Hate preacher Paul Shaw back in court

WAY back in March of this year, Christian street preacher  and wannabe MP – Paul Shaw, of Duffield Drive, Colchester – appeared at Colchester magistrates’ court charged with using threatening words or behaviour towards gays, which he denied.

District judge David Cooper told him:

You said you were spreading God’s word and when interviewed you said children needed to be protected and basically, homosexuals and lesbians should repent and ask for God’s forgiveness.

The case was dismissed as the prosecution could offer no written evidence from complainants, and Shaw argued his right to free speech.

But Judge Cooper warned him that further complaints could land him back in court:

There are other sorts of ‘sins’. Do you think you could concentrate on those for a bit?

Sixty-something Shaw disagreed. He refused to be bound over to keep the peace, which itself is a criminal offence.

Instead, he said:

In four years, I’ve only dealt with homosexuality about twice. I have to act in good conscience, I’m afraid, and I think [homosexuality] is a particularly significant thing for this nation at this time.

Quite unable to contain his homophobia, Shaw used it again as a platform to seek election as an MP in the 2010 General Election. Standing as an independent, the imbecile came last out of nine candidates in the Colchester constituency, polling just 20 votes. This earned him a place in The Telegraph‘s Top Ten General Election Losers.

The miserable loser found himself back before Judge Cooper on Thursday morning, August 26, as a result of a pre-election address he distributed in Colchester in May. In it, he called for a review of whether sodomy and other homosexual acts should remain legal.

Graham Weeks, the 'brains' behind 'The Christian Quoter'

“The Christian Quoter”, a lame fundie blog maintained by Presbyterian nutter Graham Weeks revealed:

It turns out that a couple of homosexual men complained to the police, leading to a completely over-the-top search of Paul’s flat and confiscation of his diaries in June.

Shaw had declared in his address:

I believe for example that homosexual and lesbian acts are immoral and that the law should reflect that; by making them unlawful as they once were; and so acting as a deterrent to such behaviour.

The semi-literate moron added:

The concept of homophobia is nonsense and a play on words; it is not and has never been a phobia! A phobia is an un-natural fear; whereas a rejection of perverse behaviour; is a righteous godly fear; that fears to do wrong because it knows that there are consequences and punishment otherwise! This is the most pronounced example of a nation that has lost its way …

Little wonder that Colchester voters gave him the bum’s rush.

Weeks reports that the latest case was adjourned at the request of the Crown Prosecutor. This was in order, the prosecution said, to consider the case in the light of freedom of speech.

Weeks – a fan of Britain’s funniest fundie, Stephen “Birdshit” Green – quotes Green as saying:

If you can, please come and support Paul at Colchester Magistrates Court, CO1 1FP on Thursday 23rd September 2010. The case is listed for 9.15am, but be prepared for it to be heard, as today’s case was, in the afternoon.

In all, seven brethren came along today [August 26] at a moment’s notice to support Paul and the Gospel, so let us pray for an even bigger witness in four weeks’ time!

Please continue to hold up our brother in prayer at this challenging time.

And please PRAY that justice is done and this attack on our historic freedom to preach the Gospel is defeated.