Leading contributor to evil in the world condemns reporting of evil in the world

POPE Ratzinger took time this week to lament what he described as a steady diet of news about evil in the world.

Every day, through the newspapers, television, radio, evil is reported, repeated, amplified, making us used to horrible things, making us become insensitive, and, in some way, poisoning us. Hearts harden and thoughts darken.evil-plan

According to this report, he also complained that the mass media:

Tend to make us feel like spectators, as if evil regards only others and certain things could never happen to us.

It’s no surprise that Ratzinger, speaking on the Spanish Steps in Rome after he kneeled in prayer before the Catlicks favourite idol, Mary, made no mention of the RC’s own significant contribution to  “the evil in the world”.

The day after he spoke, for example, under the headline Ireland’s bishops ask forgiveness over sex abuse scandal, AsiaOne reported that Ireland’s Catholic bishops have apologised and asked for forgiveness after an official report uncovered decades of child sex abuse by priests and a cover-up by top churchmen.

The bishops, meeting for their winter conference, said the “scale and depravity of abuse” revealed in last month’s report was shocking, and conceded that the culture of cover-up appeared widespread within the church.

The Irish Bishops’ Conference, meeting over two days in the university town of Maynooth, said they had agreed to open talks with Ireland’s child welfare inspectors to audit church protection policy.

The bishops said in a statement.

We are deeply shocked by the scale and depravity of abuse as described in the report.We are shamed by the extent to which child sexual abuse was covered up in the Archdiocese of Dublin and recognise that this indicates a culture that was widespread in the Church. The avoidance of scandal, the preservation of the reputations of individuals and of the Church, took precedence over the safety and welfare of children. This should never have happened and must never be allowed to happen again. We humbly ask for forgiveness.

Ireland’s top two Catholic churchmen, primate of all-Ireland Cardinal Sean Brady and Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, plan to brief the Pope on the report in Rome tomorrow.

The Vatican’s envoy to Dublin said sorry on Tuesday for “any mistake from our side”, after a meeting with Ireland’s foreign minister, who had expressed deep disappointment at the Vatican’s silence over the affair.

It’s not just the Church’s appalling record of child abuse that’s been receiving wide coverage. There are also reports of its murky financial dealings.

One recent headline said Vatican Bank reported to be facing money-laundering investigation.

And another read The Vatican’s Dirty Secrets: Bribery, Money Laundering and Mafia Connections.

And there are literally hundreds of headlines implicating the Church in the spread of AIDS in Africa and South America. Here is just one example: AIDS to spread faster with Catholic condom ban.
If the Pope truly wants to see less reporting of evil in the world, we suggest he disbands the Roman Catholic Church, padlocks the Vatican and shuts himself away in a retreat for decrepit old tyrants!

14 responses to “Leading contributor to evil in the world condemns reporting of evil in the world”

  1. Petursey says:

    I’ll only believe that this evil twisted bunch of dress wearing paedo-protectors will do some good after they do the following:-

    1) Pay real compensation to those abused over the past 50 years
    2) Shut down the whole RC organisation, sell the Vatican and the artworks, open the Vatican Archives
    3) Use the money from the sale of the Vatican and the artworks to feed the poor, destitute, sick and orphaned in Africa and Asia

    There’s an excellent video from the US that comes to mind “Sell the Vatican Feed the World”

  2. Broga says:

    The Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church have provided us with evidence of a miracle. Or if not a miracle then at least a religious mystery. It is this: with their record of wickedness, theft, massive child abuse which includes sexual depravity and unrestrained brutality, their insane insistence on their flock breeding like rabbits in an already overcrowded planet, spread of Aids etc. etc…: why does enyone still pay any attention to them? They are listened to by politicians, they still comment on Thought for the Day any time they want, they still attract people going to their churches and some mad C.of E’s preachers intend to jump ship and sign up with the Vatican.

    all these continues.

    The miracle/mystery isn’t that they struggle to recruit priests or that their churches fail to attract worshippers to anything like they did before but that they have any priests at all and anyone goes to their churches.

  3. “any mistake from our side”

    One might make the mistake of thinking that this refers to the abuse as it happened or Vatican not apologizing for it.

    In fact, this comment actually refers to the fact that during the compilation of this report over the last 5 years, the Vatican has consistently ignored requests/demands by the Irish courts to co-operate with the inquiry.

    Imagine the uproar, for example, if a US headquartered company refused to recognize the legitimacy of the courts in a jurisdiction in which it operated.

    Personally, I’m fine with the RC church existing – but enough of this acting as if they are not subject to the authority of the law. I don’t care what they believe in that regard.

  4. Marcus says:

    Broga – it’s a very simple system they have to keep their people ‘faith’ful:

    1. Offer them the false hope of life after death.
    2. Keep them in a state of perpetual fear by threatening them with eternal damnation if they don’t comply.
    3. Indoctrinate them from birth to make sure they don’t question.

    And that’s just today. In the past, of course, the list has also included persecution, torture and murder. All in the name of a benevolent, all-loving god.

    What a nice bunch of people they are.

  5. Angela_K says:

    Another Pot-kettle-black comment from the kiddie fiddler King. Catholics must be exceptionally dim not to see through the corruption and Mafia style tactics of the Vatican, especially after the abuse scandal in Ireland.

  6. tony e says:

    What’s the betting no priest goes to jail in Ireland over the scandal?

  7. Tim Danaher says:

    So the constant reporting of evil is being condemned by an organisation whose central tenet is to constantly remind its flock that humans are essentially…er…evil?


  8. rog says:

    Nazinger has some bloody cheek!

  9. Broga says:

    Marcus. Thanks. In the past these con artists (priests) used to set up booths where suckers (believers) would pay big money for absolution. Great racket – loads of money for words and promises that you will never contradict. Martin Luther put a bomb under that one and was lucky not to be up to his arse in dry brushwood with a priest trotting towards him with a lighted taper.

    I think you analyse the problem accurately. Going a little bit further the suckers are so scared, so in need of reassurance, so terrified of death that they are desperate to believe and the con men sure know how to respond.

    Get the suckers together, emphasise the ritual, bang in music, get group think going etc and it is game on. This is the reason why a rational voice must be either silenced or censored so that the propaganda has a free run. The faith schools (pushed by Blair and co), the faith community, the faith voluntary agencies and the fear – sorry to bang on about this one – that Thought for the Day might be opened to a sceptical contribution.

  10. Stonyground says:

    I was reading a science blog, sorry can’t remember where as it was a while ago, and the article made a passing reference to the infamous Galileo affair. A short way into the comments was a long and tedious screed spelling out the official Vatican version of the Galileo story. I was gratified to see that subsequent commenters totally ignored it and stayed with the original subject.

    I also recall a troll (may have been on this blog) who was doggedly attempting to defend the Vatican’s indefencible position regarding an abortion carried out on a nine year old who had been raped by her own father. Basically the evil abortionists were excommunicated and the rapist was ignored.

    It seems that we should never underestimate the awsome power of childhood indocrination, the Catholic Church and many other religions have long been aware of this power and use it as much as they can get away with.

    Having said all that, I do actually agree with Ratty’s basic premise that we perceive the world to be blacker than it is due to bad news being more interesting and newsworthy than good news. But I do have the intelligence to work out that that is just the way that things are and as has been pointed out by others, there would be a damn sight fewer negative stories in the press if the Vatican were to grow a concience.

  11. Buffy says:

    Every day, through the newspapers, television, radio, evil is reported, repeated, amplified, making us used to horrible things, making us become insensitive, and, in some way, poisoning us. Hearts harden and thoughts darken.

    Sounds more like what happens to people who listen to church sermons.

  12. Neuseline says:

    “Every day, through the newspapers, television, radio, evil is reported, repeated, amplified, making us used to horrible things, making us become insensitive, and, in some way, poisoning us. Hearts harden and thoughts darken.
    Tend to make us feel like spectators, as if evil regards only others and certain things could never happen to us.”

    Years ago I read a book about Erroneous Zones. The e.z. are the belief that others are responsible for how we feel and what we think. If somebody calls me a silly cow, I can choose to be offended or not. Equally Jupp Rat-zinger can choose not to become incensitive.
    Unfortunately, of course, most people don’t reason like that.

  13. naphtali says:

    It is bad enough that the pope himself, by his deeds, is obviously an atheist; either that or he WANTS to commit spiritual suicide and BURN; but to DECEIVE two thousand million people, to FOLLOW and BURN with him, is the greatest CRIME of ALL. That is why Paul calls the papacy the son of the Destroyer.

    It has been known for centuries that the Vatican is “The Mother of Harlots” referred to by Christ in Revelation/Apocalypse chapter 17; which explains perfectly that it is that great CITY (Vatican CITY) that rules over the kings of the earth; that sits on 7 mountains (Rome), where the inhabitants wear SCARLET (cardinals) and PURPLE (bishops) decked with gold; precious stones and pearls and calls itself “Mother” church.

  14. Barry Duke says:

    “The pope himself … is obviously an atheist”

    Naphthali, you are an IDIOT. Atheists, by and large, are good people. Intelligent, compassionate and free of irrational notions. The pope is not.