Haiti’s ‘pact with the Devil’ caused devastating earthquake, says televangelist

IF you thought that the devastation suffered in Haiti on Tuesday was the result of tectonic plate movements below a heavily populated area blighted by poor building standards, you’re WRONG!

Pat Robertson

According to US televangelist Pat Robertson, it was a pact with ol’ Beelzebub that caused the earthquake.

On the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club” yesterday, after a lengthy interview with a missionary who talked about helping the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, the gibbering old loon offered his explanation as to why the earthquake struck the impoverished nation:

And you know, Kristi, something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it. They were under the heel of the French, uh, you know Napoleon the 3rd and whatever, and they got together and swore a pact to the Devil.

They said, ‘We will serve you if you’ll get us free from the French.’

True story.

True my arse!

But back to Robertson:

And so the Devil said, ‘Okay, it’s a deal.’ And, uh, they kicked the French out, you know, with Haitians revolted and got themselves free. But ever since they have been cursed by, by one thing after another, desperately poor.

That island of Hispaniola is one island. It’s cut down the middle. On the one side is Haiti on the other side is the Dominican Republican. Dominican Republic is, is prosperous, healthy, full of resorts, etcetera.

Haiti is in desperate poverty.

Same island.

They need to have and we need to pray for them a great turning to God and out of this tragedy I’m optimistic something good may come. But right now we’re helping the suffering people and the suffering is unimaginable.

In an article entitled God, Satan and the Birth of Haiti, Jean R Gelin, PhD, writes:

I was born and raised in Haiti, and I am a graduate of the State University in Port-au-Prince. I am also a believer in the Lord Jesus  Christ in accordance with the Bible. In all of my studies of Haitian history, however, I have yet to find a good evidence of even the idea of Satan’s assistance in the Independence War, let alone a satanic pact.

Obviously, the idea that Haiti was dedicated to Satan prior to its independence is a very serious and profound statement with potentially grave consequences for its people in terms of how they are perceived by others or how the whole nation is understood outside its borders. One would agree that such a strong affirmation should be based on solid historical and scriptural ground. But, although the satanic pact idea is by far the most popular explanation for Haiti’s birth as a free nation, especially among Christian missionaries and some Haitian Church leaders, it is nothing more than a fantasist opinion that ultimately dissipates upon close examination.

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62 responses to “Haiti’s ‘pact with the Devil’ caused devastating earthquake, says televangelist”

  1. rog says:


    As for all the other tragedies and suffering in the world (earthquake aside), they are due to the free will of humans and/ or the free will of supernatural beings (demons, etc).

    Disasters other than the ones that god causes to punish people are caused by daemons, really? – please, can you explain where you get this idea from, is this an orthodox belief where you come from, or a personal theory of yours? Also how can you tell which disasters were instigated by god and were caused by demons?

    If the above quote is true, would it be fair to say that god is not powerful enough to prevent demons from causing (what we would consider) natural disasters, how does this square with the 3 Os, or is he just turning a blind eye for his own reasons?

  2. barriejohn says:

    I’ve had enough of this: these are subjects which we have debated on this site ad nauseam. I am NOT going to join the Communist party, because Communism is yet another ideology, as was Nazism, and ideologies (especially nationalist ones) have been the root cause of most of the world’s suffering!

  3. Adi says:

    Emily, you say-

    “You don’t know me, yet you think you are experts on my intelligence level. The fact is that no one has proof that God does not exist, so everyone is really in the same boat – one of belief, not fact. You BELIEVE he is does not exist – and I BELIEVE that he does.”

    Now I don’t have a massive intellect,proven by my puerile ‘arse gravy’ comment ,but i’ll live with that.
    Surely your above comments are just the ‘middle ground’ argument ? Of course nobody can prove any deity exists,including your yahweh. But one of us is obviously wrong,what makes your jewish deity any more valid than the 10,000 or so deitys we’ve seen through history ? You seem to speak with authority that yahweh most certainly does exist.I wonder how you know this when you admit yourself its existance can’t be proved ?

  4. […] Pat Robertson, American tv evangelist and narrow-minded fool, wasted no time leaping to the fore as reported by The Freethinker. In the confines of his tiny mind, the Haitians once made a pact with Satan in order to free […]

  5. Kristin says:

    It is not the God of the Universe who is punishing Haitian children for “what happened 200 years ago.” The Haitian Voodoo priests OFFERED their country to Satan in exchange for help defeating the French. Their country was ‘given over,’ so to speak, to the dark side. Check out Haitian history. This is factual.

    This does not, however, keep us from our obligation to help those in need in Haiti. I have seen Pat Robertson speaking on the Haitian issue and he was clear, compassionate and just briefly referenced the history of the ‘pact with the devil.’ Much ado about nothing. Folks are always looking to beat up the Christians…

  6. Ash Walsh says:

    Were have we heard that one before. Oh yes, Unlike most Xtians in the West, the Jews & the Muslims aren’t entitled to peace because they don’t pray long or hard enough and they also swore a pact with Old Nick.
    They’ll have to teach you Epistomology all over again from the looks of it.

  7. tony e says:


    Time for some simple facts:

    1. There is no such thing as the devil, bad things just happen.

    2. There is no such thing as god, good things just happen.

    If I was to apply your ‘logic’ then my day has gone thus – I lost my lottery ticket (work of the devil) but found an old pen I thought I had lost (work of god).

    See how purile your whole theory looks?

    Keep taking the medication.

  8. Emily says:

    Rog –

    I was not referring to natural disasters being caused by demons. I was was referring to suffering in the world (abuse, murder, etc) being caused by the free will of human beings and/ or supernatural beings. Please see my Hitler example above.

  9. Angela_K says:

    If Emily has the qualifications claimed then the standard of education in the USA must be rather poor.

    Emily’s rambling posts boil down to: The collective discoveries, works and knowledge of Scientists and Engineers versus “my god did it” not much of a contest is it?

  10. jenny says:

    God Bless You Emily.Good job.Be encouraged.

  11. Aad Molenkamp says:

    @ Rog

    Are you sure, that you want to have Emily hanging around this site for her education?
    She is tireless and will cling like a leech. This caterpillar will never drop off. I have a bad heart condition already.
    God save us!