument based on the judge’s ruling.

Although we don’t agree, the judge found it wasn’t with reasonable care.

DJW is a former Jehovah’s Witness who is now hooked on both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Here’s what happened, according to the judge’s summary of the case:

DJW became interested in circumcision after reading the books of Richard Hoskins, who advocates circumcision and claims there are Biblical answers to:

All of the problems in society, including the number of abortions and homosexuals, and the national debt.

After DJ’s birth, DJW heard a radio show on circumcision, transcribed it and decided to circumcise himself. On the Internet, he found “horrible pictures of what could go wrong,” which is “inconsistent with his frequently expressed opinion that circumcision is an obvious and simple procedure,” the judge noted.

In late 2004 or early 2005, DJW circumcised himself, using a razor, Band-Aids, peroxide, a roll of gauze and a clear plastic ring that he believed would act as an anaesthetic.

After he cut himself, the bleeding wouldn’t stop. DJW then called his mother to tell her he was a heretic and would never go back to her church. She told him to call 911 and hung up. He then called 911 and went to the emergency room of a hospital and was sutured. In 2006, DJW began asking doctors about the circumcision of DJ. A few doctors advised against circumcising a four-year-old boy and refused to help him.

One doctor that agreed to do it was too expensive, charging $2,000 to $5,000. DJW decided to do it himself. He bought a blood coagulant used for horses because it was cheaper than a $30 coagulant for people. He told DJ that circumcision might hurt a bit but not for long. DJW told his son the procedure would grant him:

Extra special protection from God.

It would also allow him to eat Passover lamb, ice cream and pick all the movies he wanted for a week. He also said told DJ it would be difficult to stay together as a family if DJ didn’t agree to be circumcised.

DJW then gave DJ a teacup of homemade honey wine with eight to 12 percent alcohol. He laid DJ on clean garbage bags on the kitchen floor and put a towel or diaper under him, then cut the foreskin, sometimes with a sawing motion.

DJ shuddered and cried, and DJW’s hand slipped. He told DJ to be still for a second cut. He used paper towels and a veterinary blood coagulant meant for horses, and the bleeding decreased. DJ then had to go to a children’s hospital.

A “beehive coating” of ash was removed from his penis and he was properly circumcised by Dr Afshar.

In court, Afshar questioned DJW’s procedure. Among numerous problems: The blades DJW used were neither sharp nor sterile. He said a kitchen cutting board under the boy’s penis could have been covered with bacteria from food. And he said the veterinary coagulant was inappropriate and could have led to bleeding, infection and necrosis.

Afshar testified that BC law doesn’t ban people who have no medical training from performing circumcisions.

• The picture used to illustrate this piece shows the circumcision of the Baby Jesus.

Update: DJW subsequently lost an appeal against his conviction.

HAT TIP: Peter Brietbart.

35 responses to “Lunatic botches his own circumcision”

  1. michael parks says:

    What an excellent and thought provoking article. But tell you what, let’s see if we can identify some atheist nutters. What do you think? Go on – let’s see if you guys can think of anyone barmier and more evil Christians. I’m going to bet you can’t:

    Tell you what. I’ll stop there and raise you another few once you’ve impressed me. Let’s see where we get to. Good game? Alright then.

    I’ll also do you an example of an amazing Christian too. Sound like a plan? You see if you can beat me with an example of an Atheist.,_Jr.

    Shame this guy Christian hurt his privates. Shame about all of those Russians too eh? The irony.

    I love this site. You guys make it so easy.

  2. dogon says:

    Good thing this gentleman did not decide to test if his god would prevent the sacrifice of the young lad ie Abraham and Issac…his son would most certainly have perished………..because his imaginary god would not have stopped him as happened with Abraham in his “dream” regarding his god’s request for a sacrifice.

  3. dogon says:

    Mikey …how about Thomas Paine..he was the scribe that virtually penned the American Revolution…or perhaps Thomas Jefferson who said quote:
    “Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear.

    -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, August 10, 1787

    Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them; and no man ever had a distinct idea of the trinity. It is the mere Abracadabra of the mountebanks calling themselves the priests of Jesus.”

    -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, 30 July, 1816

  4. dogon says:

    One more for Mikey…..

    Man once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, is the “sport of every wind”.

    -Thomas Jefferson to James Smith, 1822.

  5. Tim Danaher says:

    Xnilo, and then…

    So, Mikey, going to excise your prepuce any time soon?

    Your god says you should, you know….It’s in the bibble.

    Tell you what, once the dirty deed is done, tell us all about it.

    And then tell us why losing your prepuce makes you so much more attractive to your god.

    Seriously — I want you to explain to me what your desert god’s obsesion with the flap of skin on the end of your dick is…so… seriously, give me some theologigal justification for it…you never know, you might convert me….

    By the way, I’ll raise you one Russian orthodox Stalin to two Catholic Hitlers.


  6. Angela_K says:

    The old non-argument that atheism makes people murderers is trotted out again. Stalin committed atrocities in spite of his atheism not because of it. In a similar way to religious fundamentalism, the dogmatism of Marxist and communist ideology was the force behind Stalin’s actions. And before you mention A. Hitler – he was a religious nutter who used the bible as guidance and justification for killing a lot of people including jews – aided and abetted by the catholic church.

    Mr Parks, ever heard of Voltaire? “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”.

    The unidentified DJW nutjob maimed himself and his son BECAUSE of his religion!

  7. Buffy says:

    Oh Mikey, pulling the Stalin card? What a piker you are.

  8. Tim Danaher says:

    Actually, maybe Mikey would like to flex his plastic and order one of these:

    Warning, gentlemen.

    I nearly fainted when I read the description. I don’t think the ladies will find it too attractive, either.

  9. talitha says:

    Oh stop persecuting this poor man who was merely following guidelines as commanded by God HIMself.

    If you want to see Nutjobs then look no further from the Christ-killing Jews.

    “Two more babies have contracted herpes through an ancient circumcision rite, leading the city’s top health official yesterday to release an open letter to the city’s Orthodox Jewish community urging caution.
    The practice, known in Hebrew as metzitzah b’peh, involves a practitioner, or mohel, drawing blood from a child’s circumcision wound by mouth.

    Last year, three baby boys – including one who died – were known to be infected with herpes during circumcisions by the same Rockland County-based rabbi, Yitzchok Fischer, who has since suspended the practice, officials said”.

  10. Brian Jordan says:

    Ouch! I gather it works on much the same principle as those tight rubber rings they use to castrate and dock lambs? It does warn you, though, that it’s not for d.i.y. use. Strangely, if you google lamb castrating rings you get an advert for circumcising children.

  11. michael parks says:

    So you couldn’t think of anyone except Thomas Jefferson? Nil Points kids. He’s a Christian. I’ll put him into my pot of Heroes ok? And I quote:

    “The religious views of Thomas Jefferson diverged widely from the orthodox Christianity of his day. Throughout his life Jefferson was intensely interested in theology, biblical study, and morality.[90] He is most closely connected with the Episcopal Church, the religious philosophy of Deism, and Unitarianism.”

    Keep on trying. I dare ya! Oh – BTW, circumcision certainly ain’t a requirement for Christians. It was for the Jewish people and actually there are good scientific reasons for that. You guys like science don’t you? A circumcised penis is much cleaner and is less likely to harbour STDs and tropical diseases. Anyway. Have you lot got any issues with dreadlocks, tattoos or piercings? They are all used to denote identity in a bunch of other belief systems (not just religions) and indeed faiths. Us crazy religious nutters eh? Do your wives pierce their ears? Nooooo! Course they don’t.

    Really sorry to raise Hitler and Stalin. Really is troublesome for you guys being the biggest nutters of all time and atheists right? Let me give you a break and pick some others so that you feel like you’re having a fair crack of the old “Free thinking” whip.

    Atheist Villains.

    Hitler was apparently a church goer when a child. However when he became a really crazy wabbit things changed and he privately renounced his faith. He was most certainly not a Christian as our learned friend above suggests. Not when he was warming his ovens! And I quote (from Hitler)

    “We do not want any other god than Germany itself. It is essential to have fanatical faith and hope and love in and for Germany.”

    Bless you for trying though. Worth a go wasn’t it?

    Do let me know if you want me to find more nutters. It’s really fun. See what I do is I think of the craziest most distructive nut job I can and then find out what their faith is! Do try it – you’ll have a load of laughs.

    Christian Heroes
    —————- (he’s crazy right? Misguided?) (Couldn’t resist. You guys must enjoy some music right?) (damn her for the stuff she did) (scientists are crazy aren’t they?)

    Over to you folks. There are some Christian nutters out there I promise. Although Christians certainly never claim to be without sin. Seems that they aren’t the worst perpetrators though doesn’t it? Remove God and the old vaccuum lets all kinds of nasties in. I mean some of them are so excited about tackling something they think doesn’t exist that they create websites about it! Brilliant.

  12. Freemider says:

    Mikey the troll

    1) So you think that sexually abusing four year old boys is acceptable (playing with his genitals) then equally acceptable is mutilating that boy by destroying his foreskin?

    2) Stalin trained as a priest, so knew how to create a new religion: Stalinism, with all the usual signs of a religion. (Enforced worship and obedience, slavery, mutilation and impossible to follow laws and rules, wiped out millions of people…)

    3) Martin Luther King Jr was very fond of orgies with teenage girls, prostitutes, sado-masochism. And he was a pastor…

    Just what is it with these religious types and their fixation with children’s genitals? Rape, abuse, mutilation; they seem obsessed with destroying innocence, the natural body and inflicting misery.

  13. chrsbol says:

    Think I’ll tune in again tomorrow on this one,I’ve a feeling it’s going to run and run!

  14. michael parks says:

    That’s the spirit! Down with Martin Luther King Jr! Evil guy. Listen to yourselves. It’s hysterical.What was Mother Theresa? Was she a killer? Come on dig some dirt fella!

    Stalin was anti-faith wasn’t he? Surely I haven’t got that wrong He may have trained and adopted the worst parts of religion, but we are talking about here is faith. I mean, I’ve taken cookery lessons but wouldn’t consider myself to be a chef. He certainly didn’t consider himself a Christian. Come on – you really can do better than that can’t you.

    Guy above sounds crazy to put it mildly. But he’s certainly not adhering to the teaching of Jesus or the New Testament, so it would be a bit steep to say that it was his Christianity which did it. Anyway – come on you need to dig deeper than this. Some of the greatest heros of the Old Testament and New Testament are a good place to start for heros who have done bad things. What? You can’t think of any examples? Oh – that’s right you haven’t actually read the bible so you’re struggling to substantiate your hate of faith. Go on. Someone own up. I’m sure someone here can get on their high horse and tell me they’ve read the bible.

    Phewy. You’re going to have to impress me a bit more with your free thinking than this. I’m getting a bit bored.

  15. michael parks says:

    Hey Freemider – you put in a bit of effort. So let me respond. Things you charge the church with:

    Enforced worship. Gosh. Pray tell me when you were last forced to go to church by a vicar. Did he send the big boys round? Please. Emotive crap.

    Obedience? There are around 5000 different denominiations within the church who come at liturgy and approach differently. If you read the papers you would know that loads of Anglicans are potentially leaving the church to become Roman Catholics this week following changes to frameworks. Does that sound like a rigid framework? Obedience is not required, but guidelines are laid out. You are accountable to God – not to other people so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

    Slavery? Great point. Christian who achieved an end to slavery in this country. Thanks forgot about that other Christian hero. There are so many you see! Isn’t this fun.
    Anyway – you were saying: Slavery?

    Mutilation: We covered this. But thanks for a dead ender.

    Impossible to follow laws and rules. Really? Are they? I mean they are challenging but many people work towards them. Give me an example? Oh you can’t?

    Wiped out millions of people. Erm. Ok. Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot. Want to check out the bodycount?

  16. Angela_K says:

    Mickey the troll, your childish goading illustrates quite clearly your inability to reason – amusing though it is. You do not seem to understand that the atheism of Stalin was not the cause of his power trip – read a couple of decent biographies on the man. Furthermore, I suggest you read and study Mein Kamp; also read Ian Kershaw’s excellent two volume biography of Hitler rather than cutting and pasting bits from Wiki – atheist Hitler was not.

  17. michael parks says:

    Bless you sweetheart! I’m trying to speak to you on your level. I mean – readers celebrate the fact the founder of this website was a nasty piece of work. Read a description of his style. Just trying to fit in here! Irony doesn’t come easily to me.

    I don’t think any of us know why Stalin went on a power trip although one might speculate. However he sure didn’t have much of a moral compass did he. I personally would blame that on his lack of faith.

    Being sensible, there have been some Christian crazies in the past. One would expect that. The big issue is that Christianity is willfully misinterpreted. Christians do not claim to be morally superior. If you look at who Jesus hung out with, they were tax collectors, prostitutes, terrorists. The list goes on. The point is that many of them moved on from their past lives because the chose to follow a moral code and the teachings of Jesus. There were without a doubt many more righteous people (many without faith) but everyone is on a journey. And the honest truth is, I don’t know if Hitler was actually a Christian or not. I mean Nick Griffin claimed to no longer be a racist last night. Did you believe him too? I particularly liked Kershaw’s book titled Image and Reality (or something like that) but I don’t subscribe to all he wrote. I kind of enjoyed Haffner’s book more. Thanks for the heads up though. I read Mein Kampf (is that what you meant?) but it’s very hard going and boring in the extreme so retained little. So I wouldn’t say I’m an expert. Would you say that you are?

    My point is this. You need to stop demonising Christians because we’re really not so bad.

  18. michael parks says:

    Theological reasons for it? God wanted to mark out the Jewish people. I’ve personally been circumcised and I’m pretty happy with the results. Loads of health benefits. Helps to protect your missus from some forms of cancer too. Imagine that? God gets you to do things that are good for you! Who would have thought it. Did you know the rate of HIV infection for circumcised men in Africa is very significantly lower.

    here’s that info you wanted on circumcision:

    Looks like those Jews weren’t as crazy as you might hope them to be.

  19. Neuseline says:

    Michael Parks, “Christians do not claim to be morally superior.” Really? What about ex-Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor who made the astonishing statement that secularists and atheists are not fully human because they do not seek the transcendent. I suggest comparing us to a lower species of beings is worse than just being morally superior.

    As regards your Jesus, I have a wonderful little book by Hans Conrad Zander, ex Dominican monk, “Warum ich Jesus nicht leiden kann”. Unfortunately it is not available in English translation, but I will give you just some of the chapter titles

    Part 1 – Jesus was a man of God of the godless kind

    1) How was Jesus enlightened?
    2) How did Jesus wander?
    3) How did Jesus effect miracles?
    4) How did humourlessness become the second person of God?

    You might like to translate the book into English since you claim to be better acquainted with the German language than Angela K. I suggest it was not very charitable (of the Christian variety) to draw attention to her mis-spelling of Kampf.

    By the way, I converted a practising Methodist called Parks to atheism. And yes, he is my husband.

    Just in case you do not have such good German, the title of the book in English is: Why I can’t stand Jesus.

  20. Stonyground says:

    All this is irrelevant isn’t it? Either God exists or he does not. If he does not then atheists could be the worst and most stupid people in the world and it would not make any difference. If there is a God then that means that there is a remote chance that one, and only one, of the world’s thousands of religions might be true.

    Every holy book that is claimed by someone to be a divine revelation is exactly as you would expect it to be if primitive, ignorant and morally backward people had written it themselves.

    If you take the question of the origin of the universe or Paley’s design inferrence as proof of the existence of a god, the most that you can prove is Deism which, like Uniterianism is a belief so attenuated as to hardly qualify as a religion at all.

    One thing that I can say about atheists is that they do not appear with monotonous regularity in news stories about them having inflicted pain, misery and death on children.

  21. Angela_K says:

    This thread has gone very off topic since being hijacked by Mr Parks; to whom I am grateful for pointing out my typo – in my haste I forgot to check before posting.

    It is a pity that Mr Parks resorted to patronising invective; clearly he must, in common with most religious men, have a problem with women. I am fortunate not to share Mr Park’s and his chums’ mental illness that is religious belief.

    I suggest that Stonyground has summed up rather well.

  22. shargraves says:

    Mr Parks hijacking is the funniest thing I’ve read all day Angela!

    Amazing how his mutilated cock is now free from tropical diseases even if it is a dead ender, but personally I never let mine travel to the tropics alone.

  23. tony e says:

    Mikey boy, you said ‘what was Mother Theresa’, glad you asked. A nasty, exploitive racist for a start. Read the ‘Missionary Position’ by Christopher Hitchens for more info.

    P.S This is a real book, written by a real person. Unlike the bible…

  24. dogon says:


    I have read the bible and come away sad that so many people really believe such a badly written….and rewritten and rewritten piece of fiction…….I would however like to test your knowledge of this “epic” work that seems to be the basis of your fairy tale god.

    There four separate accounts in da book regarding who was present when jesus was supposed to have risen….each separate text details which persons were at the site when the event to place.

    Now….the resurrection is virtually the “basis” of the christian faith….yet please tell me in “chronological” order what actually took place based on bible text….you cannot as they all differ widely….Luke Mathew Mark and John.

    One would think that the creator of the universe would have enough sense to enlighten the scribes that penned the bible as to what the details must have been for the most important and sacred event in the christian faith.

    The answer is ….that there is no god ..and the bible is simply a collection of myths borrowed, some would say stolen, from previous civilizations….give it up Mikey it ain’t worth the bother.

  25. michael parks says:

    Now you’re getting into the swing of things! Well done! I knew you had it in you!

    I don’t give a rats arse about some Dominican monk (you had to go to another culture to find a dissenter?) who landed up disliking Jesus? Gosh.

    As for hating women, it would appear you suffer from the same insidious paranoia that most atheists seem to. Unfortunately for you us Christians aren’t the mosters you might hope. I’m very fond of women. I’m not gay. Just fond of women.

    Gotcha! You were hoping I was going to have a go at gays! Nope. Just seeing if I could yank your chain by stating facts and seeing if you knee-jerked off in the wrong direction again. It’s hysterical. But YOU’RE A CHRISTIAN MICHAEL AND JESUS HATED GAYS. Not so I’m afraid. But you cling to your own’ personal prejudices.

    As for our friend who read the bible, if you knew much about ancient anthropology or the texts of people 2000 years ago, you would know that they were not as picky about historical accounts as we are today. They were more interested in conveying the substantive story than precise chronology. And naturally given the fact that they were witnessed by several people, the recounting of the exact chronology would have differed. But you would know that if you had every studied any witness accounts in the past right? As for the veracity of the biblical accounts, may I refer you to Mark Roberts book on the subject. Anyhooo!

    In terms of nicking accounts from other civilisations, there are certainly many examples of other cultures corroborating the texts of the bible. That would be supportive of the argument. But well done for trying.

    Gosh. I’m tired. I’ll catch you kids tomorrow. Come on – you need people like me because you usually rattle around this website with nobody to vent your spleen to who’s prepared to present you with the opposing view. Why? Because you are so filled with hate in your poor little hearts. That’s not REALLY free thinking is it? What? You’re not sure? Oh. Ok. Trust me it’s not free thinking. Sleep tight tucked up with your copies of Hitchins, Dawkins and Mein Kamp(f).

  26. Brian Jordan says:

    Wha’ happen? All the log-on stuff vanishes and immediately a bloody great troll appears! Oh, and Michael: I’d have a look at your shoulder. I think your chip might be showing.

  27. Neuseline says:

    Michael, I did not have to go to another culture to find a dissenter, since it is my own, unless you regard the RC church as a different culture. What are you then, a Mormon (or a moron)?
    Did you know that the ancient Egyptians had a sort of holy trinity. Did you know that in the temple of Seti I in Abydos there is a relief that shows the very dead top god Osiris (who was cut up by his nasty brother Seth into many pieces and put together again by his loving wife Isis)lying on a bed with the winged Ba (= holy ghost) hovering above him to catch Osiris’s seed with which to inseminate Isis. In due course she gave birth to their son Horus. Do aspects of this story sound familiar?

    Did you also know that that good-natured Mr Mugabe of Zimbabwe is a Christian (RC)? Now, there is a man who is nice to his people, isn’t he.

    Luv ya, Mick.

  28. tony e says:

    Dear Mick,

    I believe in keeping things simple.


    Have a merry xmas, the real world.

  29. rog says:

    let us be honest, if there was no religious reason for the guy having mutilated his son in this way, he would be spending a long time in prison!

  30. chrsbol says:

    Sleep tight tucked up with your copies of Hitchins, Dawkins and Mein Kamp(f).

    Who is this Hitchins chap?

  31. Tim Danaher says:

    I can’t believe Parks has brought up ‘mother Theresa’ as an example of moral superiority.

    Argument from authority really goes down big with these ‘religious nutjobs’ doesn’t it? (I think that latter phrase is actually the root cause of our new guest’s ire).

    BTW, Mikey, your posts simply ooze christian charity.

  32. Tim Danaher says:

    And by the way Parks, yes, we do accept the scientific method as the best way of finding out about the way the world works, which is why a few seconds googling will turn up this:

    Tell, you what, I’ll pick out the relevant portion for you:

    “What began as speculation has resulted a century later in 60-75% of American boys being circumcised with no clearly confirmed medical benefit. In the interim, no solid epidemiological evidence has been found to support the theory that circumcision prevents STDs or to justify a policy of involuntary mass circumcision as a public health measure.”

    Of course, even a moment’s reflection (although this appears to be something our new guest is clearly quite incapable of) should be enough to twig the simple anecdotal evidence that in Europe, where circumcision in the non-semitic population is never carried out–except in the case of phimosis–there is no explosion of HIV and STDs compared to the largely circumcised population of the USA.

    The ‘need’ for routine ablation of the foreskin also speaks volumes about this particular piece of ‘design’, doesn’t it?

    Actually, the reason why it’s so prevalent in the U.S.A. is that surgeons get paid for doing it, and then charge it to the medical insurance companies. It’s a bit like the old scam ‘we’ll tell you the sex of your unborn child — money back if we get it wrong.’

  33. barriejohn says:

    I can’t understand why you are all wasting so much time engaging with an obvious troll. I’m mystified!

    Regarding circumcision, the definitive answer to all these loony arguments put forward by religious maniacs in favour of genital mutilation and child abuse is: “If it is so beneficial to the male population, why on earth did ‘God’ create foreskins in the first place?” To that there is no answer!!

  34. barriejohn says:

    And as regards that wicked old crone “Mother” Teresa, we have dealt with her before!

    “Mother Teresa: Where Are Her Millions?” (Stern Magazine: Sept.’98)

  35. Chris Black says:

    I am a british staright man and have just read the above article and found it very disturbing n sick. i am 37 and uncircumcised and have never had any health problems with having a foreskin. i personally think male babies and adult men should only be circumcised for health or medical reasons and if their foreskin is healthy at birth or during life they should not get circumcised. After all men are born with a foreskin as it has a purpose to protect the glans of the penis.