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Christians, Muslims and Jews urged to unite in a war against atheists

ITALIAN rationalists are demanding the resignation of the country’s Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini over incendiary remarks he made in an article he wrote for the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano. Frattini, according to atheist Marc Alan di Martino’s blog, labelled atheists as “perverse” and a “threat to society”. Frattini called on Christians, Muslims and Jews to […]

Choose your officiant carefully if you’re getting spliced in the Maldives

A WESTERN couple visiting the Maldives were unwittingly subjected to a torrent of Islamic insults when they exchanged wedding vows at a luxury resort. [youtube][/youtube] The English-speaking couple thought that the man conducting their marriage at the Vilu Reef Beach and Spa resort was blessing them during a Muslim ceremony, but what he was really […]

Advertising Standards Authority ruling a sinister threat to freedom of expression

THE National Secular Society (NSS) has accused advertising watchdog the ASA of “reintroducing the blasphemy law” following its decision to ban the Antonio Federici ice cream advert showing two priests about to kiss. The Society, according this report,  is calling on Communications Minister Ed Vaizey to investigate the the ASA’s decision to ban the ad […]

Italian Catholics turn hallowe’en holy

YOUNG Catholic parishioners throughout Italy are preparing for “Holywe’en”. Instead of dressing up as witches, demons, vampires, zombies, trolls – or predatory priests – godly youngsters from some 30 Italian cities will spend October 31 hanging pictures of saints from their windows and balconies to celebrate the eve of All Saint’s Day. Yawn. Said Sara […]

Mystic dies in stand-off with a volcano

A MAN appointed by the late sultan of Yogyakarta to keep Indonesia’s Mount Merapi under control with a cocktail of mysticism and Islamic prayer lost his latest battle with the volcano this week. According to this report, the spiritual guardian –  a tiny man in his 80s known as Grandfather Marijan – was buried in […]

Muslim ‘peace event’ goes ahead without Conservative chair Baroness Warsi

FLAGGED as “a crucial platform for interfaith dialogue and exchange of ideas towards fostering mutual understanding between people from every faith and background in a bid for greater community cohesion” a great big Muslim gathering took place in London this weekend. But notably absent from the shindig – the fifth Global Peace and Unity Event […]

Canadian pastor defends Upside-Down Church; says it’s not blasphemous

AMERICAN artist Dennis Hopper’s controversial Upside-Down Church, entitled “Device to Root Out Evil” – a piece currently on a lease to Calgary’s Glenbow Museum – has been defended by pastor John Pentland, of Hillhurst United Church. Pentland reflected on the fact that Jesus and his followers did turn things upside down. Jesus, he said, embraced […]

Crazy Christian Nadia Eweida is still banging on about that bloody cross

DETERMINED as ever to prove that she was a victim of “religious descrimination”, British Airways employee and all-round pain-in-the-arse Nadia Eweida says she is planning to take her case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Eweida, you will recall, was sent home from work in September 2006 after she refused to abide by […]