Archive / 14 July 2010

Muslim apostate found hanged after admitting he was an atheist

A YOUNG Muslim, who had been investigated by his employers at Male International Airport in the Maldives for apostasy, was found hanged from the airport’s control tower yesterday. The death of Ismail Mohamed Didi, a 25 year-old air traffic controller, prompted deep concern on the Islamic website Raajjeislam which ├é┬áreported that Ismail “was a person […]

EastEnders storyline offends fundies. The BBC, they say, portrays them as nutters

THE BBC has been forced to defend an EastEnders storyline after outraged viewers accused the corporation of anti-Christian bias. The complaints centre around a plotline on EastEnders which portrays Lucas Johnson, a Christian Pentecostal pastor, as a deranged killer whose deeds are motivated by his Christian faith. Viewers have watched the pastor, played by actor […]

Pakistan’s dirty little porn secret

BUTTONED-UP, blasphemy-obsessed Pakistan has a dirty little secret – it’s the world’s No 1 consumer of on-line pornography. And not just your common-or-garden smut. According to this report it has been top-dog in searches per-person for “horse sex” since 2004; “donkey sex” since 2007; “rape pictures” between 2004 and 2009; “rape sex” since 2004 and […]