Yet another tantrum from the Religion of Peace – this time over a musical tribute

ISLAMIC fundamentalists went off on another rant in the New Year – over what was intended as “a tribute to Muslim culture”.

Jakub Rene Kosik struck a sour note with Muslims

The target of their fury was Jakub Rene Kosik, a 27-year-old DJ from Poland, whose newest composition, Mekka,  provoked outrage on Facebook.

According to this report, when Kosik checked his messages on the social networking site, he was taken aback by the number of threats Muslims posted:

The first message read.

You messed with Islam.

Others declared:

We’ll never forgive what you did to our religion … You played with us, now we’ll play with you … We’re everywhere … Forget your international career.

By morning he had more than 300 threatening messages – one from an eight-year-old who wrote:

Jakub Rene Kosik – die dog.

What infuriated the rug-butters was the fact that Kosik’s piece, placed on an internet music store website, featured an Islamic prayer in the background.

Kosik told his girlfriend:

I think they want to kill me for this composition. I had mixed feelings. My first thought was, ‘great, publicity’.

But later he wondered whether:

I had really hurt these people. But my composition was supposed to be a tribute to their culture. I’m atheist. But I was raised with respect to different religions and philosophical opinions.

He replied to the threats, each one individually, apologised and explained it was never his intention to offend anyone’s religious feelings. But it wasn’t until he removed the piece from the sites that the threats subsided.

The DJ added:

I am bitter that I was treated that way by fundamentalists. And I pity them that they aren’t able to see things more liberally.

Grzegorz Bogdanowicz, of the Warsaw Faith Community Muslim Religion Union (Warszawskiej Gminy Wyznaniowej Muzułmańskiego Związku Religijnego) said the reaction to the composition was the result of the negative treatment of Muslims in Western European nations where they feel like second-class citizens. He added:

In Poland the situation is a lot better. Last year common prayer took place in a mosque. Three hundred people, Muslim and Catholic, intermixed in pews, read the Koran and the Bible, they prayed to Allah and to God in the Trinity.

Hat Tip: Alan H

25 responses to “Yet another tantrum from the Religion of Peace – this time over a musical tribute”

  1. rog says:

    That seems a bit much!

    Barry D: Have you ever got any Islamic death-threats from running the freethinker?

  2. shargraves says:

    Second class citizens?

    Stone-age citizens more like. These extremists have no Class at all.

    the slightest thing and they want to kill!

    Remind me again – just what is the *point* of religion?

  3. Barry Duke says:

    Yeah, Rog. I have. But surprisingly few. Certainly not enough to justify the expense of a panic room.

  4. rog says:


    Remind me again – just what is the *point* of religion?
    …they want to kill!

    You’ve answered your own question 😉

  5. rog says:

    They made death threats through FACEBOOK !?!??! Just how stupid are these people?

  6. tony e says:

    Anyone know where I can buy this, just so I can play it to annoy the rug butters?

  7. Barry Duke says:

    Tony e: Try this link which features part of what I presume is the “offensive” creation called Mekka.
    There’s a link here to a site selling the track, but for some reason it doesn’t work.

  8. rog says:

    @tony e

    try starting at

  9. barriejohn says:

    I really laughed at the comment by the Polish guy – so well-meaning too! How on earth can people get togethjer and pray to Allah AND the Christian god? It’s just too silly for words!!

  10. rog says:

    It’s not like the guy suggested that the prophet Mohamed’s favourite hobby was gargling pig cum to get the taste of his under-age wife out of his mouth or anything…Some people just can’t take a joke!

    I admit some people aren’t good at making them either. It was nice knowing you….

  11. asquith says:

    That’ll teach him. Twat.

  12. Marcus says:

    As usual the hysterical reaction of pious nutters to anything that in any way touches on their religion really does beggar belief. Reminds me of that bit in Life of Brian where the old ‘blasphemer’ is about to be stoned to death merely for uttering the word Jehovah. Except that was very funny. Whereas death threats from 300 lunatics surely warrants police investigation.

  13. shargraves says:

    @ Rog – That song topic would make an ideal companion piece to my tune “Primitive Roman Death Machine” – which is about crucifixion.

  14. Just went and had a listen to the preview. I’d say that the little ‘chanting’ bits in it actually ruin the song. It’s certainly nothing to get their knickers in a twist about.

  15. H. Davids says:

    Is there anything but a sour note to strike with these Screaming Muslims? They’ll crawl thought broken glass and pig-shit to be offended! it’s what makes their lives worth living.

  16. valdemar says:

    The naive music bloke is obviously another wishy-washy ‘faithiest’, into respecting (i.e. appeasing) bigots rather than confronting them – and has just had a harsh lesson in why it’s a bad idea. Let’s hope it stops at death threats, but with these lunatics you can never tell.

  17. rog says:

    How long has this ‘faithiest’ word been going around? where did it come from?

  18. mopati says:

    I am glad that atheism is so firmly embedded in humanism: Our friend Kosik made it clear that he doesn’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. That’s how we react to threats and insults. See the difference?

  19. MrMonist says:

    The seeds of this shit were sown back in ’91 when the Orb were playing in Brighton. They sampled some shitty old prayer and the muslim bouncers tried to duff them up.

    I saw the writing on the wall as early as that…


  20. Stonyground says:

    They are just dysfunctional people, totally incapable of living in peace with their fellow humans. As for being treated as second class citizens, well even if it were true it would be a sight better than they deserve.

    If these people made death threats in a manner that means that they can be easily identified, it will be interesting to see what action, if any is taken against them. I wonder if it will be the same as it would be if a second class citizen like me did it?

  21. Bean says:

    People who love to play the victim, who scream blue murder at any perceived slight, who react but never think, who indoctrinate their children against freedom and equality can never be classified as first class citizens.

  22. tony e says:

    So here comes a bloke, Kosik, who, somewhat naively, releases a record to express his respect for muslim culture and they want to kill him for it?

    And they wonder why we take the piss!

  23. Buffy says:

    It must be terribly draining to maintain that perpetual outrage.

  24. MrGronk says:

    The last paragraph is surely the scariest if you’re one of Poland’s remaining Jews: the image of Muslims and Polish Catholics praying nicely together …

  25. pablo says:

    I would say he was better off sticking to his guns, and using it as platform to just show how hypocritical these people are. As to him being an A., he backed down and gave in, hardly the way to go about challenging the bigotted fools.