Our Imbecile of the Week award goes to fundie nutter Eugene Delgaudio

WHO is Eugene Delgaudio?

Republican moron Eugene Delgaudio

The Merino-faced numpty is an obscure Republican politician in Virginia who made a complete berk of himself this week with the latest of his moronic anti-gay outbursts.

The über-conservative Delgaudio is convinced that airport security “pat-downs” are part of “a wide-scale homosexual agenda”, and in an e-mail sent in his capacity as President of the conservative non-profit and completely lame-brained Public Advocate of the United States, denounced the Transport Security Administration’s non-discrimination policy as:

The federal employee’s version of the Gay Bill of Rights.

And he added that the next person who pats you down at the security gate could be a homosexual:

Getting pleasure from your submission.

Public Advocate promotes “American family values” homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny and the like, and Delgaudio represents Sterling on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

Earlier, the twat reportedly said the “homosexual agenda” in Congress promotes same-sex marriages and adoptions, which would lead to:

Men hand-in-hand skipping down to adoption centers to ‘pick out’ a little boy for themselves.

Hat tip: Alan B