Woman, traumatised by her televangelist boss’s infidelity, sues for millions

A CHRISTIAN fundie who worked for a prominent US televangelist – the Rev Marcus Lamb – is suing her boss for millions, claiming that Lamb’s recently admitted extramarital affair with a third party caused her “great emotional pain”.

Jeanette Hawkins added that Lamb’s out-of-wedlock tryst compromised the Christian values she expected in the workplace.

The Rev Marcus Lamb admitted infidelity

Lamb appeared on national television earlier this week to admit to the affair, and said that three people demanded $7.5 million from him to stay quiet about his infidelity.

Immediately after, Hawkins filed a suit in Dallas County District Court. She says she had been hired by Lamb and a female executive at DayStar TV in 2005 to be the marketing director. She was assured that she would be working in a Christian setting.

However, according to Hawkins’ suit, the TV minister and the other woman were involved in a lingering affair that went against the network’s values. Hawkins said that functioning under such perversion is what caused her “great emotional pain”.

In this report Hawkins said DayStar’s misrepresentations caused her so much “severe emotional trauma” that she became depressed, suicidal and was involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

Hawkins’ suit also states that she eventually received copies of Lamb’s e-mails that confirmed the affair.  These included “many lewd statements” which showed that the network’s funds helped pay for “trysts in other locations”.

The suit goes on, stating:

Lamb wrote in one of his emails to [the woman] that he could not wait to make her the next Mrs Marcus Lamb.

Lamb’s supporters on the broadcast repeatedly described the affair and the extortion plot as an attempt by the Devil to discredit the evangelist couple and their ministry, although Lamb has said that only he is to blame for his wrongdoing.

Hawkins’ attorney, James Fisher, said that he had met DayStar lawyers to try and reach a settlement, but he would not disclose the specific amount he asked for. Fisher would only acknowledge that it is a “multimillion-dollar case”.

DayStar is rooted in Pentecostalism, the Christian tradition known for its spirit-filled worship, and its belief in modern-day miracles and everyday battles with evil influences. The network airs some of the highest-profile evangelists in the world, including Joel Osteen, T D Jakes, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar and Joyce Meyers.

26 responses to “Woman, traumatised by her televangelist boss’s infidelity, sues for millions”

  1. Stuart W says:

    A good one to store away in your memory box for the next time a fundie think tank complains that Christians are portrayed as nutters. Feeling$ of $uicide and a $tay in a mental in$titution becau$e her bo$$ played away? Perhaps she could try a book that I’ve heard Christians talk about quite a lot that is supposedly the greatest pick-me-up in the world.

  2. Broga says:

    These tele-evangelists are entertainers. Nothing to do with belief, faith, religion. Just put on a performance and make loads of money and shag any women who come along while spinning them a tale. The film of Elmer Gantry, from the Sinclair Lewis novel,gives an entertaining view of a preacher/entertainer on the make.

    This poor guy has obviously been seduced away from the faith by the devil. One he gets back on track, all sins forgiven, he will be a better man.

    Heard a bit of some bishop on the Sunday programme saying the Christionuts had gone too far on the “I’m a victim. I’ve been marginalised.” The irony that seems to escape them is that their “victimhood and marginalising” is expounded endlessly on entire programmes devoted solely to their weird superstitions.

  3. mikespeir says:

    Speaking of the Devil, he almost had me wrestled to the ground with a sarcastic thought: If extortion doesn’t work, try a lawsuit. But I won’t say that. (And, in fact, it’s probably not true.)

    But I do wonder about this gem: “She was assured that she would be working in a Christian setting.” I mean, really, these kinds of hijinks are pretty much par for the course in “Christian settings,” I think.

  4. AngieRS says:

    Just gets better and better.

  5. Alan says:

    I don’t know why these guys just don’t say look God is a randy old bastard who wants you to be fruitful and multiply. It would get them out of so much trouble and hypocrisy

  6. Anonymous says:

    The list of televangelists broadcast by Daystar matches up nicely to the Senate investigation a few years ago: Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, and Joyce Meyer… (oh, Eddie Long was another one)

    “In another development, the Church of God denomination based in Cleveland, Tenn., said Marcus Lamb will have to go through a lengthy “restoration process” to remain one of its ordained bishops.”

  7. tony e says:

    US televangelist caught in extra marital affair! It must have been at least a week since that last happened.

    I would type the names the televangelists who have been caught out
    but I’m afraid I’d develop RSI.


    This is about as surprising as learning another priest has messed with his altar boy.

  9. Diane says:

    She was assured that she would be working in a Christian setting.

    She was working in a christian setting.

    The christian ‘light’ workplace, where these televangelists get rich by asking people to donate money, then use this money for their own personal pleasure. They don’t have to answer to anybody and their old wives become boring. They carry on affairs, when they are found out/blackmailed they cry and repent and marry their mistress.
    How can she sue?

  10. Lurker111 says:

    Wasn’t it DayStar Productions that produced the original Outer Limits?

    Just sayin’ …

  11. Reginald Selkirk says:

    She’s going to lose her lawsuit.

  12. Broga says:


    It is a long time since I saw Burt Lancaster in Elmer Gantry but I think Elmer fought the devil in a boxing match. Not really any more ridiculous, and with the advantage of being funny, to what goes on today.

    The long “restoration” process. Interesting use of the word. Not rehabilitation. Makes him sound like a building. Or is plastic surgery involved?

  13. Lance says:

    Could be worse. At least the person he was canoodling with is a god approved female. Imagine the scandal if…

  14. Mike says:

    Go forth and multiply ?

  15. Anonymous says:

    To Broga’s reading recommendation of Elmer Gantry, I add Tambourines to Glory by Langston Hughes.

  16. chrsbol says:

    Hawkins had a little Lamb
    She caught it with its pants down
    Took it to the county court
    And sued for mental breakdown.

  17. Daz says:

    I’d love to be traumatised to the tune of several millions. Lookin’ for creative ideas, if anyone has any…

    Lurker111: Yeah, twas. Don’t know if there’s an actual connection, but it staill raised a snigger

  18. sailor1031 says:

    “Joel Osteen, T D Jakes, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar and Joyce Meyers.”

    Fine company indeed!

    Daz: just sue your boss for mental anguish because she/he had it with someone else,not you! Say she/he promised you’d be working in a horny environment…….

  19. Graham says:

    Money seems to be a great healer. It,s a miracle!

  20. NeoWolfe says:

    Broga said:

    “Nothing to do with belief, faith, religion.”

    I understand your point, that really it’s about money. It’s business.

    On the other hand it is everything about religion. Preying upon people’s fear of death and the need to feel a purpose in life. I understand the fear of death, every species has it, we often call it the will to survive.

    But, I believe that tree squirrels spend little time pondering why they are here. That search for a mystical meaning for our existence is what has made our species vulnerable to the shamans, priests, and fakers. It trumps reason for a majority of humans. The thing that trumps it in return is the will to breed.

    The idea that as a voter, and a freethinker, that you can divert humanity from it’s headlong path into circumstance is at least, arrogant. But, I wish us luck.


  21. Tom Rees says:

    This tele-evangelism lark seems nice work if you can get it.

  22. mikespeir says:

    Not just anybody can do that kind of work, Tom. You have to be able to spew crap without bursting out laughing. That takes a rare talent. I don’t think I’d be up to the challenge.

  23. Neuseline says:

    Let’s face it, Marcus Lamb is quite a good-looking guy and I suggest that Jeannette Hawkins was in love with him. Her “great emotional pain” is the result of her not being his love-object and jealousy of the “other woman”.

    I hope she loses her claim and is made to pay his costs,

  24. Etienne says:

    …”highest-profile evangelists in the world”
    What does that mean exactly? Is there a special ranking system for nonsense tellers?
    Let’s try with other professions:

    …”highest-profile fortune-tellers in the world”
    …”highest-profile homeopaths in the world”
    …”highest-profile liers in the world”

    OK, it is not very funny. However…

  25. Milz says:

    Affairs are so a part of a Christian setting, what is her problem? When Christianity was founded in the East, you’d have a Wife, a Mistress and a young boy….WOO!

  26. Robster says:

    He didn’t pick ME! Boo hoo…