Christian police group gets £10,000 from the Home Office to fight crime with prayer

A CHRISTIAN police group which believes that the power of prayer can help catch criminals has been given a £10,000 Home Office grant to fight crime.

The Christian Police Association (CPA), reports The Telegraph, was handed the one-off cash payment to help publicise its message, which includes encouraging members of the public to pray that criminals are swiftly brought to justice.

CPA poster boy Jim Hillier, a Cardiff policeman, is forever banging on about Jesus to his colleagues

The group believes that praying can help police to solve crimes, protect officers from injury on duty and reduce anti-social behaviour.

The cash helped the group launch the CoAct project – which encourages Christians and police to help fight crime together and even provides a set of guidelines advising people what to pray for.

The guidelines include praying for:

* Neighbourhood police officers and frontline police

* Success in preventing and detecting crime

* Catching offenders and bringing them to justice

* Sick and injured officers

* Officers to ‘resist corruption’ and to be able to ‘relax’ when they are off duty

* Local streets or housing estates plagued by crime – they are told to pray for ‘God’s peace and protection’ for the area

* A reduction in crime

The guidelines also suggest that worshippers find out about trouble hotspots in their area and pray for their salvation.

The CoAct website states:

Do some research, read local newspapers, talk to your Neighbourhood Police Officer, check out the police web site, find out the trouble hot spots, listen to local radio and TV news and use relevant items as prayer fuel. Be informed when praying and be specific. As you find out about a particular issue, continue to pray about every aspect of it. Keep praying and keep watching. It is important to let groups know you are praying.

Asked whether the power of prayer could help reduce crime or be used to solve crime, a spokesman for the CPA said:

There is circumstantial evidence to suggest that prayer may help to reduce crime and community tension.

Its website adds:

Praying specifically for your local policing situation may well bring tangible results. Individuals and churches in neighbourhoods can, so to speak, ‘adopt a cop’ by praying for specific officers, staff and teams at their local police station, as well as places and issues, and so offer that prayerful support. Specifically find out the names of your local neighbourhood policing team and commit to praying for them.

Don Axcell, the executive director of the 2,000-strong CPA and a retired sergeant for the Met, told Police Review this week:

In one particular area, an officer was investigating an incident but he had not been able to apprehend a suspect. He encouraged a church to pray for him and within days a suspect had been arrested and charged. In another area, an officer encouraged churches to pray about domestic burglary and over the year it came down by 30 per cent. We do not discount good police work, which is why we call it circumstantial evidence.

The CPA encourages visitors to its website to watch this YouTube videeo featuring Cardiff-based Jim Hillier, of South Wales Police, who tells viewers that he never misses an opportunity to spread the Gospel among his colleagues.


Hat tip: PaulEd

41 responses to “Christian police group gets £10,000 from the Home Office to fight crime with prayer”

  1. Petursey says:

    What a fucking waste of money that could be better spent on fighting crime..instead of talking in your head to an invisible sky fairy.

    This is typical of Nu labour’s pathetic pandering to the religiously deluded…. if they want to pray to get rid of crime get the cash from the parasitic Crutch of England…sorry Church of England.

  2. Broadsword Calling Danny Boy says:

    What an embarrassment for South Wales Police. Religion should be barred from public services.
    I’m a Welshman and this has shocked me. A recent documentary on the BBC charted Wales’ progress from being the most religious to the most secular nation in the UK, all in just one century.
    The £10’000 grant has come from the Home Office and not my Council Tax so wherever you are in the UK, thanks for chipping in.
    The guy may get to talk bollox at his colleagues when they’re alongside him on shift, but does he sit alone in the canteen? Do they bother with him after work? My experience suggests they avoid him. He mentioned some of his nicknames, I bet they’re only the ones people use face to face. One guy I knew was simply called “Fat christian”.

    How can the praying public affect crime and policing? The CPA has made some spurious claims regarding crime rates and arrests. They qualify them with the word “circumstantial” because we (and they) know their “figures” won’t stand up to rigorous scrutiny. You would do just as well chanting, dancing, shaking a rattle and taking intoxacants. More fun at least.

    Fuckin’ xians.

  3. shargraves says:

    Totally agree Broadsword Calling Danny Boy (love the name btw, first film I ever taped off telly as a kid ) – shocking bollocks this is – Where I live theres a lot of kids involved in gun crime, and I get involved training them in creative technologies, music, film making, animation etc to get them away from self destruction – but if I started “praying” to help them or to solve crime – bloody hell – I’d aim the barrel into the roof of my mouth for them.

    I’ve never heard of such stupidity in fighting crime!

  4. RubberBaron says:

    “There is circumstantial evidence to suggest that prayer may help to reduce crime and community tension.”

    I look forward to the paper showing reduced insurance rates in those areas where prayer is fervent…

  5. Susan says:

    I with the above, I thought we were above the religious crap in Wales. I’m shocked, disgusted and outraged all at the same time. Words fail me splutter, splutter !!! aaaarrrh.

  6. Brian Jordan says:

    No doubt the baddies will now increase their prayers to the devil in response.
    Still, it will leave them a bit less time for mugging folk, I suppose.

  7. Marcus says:

    These guys are public servants and should be made to keep their personal views to themselves while on duty. It is, pardon the pun, a criminal waste of OUR money to be funding a project which is quite simply barking mad and will make absolutely no difference to crime whatsoever. I’m afraid it is yet another case of pandering to the zealots instead of having the balls to tell them to shut the fuck up and get on with their jobs.

  8. Mark Richards says:

    And I thought America was an embarrassment. Here in the US this nutter would not have arrived at first base. Still, we do read occasionally how public money is thrown away to bring in a Tarot Card reader or a psycho who claims to know where the dead are buried.

    Here, proselytizing at work leads to expensive lawsuits which the preachers tend to lose. It’s called harassment. In the UK? At least it should be a crime against intelligence, a lack that is, sad to say, universally shared in the authority professions.

  9. H. Davids says:

    I thought that with the Enlightenment people stopped, more or less, to believe that praying would solve every problem they encounter.

    But if this actually happened, I think it would be more efficient to have one national Ministry of Prayer, a bit like the Ministry of Silly Walks, that could tackle every problem in the book: crime, disease, pollution, acne, love-handles etc. And if works, go international and pray the Taliban into submission, to name just one example. And I know just the guy to head this organisation: T. Blair.

  10. Angela_K says:

    The plods are always whinging they can’t efficiently fight crime because of too much paperwork so now they’ll have another reason not to be on the streets because of prayer time. Also, it is quite worrying that religious zealots are allow in the police force at all; would a gay person being arrested be treated fairly by one of these god goons?

    I watched the video above – what a Richard Head and what an insult to non-theists.

  11. Marcus says:

    Great idea H. We could take it in turns to pray to win the lottery as well. Bagsy I go first.

  12. tony e says:

    With the benefit of my newly built time travel machine lets jump ahead 18 months.

    The above ‘god plod’ is taking the wales constabulary to court over abuse of his ‘rights’ as his workmates have been constantly taking the piss out of him. No mention of how he always sticks his religion down everyones throat. Oh no, this twat will play the victim card.

    Bet I’m proven right.

  13. Broadsword Calling Danny Boy says:

    tony e

    Hope he doesn’t sue.
    That WILL come out of my Council Tax.

    The breakdown of costs we get each year listing what South Wales Police spend our money on will have an entry stating, “Payment to Christian Bastard, £20,000”.

    I’ve another idea. Forward the YouTube vid to everyone you know. With any luck the scrotes he deals with will get to see it and goad him into overstepping the mark. When he’s dismissed he can go back to the cold, empty English churches he started off in. Most in Wales have been converted into nice homes, DSS flats or fallen into disrepair due to lising frightening off any potential developer. I doubt we would see him here again. First we exported coal, now we’re packing off xians.

  14. Chad D. says:

    I thought this story was a joke when my friend told me the other day.
    Holey Shit! It’s true/ If I were welsh I’d be pissed/
    That kind of stuff is illegal here in Canada (except turban wearing mounties). My friend can’t even put a FSM anything is his squad car b/c it is religious.
    I would probably get arrested for smacking an officer blabbleing such jibberish, thus increasing crime.
    Do they start their day en-route to the local church?
    Very, Very Lame.

  15. Stonyground says:

    Broadsword I am glad to hear about all the converted churches in Wales. It warms my flinty, black atheist heart every time that I see some holy building being put to good use. In England it appears that only non-conformist (Mainly Methodist) places of worship get sold off and used for other things, the Church of England seem to have some kind of obligation to keep every one of their churches open.

    I am also glad that your distillery is back in action after those teetotal Methodists got it closed down all those years ago. I sampled some Welsh whiskey at Christmas, a little harsh maybe but enjoyed it. They do after all have a bit of catching up to do.

  16. terry says:

    how depressing and embarrassing, Cardiff is my home city. Do we need a better example for an argument for a separation of church and state? I expect we will have the musses, Hindus, sikh etc etc limning up with their greedy palms open for their cut now, but is not all bad news Cardiff won 2-1 today

  17. William Harwood says:

    Is prayer effective? Look around you. Millions of people pray for world peace every day, and we can see how well that is working.

  18. Broga says:

    Marcus: Lottery joke. Devout Christian keeps praying to win the lottery. Year after year no lottery prize. Then he dies and goes to heaven. Asks god, “All these bad people, atheists and the like win the lottery. Why didn’t you let a faithful christian like me win?”

    “Give me a break,” says god. “At least you could have bought a ticket.”

    PS I once had the misfortune to have a fundie as a colleague. Always whining about wanting people to “share our witness.” Never had any problems about wasting time preachyfying. This policeman twat should be disciplined. They are just encouraging this tripe.

  19. valdemar says:

    ‘You know my methods, Jesus – apply them.’

    ‘Yes, Dad.’

    from the Gospel According to Conan Doyle.

  20. Ian says:

    Went the police resort to prayer, you simply know the country doesn’t have one!

  21. Me says:

    I’ve never understood the concept of having to pray to have god do something about it. It implies one of two things:

    1) God honestly just doesn’t know about the problem until you ask/tell him about it through prayer or,
    2) God knows about it but refuses to do anything until you ask. Or, more specifically, until *enough people* ask (since things such as the article above insist on having many people pray for one thing).

    Number one doesn’t sound like a god at all, and number two sounds like an arsehole. Are there any other options?

  22. Kev says:

    OK the next time my windows are being bombarded by stones thrown by the local morons i will kneel down and pray…then go out and smack them in the mouth and say god told me to do it! Yeah!! Result

  23. Charles Evo says:

    Now the psychics are going to demand their £10,000 too.

  24. Buffy says:

    I can see it now. Some dude gets caught in the act. Officer Dipshit gives him a bunch of gobbledygook about how he’s making the baby Jesus cry and asks him to pray. So the criminal agrees. While Officer Dipshit is talking to his hands with his eyes closed, the criminal is running away laughing his arse off.

  25. Neuseline says:

    The burglars and other criminals will time their activity with the crazy cops’ prayer times.

    Anyway, what I want to know is if it is only Christian would-be criminals that are shown the path of righteousness by the silly Welsh Christian police group’s prayers. What about crimials of all the other religions? I can foresee problems here.

  26. Neuseline says:

    Another thing: does anybody know what happened to Sister Tabitha? She has been absent from these pages for a long time now. I miss her.

  27. NeoWolfe says:

    I wonder what the significant muslim population of Europe think of spending taxpayer dollars on christian ceremonies? And as the muslims claim to be a religion of peace, I wonder what they have to say about the invasion of Spain by the Moors, and bloody conquests by the Ottoman empire?

    I have little knowledge of the laws of England, and the modern roles of church and state, but, to me, that is the core question. Church is black, and state is white, and ne’er the tween shall meet. When you see the color gray, you know you are in trouble, and the next thing you know, people are being burned at the stake again.


  28. Jen says:

    Charles Evo
    “Now the psychics are going to demand their £10,000 too.

  29. TalithaLBC says:

    In answer to Neuseline.

    Hello dear, thank you for your concern.
    Much like Jesus, my eyes are everywhere and I watch everything going on here but rarely have the time to Post.
    Some of the things you say in this Demon Infested corner of the Internet makes Jesus Weep.

    This (I have to say very Christian looking) British Bobby is merely doing Gods work in Evangelizing to the Unsaved masses.
    No doubt his hard Truncheon sees much action when he patrols the Homosexual quarters of the area he works.
    Faster Pastor indeed.

    God Bless

  30. […] just when you thought it was safe out there, apparently police are now using prayer to fight crime. I keep calling for Scotty to beam me up, but nothing […]

  31. “Keep praying and keep watching. It is important to let groups know you are praying.”

    These Christians obviously never read Matthew 6.

  32. Tim Danaher says:

    Chad Said: “If I were welsh I’d be pissed

    I am Welsh, and I am pissed off.

  33. Tim Danaher says:

    No doubt his hard Truncheon sees much action when he patrols the Homosexual quarters of the area he works.

    I think Sister Talitha is alluding to the King’s Cross on the corner of Caroline Street…

  34. Aad Molenkamp says:

    Give me this, give me that,I want a better job, I want a new car.
    Most of this praying takes place on Sunday….His day off.
    That’s not nice and no way to treat a Friend.

    George Carlin again.

  35. Don says:

    I know everyone has seen this, but what the hell, it’s relevant.



  37. Barry Duke says:

    Please learn not to SHOUT Chipo. Typing in caps denotes SHOUTING, and no-one here likes being yelled at – especially by the deluded.

  38. Prabal Ray says:

    Only just came across this discussion, so I’m not sure if anyone will see this. You guys appear to be as narrow minded and dogmatic as the religious bigots that you condemn. I can’t believe you would be open to any objective scientific study about the effects of this type of prayer on crime rates. There is a certainly a lot of anecdotal evidence that prayer concentrated on a particular city has resulted in a reduction in the crime rate. What is undoubtedly true is the effect of past “revivals” eg the one in Wales in 1904 when the courts became virtually idle due to the drop in crime. There are churches and Christian groups working throughout the UK, visiting prisoners, helping with rehabilitation, working with young people, praying for their areas. Who can quantify the effect of all this activity? Just one group I know of (The Gideons) get letters every day from people that have turned away from a life of crime just from reading the Bible. As for talking about your faith at work – why should this be banned? Why should there be free speech in every other respect and yet talking about religion should be banned? Where’s the human rights in that?

    Finally just to answer the question “I’ve never understood the concept of having to pray to have god do something about it.”: The Bible teaches that we live in a “fallen” world. It is ruled by an enemy of God called Satan. There’s a spiritual war going on between the forces of God and the forces of Satan. The weapons in this conflict are people’s prayers and faith. Ultimately God will win, but that is the situation we currently find ourselves in. That’s why “God’s will isn’t done on earth as it is in heaven” and (it has to be said), prayer is such hard work and often yields meagre returns

  39. Barry Duke says:

    Prabal, your entire post is invalidated by the fact that neither god nor satan exists.

  40. john says:

    @Barry Duke
    Everyone has a right to use their faith where they want, i think its great to see a police officer practicing his faith, plus you haven’t proved their isnt a GOD in your comments, your just another idiot that likes to attack christians because they are easy targets………lets also remember islam which is the fastest growing faith in England and soon my friend you will be unable to say those words against their GOD, just be thankful its christians your attacking and not islam, some of the posts on here are pathetic, you are all very lucky that you are allowed to have ago at christians, like when the pope was hear everyone out gay none believers but not one will protest against islam,
    why because you are afraid of islam, but hey go for the easy targets ie christians, islam hates gays women cant pray next to their men children can be married of at a young age, but hey that doesn’t matter we have a go at christians, because they dont put death sentence on us,
    let the police man enjoy the right to spread his faith,

  41. Barry Duke says:

    John, you clearly haven’t delved too deeply into this site. Islam gets no more respect from us than Christianity, Scientology, Hinduism or any other damn fool belief system. Get your facts right before you leap in with a comment.