Muslim gangs are taking over UK prisons, a BBC investigation reveals

THIS Sunday, BBC Radio 5 is airing a disturbing programme focusing on the growing problem of Muslim gangs in British prisons.

According to the report, the Muslim prison population in England and Wales has sharply increased in recent years.

Muslims represent 12 percent (9,795) of the prison population in England and Wales, according to the latest available figures from 2008. This has risen by 50 percent over five years. In some high security prisons, the figures are well above average.

In 2008, the highest number of Muslim prisoners – 34 percent – were held in the high-security Whitemoor prison, which is among several jails at which  bombs have been found.

A prison guard at HMP Whitemoor, where bombs have reportedly been found

A former inmate called Jay, 24, tells the programme:

Muslims run it. Muslims run the prisons and there’s nothing the screws can do about it. For a Muslim you’d say it’s good but for a non-Muslim, it’s very, very bad.

It is a claim which is backed by former prison officers and other inmates.

Jay has been in and out of prison for most of his life. He openly admits to helping to convert non-Muslim inmates to Islam and has meted out violence against anyone who dares to “disrespect” his religion.

It hurts as a Muslim to have someone disrespect my religion. If we deal with him one time, with violence, and show him what time it is, he will never disrespect our religion again.

He also believes prison officers have much to learn about Islam.

Islam is a very sensitive matter. And the screws don’t understand that. I respect what the screws do but they’ve got to understand our ways, where we’re coming from.

Speaking anonymously, a former prison officer, who worked at HMP Long Lartin, tells the Donal MacIntyre programme about cases where non-Muslim prisoners were seriously assaulted and intimidated for refusing to abide by unofficial rules imposed by Muslim gangs, about eating pork or listening to Western music.

She said:

Muslim gangs was something I was very concerned about – the situation changed where underworld gangsters who used to keep discipline and order were no longer in charge in the prison. The younger guys, who were being forced to convert, were doing it more for protection from a Muslim gang rather than follow the faith – most of them weren’t interested in the faith.

Colin Moses, national chairman of prison workers’ trade union, the POA, said not all Muslims in prison were in gangs, but acknowledged there was a growing problem.

People are being radicalised, forcibly radicalised by these gangs. We see it as a real danger, now and for the future of prisons.

And, he pointed out that those who were in gangs or converted to Islam often did it to carry out criminal activities.

As the Muslim population grows, the gangs are becoming more and more prevalent by the week and they fight to take control of the drug trade and the dealing of mobile phones in prison. This will make our prisons even more violent.

In a statement, a Prison Service spokesman said the allegations made about Muslim gangs were unsubstantiated.  He said:

It is ridiculous to suggest that any gang ‘controls’ a prison. The Prison Service has a wealth of experience in dealing with gang activity and managing prisoners who form gangs. It is important not to conflate security issues with the prisoners’ religious identities. ‘Muslim gangs’ will be treated like other gangs in relation to security concerns.

We have a programme of work in place to respond to the risks of all forms of radicalisation and extremism in prisons (not only al-Qaeda influenced extremism). This work will continue to develop to support prisons in tackling this behaviour.

Listen to the full report on the Donal MacIntyre programme on BBC 5 live on Sunday, 14 March at 19.30 GMT. You can also download the free podcast or listen via the BBC iPlayer. You can contact the programme by emailing

28 responses to “Muslim gangs are taking over UK prisons, a BBC investigation reveals”

  1. Broga says:

    I think some advice from dear old Rowan Williams might be helpful here. What does he think? Maybe we need some C. of E. Gangs. Would that help? Perhaps a visit from Charles Windsor to describe and discuss his plan to be Defender of Faith? That would have a big impresssion. What about a few words from Papa Ratzinger when he visits?

  2. RubberBaron says:

    Aaah, the ethical teachings of religion:

    “It hurts as a Muslim to have someone disrespect my religion. If we deal with him one time, with violence, and show him what time it is, he will never disrespect our religion again.”

    Such a reasonable basis for humanity and respect for others.

  3. Buffy says:

    It’s rare I’d suggest solitary but in this case it might be just the thing. If people can’t act even remotely like civilized human beings they shouldn’t be treated as such.

  4. NeoWolfe says:

    Well, I did some reasearch. And while 12 percent of the prison population is muslim, the most densely muslim area of UK is only 3 percent muslim.

    I think that speaks a great deal about what peaceful and law abiding citizens they are. That is not hate speech, that is a wake up call to the real moderate muslims who are defending their religion as one of peace.

    But, is it really any different from christians claiming they worship a “god of love” after he murdered the entire planet in the flood? The Nazis were catholic, La Cosa Nostra was catholic, and the fanatics that destroyed the peace for Northern Ireland for years were catholic and protestant. The real message here is: You can irradiate shit, and it will be sterile, but it is still shit. You can put “love” stickers all over religion, but it’s still a plague on society.


  5. Janstince says:

    I hate to derail the topic on this one, guys, but there is a bit of a scuffle over here in Texas at the moment. The bloody state board of education is at it again. Though they don’t say anything yet about inserting creationism overtly, nor teaching the “holes in Darwinism” anymore, they still refer to “God’s laws and the Laws of Nature” in the same breath.

    Even moreso, the religiobots are trying to rewrite history, AGAIN! No more mexicans in the Texas revolution, or afterward, are going to be mentioned. Thomas Jefferson will no longer be studied in depth. It’s a conservative backlash takeover here. Maybe this is more political than religious, but I thought you guys might like to know.

  6. shargraves says:

    This is a bit wank – there was only 2 of the koranimals who came up with this fudge, and even in jail, where these human turds should all be, they are a minority, and I have to say, they wouldn’t last 2 seconds with any of the mancs I know who went to kirkland open prison, shitty left hand or no shitty left hand.

    I doubt the widespread nature of the claims, but not that this shit happens…

  7. barriejohn says:

    How come so many devout followers of Mohammed are in prison in the first place? Does their religion not condemn criminal acts? Perhaps we should start cutting off the hands of Muslim thieves, in accordance with the teachings of their prophet. They’d obviously be delighted by that!

  8. barriejohn says:

    There is another aspect to this story which stands out like the proverbial sore thumb to me, and it is this. Christians still persist in their naive belief that all you have to do is present unbelievers with the “truth of the Gospel” and they will fall down en masse in worship before their precious Jesus. Many of them even adhere to the belief that the Gospel is steadily conquering the world, in preparation for the imminent return of God’s Son. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the expenditure of millions and millions of dollars, and untold efforts to evangelize the world, Christianity is on the decline almost everywhere, and even Europe and America are gradually being “islamified”. The Muslims, too, will find that they eventually meet up with the same resistance to their ideas as the Church has, but, whatever gloss is put on it, worldwide evangelization is now dead in the water!

  9. SlowBut Rational says:

    What ever happened to the Daddy?

    I suggest allocate one wing of a prison as “Muslim” operating a strictly Shariah regime with a traditional hand removal facility and give these devout fools the option to go there.

  10. Twm Sion Catti says:

    I read somewhere that in prisons all the meat is Halal. Does anyone know if this is correct and if so it is something that should be dealt with.

  11. Barry Duke says:

    @ Twn The pork isn’t!

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  13. Godless not gormless says:


    “But, is it really any different from christians claiming they worship a “god of love” after he murdered the entire planet in the flood?”

    I’d say it is actually. We know the flood never actually happened, but we also know that mo was a criminal and that these guys follow in his footsteps. He was a thief, a liar, a cheat, a warmongerer, a murderer, a rapist and a paedophile – and muslims think that he was the perfect example of the perfect man. This is why there are problems with muslims – and very real problems rather than fairy stories about worldwide floods.

    Muslims, as I’m sure you know, do not live by morals. They do not consider whether something is right or wrong, they only judge on whether it is allowed or not. If mo did it it’s ok and if he didn’t do it but didn’t expressly forbid it, it’s ok too. When you consider the list of do’s which mo gave them, is it any wonder they’re a bunch of retarded, violent scum?

    Send the lot of them home. Let’s stop trying to appease them with this “wake up call to the real moderate muslims who are defending their religion as one of peace.” nonsense. When has this ever happened that the so called moderates stood up and said this is wrong? They would all be happy to make this country an islamic one and if we don’t start doing something serious about it soon, they might just get their way.

    I read an article about the recent elections in Rotterdam where muslims were refusing to allow dutch people entry to the polling stations! The votes were rigged in many ways and there are islamic parties running for office there too.

    I actually agree that we should give them sharia law in these cases and start cutting off limbs, beheading and stoning to death. That will sort them out.

  14. NeoWolfe says:


    If you think that Islam has a more shocking past than christianity, you need to review your history books. For example, during the black plague in Europe during the 1400’s the catholic fringe rounded up every Jew they could find and burned them alive because they believed that their god’s wrath was on them for tolerating them. Men, women, and children. If their god can commit mass murder in the flood, it must be okay right?

    And I think that a rational person has to realize that not all muslims are murdering psychotics. Many do believe in peace, and though I agree with you that they are mental midgits, that makes them no different from Christians.


  15. barriejohn says:

    @NeoWolfe: Most of Christianity’s brutality took place in the past, and would be totally unacceptable to today’s believers. Many Muslims have no problem with imposing their religious views on others by violent means even today, and have a mediaeval mentality in the Twenty-first Century. I agree with Godless that Islam does not actually teach morality, but then neither do any religions really. It is perfectly acceptable to lie and employ subterfuge in both Islam and Christianity, if you are promoting “the faith”! Religions teach people to please their “gods” rather than act in a way that benefits humanity.

  16. NeoWolfe says:


    How long does it take the British to forget about Northern Ireland and the IRA? Were there people killed because of their religion? I seem to miss your point about how christianity is different from islam.

    And do you think for even one second that if the catholic church had the power they did a couple of centuries ago that they would not USE IT!!! Spanish Inquisitions all over again!!! And atheists and freethinkers of any discipline would be the first in the iron maiden.

    The only real difference is that Islam still has safe havens where they still have power over the ignorant and do as they please. And what they please is power at any cost.


  17. Matt Edwards says:


    How long does it take the British to forget about Northern Ireland and the IRA? Were there people killed because of their religion? I seem to miss your point about how christianity is different from islam.

    Why should ‘the British’ forget?? You seenm to have forgotten the Northern Ireland IS British.

    As for being a battle between religionists it was/is a battle about cultural politics and statehood.

    The rest of your argument based on less than a primary school level understanding of history is more hysterical rather than historical

  18. Emily says:

    Neowolfe and Barriejohn, I don’t think you can overlook socio-economic status here, especially for immigrants and first generation descendants. I would also guess a lot of Muslims in prison come from war torn countries, which can be psychologically disturbing. So I don’t think Islam is the whole problem here, I am guessing socio-economic demographics would also have something to do with it. Don’t get me wrong: Islam is a problem, I am not exonerating it.

  19. Pervy Grin says:

    The Nazis were not Catholic, or Christian of any sort. They were into the occult and the ancient Norse gods, and considered Christianity to be a wimpy Jewish religion. Your need for self-superiority and self-congratulation by drawing moral equiivalence between Christianity and Islam is obvious, as is your ignorance of religion and history in general.

  20. Godless not gormless says:


    I can’t agree that the catholic church, as vile as it is, would get away with the “Spanish Inquisition all over again”. The vast majority of ordinary catholics would never want this and the church would lose it’s power base in no time as people left it in their droves or forced change. I don’t think you can compare Europe now with the Europe of that time in any way.

    Remember, our morals have moved on such a long way since those days, including the morals of many christians. It is, as you know, something which comes from our brains rather than religious teachings so most people today are far more advanced in terms of their moral standing than even god was in the good old days of the old testament.

    Muslims are different because islam is different. There is, as I said, no consideration of right or wrong, only what is allowed or not and a lot of really bad stuff is allowed. It’s also the case that their evil work of fiction tells them to physcally and violently defeat non believers and force islam on us all.

    Because of this, most muslims still live in the barbaric past, never having moved on. Islam has caused islamic countries to stagnate and remain locked into the mindset of that 7th century barbarian, mo.

    Let’s also not forget that the same harsh treatments are dished out to people in islamic countries now, in the 21st century, as were dished out wat back in mo’s day. We stopped burning people at the stake a long time ago and it would never be put up with now. islam and it’s people have never changed so they can, will and do still carry out attrocites that muslims even now agree are acceptable.

    Stoning people to death for adultery was obviously part of judaism as well as being adopted by islam. Was it part of christianity too? I don’t know so I’m asking but it’s in the old testament isn’t it? If you were to conduct a poll today amongst jews and christians, asking if adulterers should be stoned to death, the yes vote would be virtually, if not actually, nill.

    Not so long ago (last year I think) a poll was conducted in Pakistan where two of the questions asked were:

    Do you think adulteres should be stoned to death?
    Do you think apostacy should be punishable by death?

    (Can’t say I have the wording exactly correct but that was the jist of it) The yes vote on both was over 80%. I think that says a lot

  21. british says:

    These people are weak can only do things in gangs get them on there own and you will see them wet myselfs… But just shows islam not good its evil how can you call these peaceful people if they was good they would not be in prison.

  22. OK says:

    The Nazis weren’t Catholic actually and were closer to pagan beliefs than catholicism,The Nazis were officially Athiests! Adolf Hitler was an athiest and so are and were many dictators and evil men Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro,Mao-Tse-Tung,Kim-Il-Sung and even Saddam Hussein [He’s not muslim before you ask]! The biggest problem in society isn’t religion, the biggest problem human beings have and have always had is intolerance! Long before religion came, people were always trying to find differences to exploit in order to kill each other! And to be honest we really don’t need an excuse to murder one another, We’d do it anyway! Religion isn’t the true evil, people are! You only have to read this blog to see all the “kill the muslims” and “Sharia law” comments and figure out even if the human race were all grey and followed the same beliefs, languages and costums and were all 5ft with no hair, eye colour or unique characteristics or even genetalia we still want to kill one another and label ourselves!

  23. Barry Duke says:

    Raj, you are an idiot. Hitler was not an atheist. The man himself wrote:
    “I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord..” As a boy, Hitler attended to the Catholic church and experienced the anti-Semitic attitude of his culture. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler reveals himself as a fanatical believer in God and country. This text presents selected quotes from the infamous anti-Semite himself.
    If you can’t post an intelligent comment, please stay away.

  24. Dinesh Patel says:

    let’s be honest, all the newspapers and articles about Islam are irrelevant… cause of the psuedo liberal fashionable left response to EVERYTHING any muslims does…. “WHAT ABOUT CHRISTIANITY??”

    The same response, everytime, kills any argument and discussion. And it’s boring NOT controversial. From that to the Crusades, Iquisition, Hitler, ….yadda yadda yadda….

  25. Kashif says:

    Let a Muslim make a comment too. I would like to know how much increase has been in the inmates since 2002. Because around 90% of the Muslim youth arrested in suspicion of terrorism allegation are found innocent. The trials are not open, Evidence is produced by secret agents rather than civilian witnesses.

    I am very much certain that this war on terrorism is imperial agenda in name of eradicating but in fact spreading terrorism particularly in Muslim countries. The only solution for terrorism is transparent justice not War.

    Why the problem of so called Muslim terrorism only started after the fall of the Soviet Union. I have heard the stories of secret agents first convincing the vulnerable youngsters to plan terrorist activities and then arresting them after the evidence is ready (in the US).

    From above messages it is obvious that most of the people have reservation and hatred about Muslims/Islam. You should open eyes and read the evidence for yourself from the internet not from the controlled main stream media.
    Have you ever heard of a Pakistani British person being stabbed/killed. Probably, rarely in the UK media but it does appear in Pakistani news papers much more often. I challenge you guys there are many more Muslim and Asian victims of unilateral racism and violent crimes than there are white people. I personally have been victim of crimes quite a few times.

    I do not deny the fact that there are less number of criminals in Muslims. Particulary some people who come from poor background are more likely to be involved in these kind of activities which is worrying for us too. This however has nothing to do with the religion. I have to yet find a practising Muslim convicted of serious crime.

    We love this country as much as any other British citizen. I personally pay my taxes happily and feel proud about it.
    Muslims are around 4% in England and perhaps around 8-10% in Europe. There is no other way, other than understanding each other with open minds.

  26. Beware the Islam -ists says:

    One will either convert to Islam or die.

    Although most Muslim’s would not kill someone themselves for being an “infidel” however, it’s common for many “moderate” muslim’s to agree with the idea.

    Western life is not all immoral, but the Muslim’s believe that it is. How dare they force their Sharia thoughts on anyone (or perhaps more accurate, Muhammeds thoughts given directly to him by God, I’m supposed to believe that to get along with you people? That’s crazy)

    These people know how to take advantage of an open society, and they are.

  27. john says:

    I wish the people of England wake up and see what is going on muslims only want you to hear what you want to hear, they say we are peaceful we love you. bollocks our socalled goverment and the one before are cowards, we never seen churchhill going to lick the ass of the germans the way our goverments licks the ass of muslims, O its ok for muslims to rant kill non muslims, in front of the police also waving a banner with hitler was right on it. Am a catholic irish decent born in england and i love both countries but england gave my parents jobs and food i know they had it hard unstandable for being irish because of the troubles, but it didnt turn me into a IRA BOMBER so why do muslims think they most attack a country that feeds them ie uk I will stand with england against islam many muslims think england will be a walk over, they are sadly mistaken when it comes down to it every british person will unite against islam .

  28. Tex says:

    The UK has a huge problem.
    I can see a civil war on the horizon, amazing to think widespread Muslim immigration didn’t start until mid last century.

    Let’s face it most of us white people see Islam as a throwback to the Flintstone era but it’s not going to go away.

    And the Flinstones will oneday storm the Starship Enterprise control deck. God help us when they get hands on the control levers.
    I feel sorry for your children.