Jehovah’s Witness disowns son, aged five, who received life-saving blood

POLICE in Ghana were recently called to a hospital that had been besieged by a bunch of crazy Jehovah’s Winesses objecting to a blood transfusion for a five-year-old boy.

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The trouble, according to this report, erupted when Kwabena Afum and his wife, Margret Afum aka Abena Oduma, brought their son Jepheth to New Edubiase Government Hospital.

Dr Manye Mensah, medical superintendant officer at the hospital, said the boy was admitted on April 25, suffering anaemia. The boy had lost lots of blood which needed urgent replacement and he and his team began a transfusion.

Afum and some fellow Jehovah Witnesses then besieged the theatre room in a bid to prevent the team from carrying out their professional duties.

The police were called to intervene, and Afum was arrested. He was later released on bail, paid by his church.

He has since disowned the boy, who is currently in the care of the Social Welfare Department in the district.

Bizarre and often tragic JW blood transfusion stories like this surface in the media with worrying frequency. One of the strangest involved Harry Morales, a 28-year-old stonecutter, from Tennessee, who refused blood after being stabbed in a fracas in New York in 2006.

Medical records from St Barnabas Hospital showed that after doctors staunched the wound and stabilised his blood pressure, they told him he still needed surgery and a transfusion. Morales, citing his religion, refused. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that it’s against God’s will to accept other people’s blood, or even their own blood after it has been stored.

Hospital records showed that:

The patient aggressively and adamantly refused any and all blood products despite being told it may very well make a difference between life and death.

As a consequence, Morales snuffed it – and the man who was later charged with his murder, Isead Galva, was acquitted by a jury.

According  to this report, legally, the person who stabbed Morales is responsible for his death, even though Morales refused the transfusion. Still, Morales’ choice was an issue at the trial.

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