Female genital mutilation: US pediatricians withdraw outrageous proposal

THE American Academy of Pediatrics has reversed its recent proposal that doctors be given permission to perform a ceremonial pinprick or nick on a girl’s clitoris if it would keep their families from sending them overseas for a full circumcision.

The AAP said last month that it would like American doctors to be given permission to perform the ceremonial procedure on girls born into communities that practice female genital mutilation.

The proposal, made to placate immigrants from mainly Muslim cultures – African, Middle Eastern and Asian – ignited a storm of criticism from opponents of female genital mutilation.

Dr Judith S Palfrey, President of the Academy, said:

We’re saying don’t do it. Do everything that you can to support that family in this tough time, but don’t be pulled into the procedure.

Writing in the Daily Beast, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the former Dutch MP who vigorously campaigns to protect women from militant Islam, pointed out:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Female circumcision is a custom in many African and Asian countries whereby the genitals of a girl child are cut. There are roughly four procedures. First there is the ritual pinprick. This is what pediatrics refers to as the “nick” option. To give you an idea of what that means, visualize a preteen girl held down by adults. Her clitoris is tweaked so that the circumciser can hold it between her forefinger and her thumb. Then she takes a needle and pierces it using enough force for it to go into the peak of the clitoris. As soon as it bleeds, the parents and others attending the ceremony cheer, the girl is comforted and the celebrations follow.

She added:

There is a more sinister meaning to the word ‘nick’ if you consider the fact that in some cases it means to cut off the peak of the clitoris. Proponents compare “nicking” to the ritual of boy circumcision. But in the case of the boys, it is the foreskin that is all or partly removed and not a part of the penis head. In the case of the girls, the clitoris is actually mutilated.

Then there is the second method whereby a substantial part of the clitoris is removed and the opening of the vagina is sewn together (infibulation). The third variation adds to this the removal of the inner labia.

Finally, there is a procedure whereby as much of the clitoris as possible is removed along with the inner and outer labia. Then the inner walls of the vagina are scraped until they bleed and are then bound with pins or thorns. The tissue on either side grows together, forming a thick scar. Two small openings roughly equal to the diameter of a matchstick are left for urination and menstruation respectively.

Hirsi said:

To understand this problem, we need to begin with parental motives. The “nicking” option is regarded as a necessary cleansing ritual. The clitoris is considered to be an impure part of the girl-child and bleeding it is believed to make her pure and free of evil spirits.

But the majority of girls are subjected to FGM to ensure their virginity—hence the sewing up of the opening of the vagina—and to curb their libido to guarantee sexual fidelity after marriage, hence the effective removal of the clitoris and scraping of the labia. Think of it as a genital burqa, designed to control female sexuality.

Hirsi is universally reviled by Muslim fundamentalists. What seems to to irk them most is the fact that she’s a stunningly attractive female who refuses to cover up her features with a burqa or niqab. So its not unusual to see her depicted on Islamic blogs with her face digitally distorted. The one on the right appeared on the Rupee News blog.

21 responses to “Female genital mutilation: US pediatricians withdraw outrageous proposal”

  1. Buffy says:

    If men could impregnate themselves most of the religious whackos would probably kill girls at birth, considering how evil and useless they find us.

  2. Stonyground says:

    Of course, as a “New Atheist” I am an arrogant bigot for objecting to this kind of thing. I am just so shrill and strident. When Chris Hitchens stated that ‘religion poisons everything’ there were some even on the atheist side that objected to this remark. My reply to them is, OK, prove him wrong, name one single aspect of human existence that religion does not poison. If you name just one, you have refuted his statement. … …

  3. Synchronium says:

    You ARE only a rib after all.

  4. Heather Flight says:

    It would be not so much a brave man as a reckless one who dared attempt to nick my clitoris.

    This kind of religious insanity makes me feel all the more justified in declaring my atheism to anybody who will listen.

  5. MrMonist says:

    What are the odds the shitheads at Rupee have tried in their wicked way to “Judaize” Ayaan? After all in their weltanschauung someone who has seen the light of Islam can only be corrupted by those demonic Jews…

    Apparently only racists have a problem with Islam. I must be an oddity as I don’t believe in the concept of race yet I fucking despise Islam…

  6. Har Davids says:

    I’m not cut, but it makes me wonder why FGM is so much more cruel than MGM. Do these guys hate women that much, and why do those women comply? We really are the only animal on the face of Earth that ‘invents’ this kind of crap. And how much dick would there be left if men were slashed to the same extent that women are? I doubt men would enjoy the result.

  7. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    Genital mutilation of children of either sex is obscene and should be condemned. What is this obsession with sex that all these abrahamic religions have? And why on earth would any man want to deprive a woman of her clitoris? Have they never made love to a woman that has one? It’s not only the woman that gets pleasure out of it (not if it’s done correctly anyway).

  8. MrGronk says:

    Graham, this is a culture where a woman’s pleasure is at best irrelevant, at worst a threat: the fear is that a woman who can feel normal sexual pleasure is more likely to indulge in affairs. Not a comforting idea for the hysterical, insecure excuses for men you so often find in the Muslim world (not that many western men are any better, might I add).

  9. Janstince says:

    Graham – I think that it has to do with separation tactics. Firstly, the men of the abrahamatic cults seem positively paranoid of the “mailman syndrome” as we call it here. Any child born of their wife(s) that is not their own should be put to death, blah blah fucking blah. Secondly, as many of the pagan faiths regard sex as a very spiritual thing, and have since before judaism, they sought to differentiate themselves by mutilation and deprivation (not so much deprivation in the old testament, if the stories of David and Solomon are to be believed). This is what eventually led to the doctrine of celibacy for priests, even though Paul explicitly states a priest must be married with at least one child. I think they believe it helps give them an air of mystery, though obviously they forget we were all virgins at some time, and have apparently forgotten what it is to be a nerdy teenage boy with no hope of losing said virginity, at least until college, the sado-masochistic bastards.

  10. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    While these people might not want women to feel pleasure I’m certain that if they were to experience the extra pleasure THEY get from a woman who IS able to get pleasure from sex they would not be in so much of a hurry to stop women from enjoying sex.

  11. elainek123 says:

    It makes me sick. Even to consider any proposal to interfere with children is obscene. ANy circumsision is wrong, we cannot decide for our children when they are too young to understand.

    Beware if Sharia law comes to this country beware for we will have no choice in anything, and freredom of speech will be gone. This is 2010 not 010.
    Now is the time to bring to the World the nonsense that is stories told by madmen on pot out of their minds writing drivel.

  12. terry says:

    We are continually forced to confront the notion of Muslim ‘grievances,’ ‘resentments,’ and ‘humiliations’, as well as compelled to deal with the stone-faced fanatics who are the murderous envoys of such horrible hate-based energy. Here by contrast is the story of a young African woman, born into Islam, who was given every possible occasion to feel grievance, resentment, and humiliation yet who has employed her own life as an example of internationalism, tolerance, multiculturalism, and the redemption of others. Her humor and irony and fortitude constitute the finest counterpoint to the surly cult of death that presses itself against us. For me, the three most beautiful words in the emerging language of secular resistance to tyranny are Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
    chistopher hitchins
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s New Book:

    NOMAD: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations
    . Nomad is a moving account of her personal journey out of bondage,

    I highly recommended this book

  13. Fedupwith says:

    Beautiful, brainy and brave Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It was possibly on her website that I read that most Muslim men loose their virginity with their fellow men so that when they marry they continue to use the wrong entrance. Ayatollah Khomeini said it was OK for men to use goats. I don’t get the feeling that these guys would know how to make love, they are probably totally unaware that women have sexual feelings.

  14. Ash Walsh says:

    “NOMAD: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations
    . Nomad is a moving account of her personal journey out of bondage,”

    I’ll certainly look forward to reading this!

    Hitchens also wrote about the death of Theo Van Gogh around the time it happened. The note wrapped around the knife that killed Van Gogh was not addressed to ‘Ayan Hirsi Ali’, but ‘Ayan Hirshi Ali’. Hitchens reckoned this was to make her sound more Jewish, and after looking at what the scum have done to her picture, who would bet against it?

  15. NeoWolfe says:

    Fedupwith said:

    ” It was possibly on her website that I read that most Muslim men loose their virginity with their fellow men so that when they marry they continue to use the wrong entrance.”

    Being your first offense, I am reluctant to call you harwood II, but, on making that kind of unsubstantiated accusation, you might require some sort of documentation.

    You also said, ” Ayatollah Khomeini said it was OK for men to use goats.”

    Bad boy. You get a negative three harwoods.


  16. L.Long says:

    Actually the two pictures explain the stupidity of the clit-cutting.
    The 1st is the normal innocent girl, the 2nd is the silicone injection into the nose to make ‘her clean and pure’ and is a good thing to do.
    Now compare the two pictures and even women imprisoned into that evil religion could be convinced that blowing their nose up to fill their face is a good thing.
    The clit is in the ‘hidden’ part of the body and is not talked about, so the girl is ignorant of it and will sort of go along with their mom and sisters.
    Talking and blogging about it will expose it to the light of reason and make the problem as plain as the nose on your face.

  17. L.Long says:

    Sorry but…
    Now compare the two pictures and even women imprisoned into that evil religion could be convinced that blowing their nose up to fill their face is a good thing.
    Should be….
    Now compare the two pictures and even women imprisoned into that evil religion could NOT be convinced that blowing their nose up to fill their face is a good thing.

  18. NeoWolfe says:

    Jesus Christ, LLong,

    That shit was photoshopped. It’s a pixel smear to hide your identity, and atheists use it too on their avatars. I might download the function to hide the ridiculously enormous size of my penis in my Playgirl photoshoots. 🙂


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  20. Firdous says:

    For those with none or little knowledge of Islam
    The Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings be upon Him)forbade this horrific act
    So please do not confuse this act that some narrow minded cruel people carry out with Islam
    Please learn and study true Islam not from the acts of so called Muslims today but from authentic sources such as the Holy Quran
    Read it in English for yourselves get real Muslims who are taught to explain things to you
    Then for sure like so many people who have converted to Islam will see what the true beauty of Islam is