Muslim apostate found hanged after admitting he was an atheist

A YOUNG Muslim, who had been investigated by his employers at Male International Airport in the Maldives for apostasy, was found hanged from the airport’s control tower yesterday.

Ismail Mohamed Didi

The death of Ismail Mohamed Didi, a 25 year-old air traffic controller, prompted deep concern on the Islamic website Raajjeislam which  reported that Ismail “was a person inclined to atheism” and had:

Declared his atheism to his friends.

The website alleged that Ismail had refused to follow religious sermons.

This is an issue that a Muslim government should consider. Because when these types of people die, they are buried in the same [cemetery] where Muslims are buried. Their funeral prayers and body washing are also conducted as for Muslims. It is questionable as to whether this is allowed according to Islam.

In two emails sent to an international humanitarian organisation on June 23 and 25, Ismail admitted he was an atheist and desperately requested assistance for a UK asylum application. He claimed to have received several anonymous threats on June  22. One of his emails is reproduced in this report.

In the emails, he said he “foolishly admitted my stance on religion” to work colleagues, word of which had “spread like wildfire.”

A lot of my close friends and girlfriend have been prohibited from seeing me by their parents. I have even received a couple of anonymous phone calls threatening violence if I do not repent and start practising Islam …

I cannot bring myself to pretend to be I am something I am not, as I am a staunch believer in human rights. I am afraid for my life here and know no one inside the country who can help me.

Mohamed Ibrahim, Managing Director of the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), confirmed that Ismail had been the subject of an internal investigation last month regarding his professed apostasy.

I believe his family were also concerned, and tried to give him counselling through religious leaders.

Management decided it was outside our mandate and referred the matter to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs – we haven’t got a reply. Professionally we took no action – he was a good worker.

A colleague of Ismail’s told Minivan News on condition of anonymity that his colleagues had learned he was an atheist “more than a year ago”, and while they did not care whether or not he believed in God, “some became irritated at the way he openly insulted God.”

A complaint was made to the airport company’s human resources department. Based on their report – I saw a copy of the final version a month ago – they found that although he was an atheist, he was not propagating his belief in the workplace and so no action would be taken.

35 responses to “Muslim apostate found hanged after admitting he was an atheist”

  1. MrMonist says:

    The sooner that beautiful hellhole is submerged in the Indian Ocean the better. Poor man. This breaks my heart…

  2. Janstince says:

    One thing I’ve noticed, when the Islamic apologists take to the airwaves in defense o their lunacy, whenever they are challenged as to the penalty for apostasy, they shut up or deflect the question in a non-committal way. It’s sad that we have proof to the contrary of their lies, not that they will admit it as such.

  3. Broadsword says:

    Ismail Mohamed Didi’s death has not been properly investigated and his persecution even continues post mortem. You’d think the authorities were planning to inter a serial killer next to the graves of his victims. Shame on his family and colleagues.

  4. Arnold Lane says:

    Most people in the west associate the Maldives with paradise. We are utterly ignorant of the astonishing human rights issues there.

  5. Marcus says:

    What on earth is wrong with these retards? Seriously. The bloke doesn’t think like they do and is so demonised that he actually winds up ‘committing suicide’ (anybody else got an uneasy I-bet-the-fuckers-murdered-him feeling about that one?).

    It’s Orwell’s Thought Police living and breathing right here in the 21st century, people. I honestly despair at just how insane human beings can be.

  6. Broga says:

    Poor guy. At least in death he has touched those with any love of free thought or free speech. To be counselled by the detritus of his society: religious leaders. What a fate! And this is the faith Charles Windsor admires and wants a more sympathetic approach to in the UK. If these ignorant paedo prophet revering brutes had their way we would all be subject to this.

    Meanwhile we continue to pour billions into Afghanistan and Iraq to make it so much more convenient for them to kill our young men. Not, of course, that Harry Windsor is at any risk. He was too precious and returned to spend his time amongst the chinless wonders in crap night clubs. Is he still in the army? Should be a general soon in view of the love of the royals for elevated rank and rows of medals, without the inconvenience of having to do anything to earn them. Have they no shame? No, don’t bother answering. I know the answer already.

    This young man died because he was brave; he had the courage to make his views known.

  7. Har Davids says:

    He may have been brave, but maybe foolish too, by admitting in a country like the Maldives that he was an atheist. It’s great if people make up their mind about delusions their parents and others foisted upon them, but not at this price. Sickening that people can love their ‘god’ more than their fellow-(wo)man and are eager to kill in defence of their ‘lord’.

  8. Dave says:

    I think he was sick of living with a bunch of freaks, so sick
    of it he’d choose eithier death or asylum rather that continuing to
    “submit” to the religion of pieces.

  9. Brian Jordan says:

    It’s strange, and a pity, that the source is a compressed file. However, I’ve scanned it (AVG Free) and it seems clean. Worth decompressing to see the comments, which range from compassion to downright foaming mania.
    Edit: now I find it opens directly. Maybe because I’ve already decompressed it? Allah evidently works in mysterious ways!

  10. Buffy says:

    Barbaric assholes.

  11. Daniel says:

    This is truly sad. Whether this poor fellow committed suicide or was murdered I don’t know. In a sense he was murdered even if he killed himself physically. I’m from the US and there have been some fellow atheists here who have killed themselves due to rejection by friends or family. Religion is a truly destructive force.

  12. sailor1031 says:

    if Ismail was looking for a way to get off the island and claim asylum somewhere it doesn’t seem likely,at least to me, that he would commit suicide before that effort turned out to be hopeless. I’d bet money he was murdered but it’ll never be investigated properly. Islam and rule of law don’t seem to go together much.

  13. maldivian says:

    “The source insisted that Ismail was never mistreated by his colleagues about his religious position, “although they were sometimes irritated by the way he addressed God. He was treated as a normal controller and suffered no discrimination,” the source said, explaining that the air traffic controllers were a close-knit bunch who “lived and played together. Everybody was crying and misses him.””

    the article posted here is missing a lot…talk about responsible journalism. the original article is here…

    he was not bullied but people took offense to the way he spoke about religion and god…just like an athiest would distance themselves from a religious fanatic who criticised their belief, they too did not like his company because of the way he spoke… very few maldivians would resort to violence in cases like this but there would be people like that in most of the world communities…and just like in your civilised west, how when gay people come out to their families they get alienated, his family was a conservative strongly religious family and they thought counseling would make it better. its unfortunate and sad but if he committed suicide, there were more underlying problems to him than just his beliefs…

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  15. Ihab says:

    This looks more like a case of Suicide to me.. Also, he shouldnt have openely insulted the religion or god because any follower will get irked and he would face “threats” from some annonymous people.

    Anyways, this looks strongly like a case of Suicide to me..

  16. elainek123 says:

    Just another news item to be put on the back shelf. I truly believe that all tourists should stop going to these places and hit them where it hurts. But this will not happen.
    This proves there are no ‘good’ gods only ‘bad’ gods, created by man.

  17. MrMonist says:


    One honest muzzie on apostasy challenged by Dawkins.. (it took a while though!)

  18. Aisha says:

    live and let live!
    so sad how life can be taken for not believing the norm
    in fact its not sad its disgusting.

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  20. MRL says:

    Islam is a “peaceful” religion, right?

    I’m frustrated (as Sam Harris is) that folks do bad logic when they defend Islam because “some” or “most” Muslims aren’t homicidal lunatics. Isn’t it enough that “some” homicidal lunatics ARE homicidal lunatics BECAUSE of religion?

    The so-called moderate Muslim and a radical Muslim having a conversation about the Qurran and whether Islam is a “peaceful” religion or not reminds me of that age-old joke about the guy who offers a woman $1,000,000 to have sex with him and she agrees. He then offers $20 and she says “what kind of woman do you think that I am?” To which, he replies: “I thought we’d already established that — now, we are just talking terms.”

    The moderate and the radical are just “talking terms” when they have that conversation. Unless someone sane steps in and explains to both of them that the centuries old book that they both love is full of nonsensical mythology that has no evidentiary basis in reality, they will just continue to disagree on terms.

    BOTH should be taken to task (the same applies to Christians and Jews, but the urgency of that project is less simply because there are fewer homicidal Christians and Jews — although far from a non-zero number).

    P.S. Ihab — that’s the vilest thing I’ve heard today (besides the story). Its the religious equivalent of the “she was asking for it” retort to a rape victim. You and your sky god have no right not to be offended.

  21. Max says:

    All religions are a festering sore on the ass of humanity and non more so, it would seem, than Islam. “Love my god or I kill you!” Absolutely sickening.

  22. […] views.  Luckily, this anxiety is frequently overblown. It is a pity I cannot say the same for Ismail Mohamed Didi, a young Muslim apostate who, it appears, was driven to suicide after news of his atheism spread to […]

  23. Ugly American says:

    If there were a god, then that god could appear to everyone everywhere at the same time and settle it all once and for all.

    But that doesn’t happen because there is no god.

    It’s just a bunch of evil man exploiting trusting people.

  24. Robert says:

    A true martyr for the cause of rational thought.


    I don’t think it is a case of suicide. Atheists cannot be cowards. Somebody must have killed him and made it appear as if it is a suicide. Serious investigation and strict punishment of culprits are needed. I really mourn for and pay homage to this honest martyr for the cause of truth and humanity.

  26. ffs says:

    Sickening comments on that Maldivian site.

  27. England says:

    This is why i’m pro atheist… believing in ‘ god ‘ sends people insane

  28. TD says:

    Tragic; it’s a sad and embittered world we live in and the lunacy will get worse as it comes to the crunch to see which ideology eventually rules supreme.

  29. Bugs Malone says:

    Islam is NOT a religion! Religious leaders were approached to help him change from a free-thinking individual to a submissive, mind-controlled robot? It didn’t work. You can’t FORCE someone to believe in something that doesn’t exist.
    Islam is a cult and the quran is hate literature calling for the death of EVERYONE who does not bow down to islamic scholars.

  30. the true says:

    *religion is a bussiness just look the vaticano they became rich after the mid age*

  31. Jstn Earthling says:

    As the Prime Minister of Pakistan said, anyone who describes islam as an intolerant religion is asking for an escalation of violence.
    So, why is this news, I thought everyone was born an atheist so how could he even be an apostate? That was a rhetorical question, of course there aren’t any excuses for the likes of the religious zealots and theocracies that shore them up.

  32. rabie says:

    A colleague of Ismail’s told Minivan News on condition of anonymity that his colleagues had learned he was an atheist “more than a year ago”, and while they did not care whether or not he believed in God, “some became irritated at the way he openly insulted God.”

    not a smart thing to do dude , i will not feel sorry for a muslim had been killed , because he insult the cross in front of christians , neither for a muslim had been killed because he insult hindu believes.
    not feeling sorry for you ,
    i just feel sad , about how your family feel now .

    you should be respectful if you have different believes , or at least be wise and keep your mouth shut up .
    you will make the world worse and worse if you are not smart enough to understand , that hate brings hate.