Buck House will become a mosque when Britain finally ‘succumbs’ to Islam

THE HYSTERICAL Islam for the UK website, which revealed recently that Nelson’s statue in Trafalgar Square, London, would be trashed to make way for a hideous clock when Islam “gains glorious dominion over the UK”, has now unveiled its plans for Buckingham Palace: it will become a mosque and a “detention centre” for “prisoners of war”.

Buckingham Palace with a bloody great dome and a minaret. Nice!

Buckingham Palace with a bloody great dome and a minaret. Nice!

Says hate preacher Ajem Choudary, the driving force behind Islam for the UK:

One very real possibility that we envisage could occur in Britain when it succumbs to Islamic rule is for Buckingham Palace to be converted into a beautiful mosque.

At present, Buckingham Palace is nothing more than a hollow building exploited by the rich and withheld from any real use. Under the Shari’ah …. the British community would see it converted into a flourishing mosque which would be of a great benefit, not only for those residing in London but also the country as a whole …

The mosque …  would possess a very different role to that of contemporary mosques found dotted all over the United Kingdom, which unfortunately do very little to reflect the real responsibility of this central building in Islam.

First off, it will be renamed Buckingham Majid, and house a Department of Information and Culture; a Judiciary Court; a University with a syllabus grounded in the Koran; a detention centre for prisoners of war;  and an eating place for the hungry and poor.

Oddly, no mention is made of an execution block, or a site for public floggings, but no doubt these will be addressed when Choudary unveils his plans for the Tower of London.

Talking of which, the Crown Jewels, housed at the Tower, will be “changed”.

One possibility that we foresee could occur under the Shariah would be the melting of the crown jewels into more appealing jewellery free from idolatrous engravings or symbols such as crosses and human beings.

Choudary concludes that, “with the dawn of a new era very close, Britain’s future under the Shariah appears to be very bright” and invites Muslims to suggest other changes they would like to see when the UK falls under Islamic rule.

Choudary’s vision for Buck House comes ahead of a potentially incendiary rally in central London organised by Islam for the UK. According to this report, he has urged Muslims across Britain to join a rally this Saturday to demand a complete overhaul of the British legal system and the introduction of sharia courts.

Last night angry politicians and fellow Muslims condemned Choudary’s comments.

Tory MP Philip Davies compared Choudary to the leader of the BNP, saying:

This man’s a complete idiot. He’s the Muslim equivalent to Nick Griffin. I’m all for free speech and people having the right to have their say but, equally, there are all these ridiculous laws the Government has introduced about inciting racial hatred. Quite clearly, that’s what he is doing.

And the Centre for Social Cohesion last night warned of the dangers of Choudary’s preachings. Houriya Ahmed, a researcher for the independent think-tank , said:

I think they are just doing this for publicity.  Anjem Choudary is a ridiculous man. But that does not mean his ideology is not dangerous.

Muslim leader Abdul Hamid Qureshi, chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, added:

The sad fact is that this organisation is driving the agenda. What they are saying is totally wrong. They are only a small bunch of people. There is no sense in it – it is not Islam.

12 responses to “Buck House will become a mosque when Britain finally ‘succumbs’ to Islam”

  1. Stonyground says:

    When I was a teenager I was a great fan of big motorbikes. I read all the magazine road tests, knew all the spec. about weight, performance, valve layout etc. etc. All the time I would be deciding which superbike I was going to have and gobbing off about it to anyone who would listen. Meanwhile my Honda 175 with the L plates on was in the shed broken and I was cadging lifts to work because I had no money and no clue how to fix it. I also had no way of aquiring a full bike licence because in those days, although the test was really easy you needed a working bike to take it on. Looking back I think about what a saddo I was, I had no chance of realising my dream unless some kind of fairy godmother or genie came along to grant me three wishes.

    Isn’t Anjem Choudary just exactly like that? He has absolutely no possibility of taking over the country and worse than that he actually believes that Allah is going to grant him his wish. He is going to go to his grave without seeing this glorious conquest take place, so he is even sadder than teenaged me. At least I did eventually grow up, get a better job, pass my test and buy a 900cc bike.

  2. remigius says:

    Choudary’s webshite is certainly one of the funniest on the net. His plan to turn Stringfellow’s into a gynaecological college had me choking on my egg and bacon buttie.

    These deranged fuckwits are a source of endless fun, and as Stonyground points out he’s got bugger all chance of getting what he wants. Let’s just laugh at the bearded buffoon.

  3. Stuart W says:

    Like the red proclamation above some of the pictures –

    [Please note: the following alterations are not definitive, and are subject to change according to the Muslim authority in charge]

    – just in case anybody admiring them really did think that the time to commission architects and hire cranes was around the corner. How humble of them to acknowledge that those who run the country get to decide what to do with historical monuments and institutions, not some primitive, barking mad, West-hating parasites running a radical website.

  4. William Harwood says:

    Surely uttering threats to overthrow democracy and institute a totalitarian theocracy is at the very least a deportation offence?

  5. Angela_K says:

    It is the lunatic rantings of Choudary and his friends that have swelled the ranks of the BNP. Our present muslim appeasing Government are too timid to remove these anti-West preachers; this is the same Government that abolished a certain penalty for treason.

  6. valdemar says:

    In a way, these loons and the Daily Mail are two sides of the same coin. For the Islamist cranks, the country will be appalling until it’s turned into a Muslim Utopia (like Pakistan or Somalia, say). For the Mail and its humourless devotees Britain was a white, Christian Utopia until the Sixties. Or the Fifties. Or whenever it was that socialism and tinted people ruined it all for ‘decent folk’.

    Of the two, the Muslim nutters are indeed funnier.

  7. barriejohn says:

    Although I am a card-carrying republican, I do admire the Queen for the way in which she has faithfully fulfilled her role for nearly sixty years now. For this idiot to suggest that Buckingham Palace is just a huge “hollow building” inhabited only by the Royal Family shows his extreme ignorance. And even if this were the case, in what way exactly would its conversion into an enormous mosque be “of a great benefit” to “the country as a whole”? This is all pure nonsense again!! And you can’t melt jewels (well – not if you want to do something useful with them afterwards!).

  8. The-bleeding-obvious says:

    Over our dead bodies!

  9. Neuseline says:

    I can see Prince Charlie as a mullah though.

  10. MrGronk says:

    What are the chances that this is all a giant wind-up and that Mr Choudary and his rug-butting mates have finally acquired a gleefully British sense of humour?

    (Probably not)

  11. barriejohn says:

    That’s just what I thought, Neuseline. He’d probably go right along with the idea!

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