Pimping up Barbie – with a burqa!

THE Muslim world is no fan of Barbie dolls.

Indeed, Saudi Arabia, that bastion of Islamic correctness, banned Barbie back in 2003, saying of the dolls that her:

Revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories, and tools are a symbol of decadence to the perverted West.

Tools? Whatever were they on about?burqa-doll

More recently, in April 2008, Iranian prosecutor Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi warned in that Barbie dolls are “destructive culturally and a social danger.” He also identified Batman, Spiderman, and Harry Potter toys as “putting at risk … our children.”

But surely the Magic Carpet people must applaud the latest additions to Barbie’s wardrobe: two burqas and a hijab.

According to this report, in her latest makeover, Barbie goes undercover in a “stylish” vermilion head-to-toe burqa with a mesh peep hole. She also becomes invisible in a lime burqa, as well as slightly less confining traditional black hijab.

The new look is part of a 500-Barbie doll collection unveiled last Friday in Florence, Italy. Each doll has been dressed by Italian designer Eliana Lorena, and the entire collecion is to be auctioned by Sotheby’s to raise funds for Save The Children.

The exhibition – and sale – are part of the 50th birthday celebrations of the doll that American Ruth Handler created in 1959.

A Muslim Barbie is by no means a new idea. In fact, should Mattel decide to mass produce a Burqa Barbie, she’ll have some competition.

Back in 2002, Iran tried to counter the popularity of Barbie with the introduction of Sara and Dara dolls. Their launch was accompanied by a crackdown by Iran’s morality police on the sale of Barbies in Tehran. But Sara and Dara didn’t sell well.

In 2003, a United Arab Emirates company, NewBoy, introduced Fulla, a dark eyed, more realistically proportioned doll with “Muslim values.”

It was probably made of Semtex.

Unlike Sara and Dara, Fulla found a market quickly. Within two years, 1.5 million Fulla dolls were sold across the Middle East. Since then, the Indonesian Muslim doll, Arrosa, has sold well too.

We have an idea that may make Burqa Barbies much more palatable in Muslim regions. Chain them in groups of four to a heavily-bearded Ken brandishing a cat-o-nine-tails!

Hat tip: Robert Stovold

19 responses to “Pimping up Barbie – with a burqa!”

  1. …decadence to the perverted West.

    Of course, if you get 72 of them, remove their clothing and stage an orgy with Action Man in his Semtex jacket – that’s dignified.

  2. Angela_K says:

    Just think of all the fun the muslim girls will have dressing their Barbie dolls: should I chose the red burqa, yellow burqa, black burqua……..

  3. barriejohn says:

    Muslim Barbie = 1 Slim Bare Bum!

    (Well – I’m sure that part of the “appeal” of the burqa is imagining some ravishing beauty beneath it!)

  4. chrsbol says:

    That one in the middle looks rather saucy, does she come with a bag of rocks?

  5. Broga says:

    I suppose they want to leave the muslim girls safe for the FGM specialists. I can see that Barbie dolls are a much greater danger than having your clitoris sliced off and, perhaps, part of the vaginal lips sewn to meet with the male needs of their wonderful culture.

  6. chrsbol says:


    there’s a coded message for you on the muslim school topic can you let me know what it means.

  7. Robert Stovold says:

    New Islamic Barbie, with detachable hands and extra lashes!

  8. Brian Jordan says:

    The Allah/girl cartoon,
    while not exactly expressing a Muslim sentiment, may not be all that inaccurate in appearance. The burqua, as I understand it, is just for wearing in pubic. Indoors, it’s discarded in favour of… well, who knows what? I gather fancy underwear is much in demand in Harrods by the visiting Arabian wives. So as long as no such is shown on the doll’s box for male children to see, there should be no problem with fancy garments tucked away inside, awaiting exposure in the harem nursery.

  9. ZombieHunter says:

    Ok so we have Muslim barbie I’m curious to see the Muslim equivilent of action man “Jihadi Joe, bomb vest sold seperately”:P

    I do love it when countries like Saudi Arabia call out the west for being decedant when the royal family there makes our own royal family look like the average family living in a semi detached house on a council estate.

  10. barriejohn says:

    Presumably, the Muslim “Ken” would disassemble into a thousand separate bits!

  11. abz says:

    The one on the right looks like a traffic cone

  12. Eric says:

    Did you really need to stoop low enough to claim that the dolls were made of explosives, really? The story is absurd enough on its own, no need to add a tasteless jihad joke.

  13. mikespeir says:

    No bras, I assume. But, then, I’ve never seen a Barbie doll that needed one.

  14. Buffy says:

    Does she cook, clean and perform sex for her man on command—or else?

  15. remigius says:

    chrsbol. Damned if I know. Maybe Mut-Al has been butting the rug a bit too enthusiastically!

  16. chrsbol says:

    So you speculate and improvise Mr “remigius”

    I think this guy watches too much James Bond.

  17. Godless not gormless says:

    @ Eric

    I thought the semtex comment was pretty funny actually and I’m sure many others did too. The only thing not funny about many of the comments here is that they are inspired by how vile and evil islam really is.

  18. funkybarfly says:

    Only one Ken needs to be purchased for every seven or so Barbies:a unique selling point.Adulterous Burqa Barbie comes complete with miniature sandpit and pile of stones(cheering stone throwers each sold separately).