God called on to smite Israel’s enemies

RABBI Ovadia Yosef, 89, spiritual leader of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Shas party,  has outraged Middle East peace negotiators by calling on God to make:

All the nasty people who hate Israel … vanish from our world.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

The old fool’s remarks, aimed specifically at Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, was made in a weekly sermon.

He went on to say:

May God strike them down with the plague along with all the nasty Palestinians who persecute Israel.

The United States condemned the remarks as “deeply offensive”.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu distanced himself from the comments with a statement saying that his government wanted peace with the Palestinians.

The attack on Abbas also prompted chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat to condemn the remarks as

An incitement to genocide.

Erakat urged the Israeli government:

To do more about peace and stop spreading hatred.

In 2000 the rancid rabbi said the Nazi Holocaust was God’s retribution against Jewish sinners. He Later added that he believed all six million Jewish victims were pure and complete saints.

And in 2001 he said of Arabs:

It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable.

Later said he was only referring to terrorists.

The US response to Rabbi Yosef, a founder of the Shas party, was swift. In a statement, US State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said:

We regret and condemn the inflammatory statements by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. These remarks are not only deeply offensive, but incitement such as this hurts the cause of peace.

Mr Netanyahu’s office issued a statement saying that Rabbi Yosef’s comments:

Do not reflect the views of Benjamin Netanyahu or of his government.

In the past, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel has incurred the wrath of secular Jews, liberals, women and gays with his stupid pronouncements.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

23 responses to “God called on to smite Israel’s enemies”

  1. Har Davids says:

    The Abrahamic faiths seem to be in some competition to outdo each other in vehement barminess; too bad they don’t do this for laughs! I wonder what is/was wrong in the Middle East when they invented their religions, all this death-obsession. Imagine some Christians calling themselves ‘Pro Life’.

  2. Stonyground says:

    I don’t have a source for this so if anyone knows enough about ancient history to confirm or deny this stuff I would be grateful.

    I read an article somewhere discussing an incident that occurred a few years BCE. At the time, the Jewish faith very nearly fizzled out as more and more Jews started to adopt the practices of the Greeks. This was followed by a violent crackdown and the wanderers were brought back into line. The point that the article made was that the world would have been spared all three Abrahamic religions had this crackdown failed or not taken place.

    Of course speculation about how the world would have turned out is pretty pointless but I doubt that it could have been worse. In any case we would still have idiots like this calling down the wrath of Jupiter, zeus or whoever upon people that they didn’t like. The US has its own brand of fools who do it all the time.

  3. brian says:

    He doesn’t accept the secular state of Israel since God didn’t give it to the Jews…from him “May God strike them down” is probably totally lacking intent to incite genocide except from an imaginary person. Even more than most men his age, Yosef seems to say what’s on his mind and not bowdlerize it for the sake of political correctness, to say the least. I wonder if he can be prosecuted under their law.

  4. barriejohn says:

    Brian has a point actually, as the real Zionists still believe that it is God, and not the Americans, who is going to restore the kingdom to Israel. But anyway, at least this guy is true to his Old Testament faith!

  5. barriejohn says:

    Stonyground: You are right, although the pagan influence began during the Babylonian Captivity, around 600 BCE, which is when the Old Testament as we know it was compiled from a lot of earlier writings and traditions in an effort to hold things together. (That’s not to overlook the influence of “non-Jewish” beliefs throughout the history of the Jews, of course, as there is no such thing as “pure Judaism” handed down to Moses, or any other prophet, by “YHWH”.) The Jews were greatly influenced at that time by Zoroastrianism, but later Greek and Roman influences can be clearly seen in the New Testament, which helps explain the many contradictions in “Biblical theology”!

  6. elainek123 says:

    I heard this on the World Service news but not on bbc, as of now.
    Surely this man should be put in a mental home where he can do no more harm.
    Can the United Nations do anything. They seem helpless in stopping countries stoning women,etc. WHy are they there I wonder.
    It seems that mad men can get away with anything.
    Proof again that religion can breed hate.

  7. ZombieHunter says:

    the united nations couldn’t orginise a piss up in a brewery

  8. Janstince says:

    “But all I said was ‘That piece of meat was good enough for Jehovah!'”. Seriously, though, I find it rather insane that these types of people can actually gather large groups of people to follow them. Makes me really think about Dawkins’ idea of “consciousness-raising,” and what would be an effective event. We can’t even say these types of people aren’t in major positions of power, that they’re lunatic fringes without any prospects. Fucking death-cultists. Why don’t they all just kill themselves and leave the rest if us in peace?

  9. L.Long says:

    How can you all be so calm about this???
    He’s called down the wrath of Ye-Yaw-Hey upon us!!
    I’ve read the buyBull and I have seen the number of times that this has happened and g0d always sends his wrath and destroys the enemy.
    Look at the record of how good prayers are answered! I can tell you I’m quacking in my boots right now and am near to schiting my pants in fear of his curse!!!!

  10. barriejohn says:

    I have an awful feeling, as do many others, that this is NOT a spoof!

  11. brian says:

    “Surely this man should be put in a mental home where he can do no more harm.
    Can the United Nations do anything. They seem helpless in stopping countries stoning women,etc.”

    It might be worse if he weren’t there. It’s when fundamentalists stop relying on prayer and modernize that they do the most direct harm. Would you rather Hareidim become Datiim Leumi? This guy and his ilk call on God to do things directly, and don’t take action until He does. I’m content to let him wait…particularly since the world’s problems include actual violence, such as stoning.

  12. Broadsword says:

    At least the old bigot will croak within a few years.

  13. Broga says:

    This man is rabid. Yet this poisonous bigot spreads his verbal sewage and is still treated, by his own cult at least, with respect. His mind is so addled with superstition that I suppose he thinks he is speaking “the truth” and doing a great service.

  14. Marcus says:

    The deranged, I’m-stuck-in-the-iron-age old tosser sounds just like a lot of those American xtian fundies we read about so often on this site who seemingly want to destroy just about anybody and everybody who isn’t in their faith group. Different religions, same insidious hatred for anyone who doesn’t share their warped and dangerous view of the world.

    Interestingly, however, has anybody actually observed god going ‘fuck it, I’ll let them have that one’ and smiting a few million enemies with one divine blow? Can’t say I’ve seen anything remotely like it on the news lately. Strange that.

    By the way, barriejohn – that video you linked to is hysterical!

  15. Russell W says:


    Re Hellenistic influence on Judaism

    I can’t remember the source,when the Seleucids(or Romans) ruled Palestine,there’s a story about a rabbi closing his synagogue so he could spend the afternoon at the gym.
    Since pagans were generally tolerant of other religions and not evangelistic,in a pagan society we would have been spared the lunacy of Christian and Islamic theocracies.


    Don’t expect anything from the UN,just check the membership of the UN ‘Human Rights’ Commission.

  16. MrGronk says:

    “May God strike them down with the plague along with all the nasty Palestinians who persecute Israel.”
    He’s got the speech patterns of an 8-year-old and the limitless spite of a 5-year-old.

  17. Grouchodawg says:

    Its an freaking shame that religion and politics have to intermingle so intimately. Karl Marx was right – Religion is the opiate of the masses. The Becktacle (i.e., Glen Beck Rally in DC)was a total religious/political mix. Out of all the 535 members of the US Congress, only one congressman states that he does not believe in God. Our US Founders – Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison – believed in a non-interventionist higher power, not one who listens to you and answers your prayers. They firmly believed in a secular nation.

  18. brian says:

    “Its an freaking shame that religion and politics have to intermingle so intimately.”

    Religion is inherently political.

    “re·li·gion   [ri-lij-uhn]
    1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe…”

  19. Jobrag says:

    When “God” fails to perform the requested smiting, will the followers of loons such as this start to think that maybe, just maybe, the old sky fairy doesn’t actually exist. I live in hope.

  20. gsw says:

    So when a muslim puts threats on the internet to kill people, based on the ‘all jews are monkeys and the rest of us are dogs (or visa versa), this is religious freedom.

    But when a shaman expresses the heartfelt wish that his invisible friend smite down all his country’s enemies – that is hate speech?

    He should be locked up in a mental home? Not, I note, because he believes in an imaginary, all-seeing, all-powerful creator of the universe, but because he asks this mythical being to keep its promises? What about the other 7 Billion people who believe the same things?

    PC gone mad!

  21. Newspaniard says:

    Anyone notice: Saeb Erakat condemned the remarks as ‘An incitement to genocide’ He is absolutely right to be upset, the incitement to genocide is the sole reserve of good old Saeb and his death cult mates. Tsk. Tsk. Anyone else notice the great jacket the rabbi is wearing? M & S do you think?

  22. No one is forcing the Israeli-Arabs to stay in Israel if they hate it so much and persist in denigrating it all the time let them go and live with their co-religionists in Gaza or in the West-bank arab populated towns I’m sure they would return very quickly indeed.
    There are 21 arab states and only one Jewish-State. however the Koran expressly forbids a Jewish state, because the Jews have forfeited their right to self determination and forever will have to be dhimmis living under the protection of Islam, that is why those Islamofascists
    hate the Jews so much. As far as I am concerned those murderers of Jews should all be nuked. Wherever they go in the world they cause trouble and inflict their religion on everyone. They build mosques in their adopted countries although the building of churches in Saudi-Arabia is forbidden, even bringing in bibles by non-muslim foreign workers is also forbidden, If Islam is such a superior religion compared to other beliefs why should they be frightened if foreign workers bring in their bibles and pray. Christians are fleeing for their lives from Iraq today because they are being vitimized and warned either convert to islam or die, Christians at prayer in church for Xmas in Pakistan were warned enter the church to paray at your peril,they did and many were gunned down by those islamofacsist scum.
    The Jews never inflicted their religion on anybody. They had much to be angry about, treated both badly in both camps, christianity and islam. At the close of the 1940s there was one million jews living in the arab speaking world excluding of course Saudi-Arabia and the gulf states with the exception of Bahrain. Today there is only around 5 to 6,000 at the most mainly in Morocco and Tunisia, that is what i call ethnic-cleansing. my family fled for their lives with just the shirts on their back from Aleppo, Syria in 1947, after we experienced a terrible murderous spree by arab mob violence encouraged by the government.

  23. May be when the majority of muslims stop cursing the Jews, praying not only for the destruction of ‘The State of Israel’ but also all world Jewry, I don’t imagine for one minute that Ex-Chief Rabbi ovadia yosef
    would curse any muslims again. however until that magic time happens,
    for my part all those Jew-hating scum can drop dead.