BBC braced for a flood of complaints over interview with Christian Voice fanatic

FOLLOWING the news this week that Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish were celebrating the birth of their first son, BBC 1’s flagship News at Six – in a shocking example of anti-gay bias – called on Christian rent-a-gob Stephen Green to comment on the event.

With the introduction “not everyone is pleased to see such a high profile same sex couple start to raise a surrogate child”, Lizo Mzimba, the BBC’s entertainment correspondent proceeded to interview Christian Voice’s demented head, without any warning that the fanatic has, in the past, supported the death penalty for gay men.

In an interview that was visibly edited together, Green told the BBC:

This isn’t just a designer baby for Sir Elton John, this is a designer accessory… [cut] Now it seems like money can buy him anything, and so he has entered into this peculiar arrangement…[cut] The baby is a product of it. A baby needs a mother and it seems an act of pure selfishness to deprive a baby of a mother.

Green has previously supported a proposed death penalty for gay men in Uganda, called openly gay rugby star Gareth Thomas a “wicked” role model for children and compared openly gay singer Ian Watkins (H from the band Steps) to a mass murderer.

Immediately after the broadcast, Pink News demanded an explanation from the BBC as to why this gay-sex obsessed nutter had been called upon to comment on the surrogate birth of Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. As of yesterday, the BBC had not responded to Pink News‘s questions.

The paper pointed out:

Unfortunately, it is far from the first time that the BBC has been accused of homophobia. Last year, the corporation was forced to apologise after the BBC News website hosted a debate entitled “should homosexuals face execution?”

Pink News then called on readers to complain to the BBC:

If you are outraged at the decision to not only interview Mr Green but also to omit that he holds extremist views, you may wish to make your voice heard.

By all accounts a great many people did – and  if you want to register a complaint, you can access the BBC online complaints form here , or you can telephone 03700 100 222.

The BBC Trust regulate the BBC, if you are unhappy with the response you get from the BBC itself, you can contact the BBC Trust here.

The BBC like all broadcasters in the UK is also regulated by Ofcom. You can complain to them directly by clicking here.

The director general of the BBC is often requested to give evidence to the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. You can contact the committee by clicking here.

24 responses to “BBC braced for a flood of complaints over interview with Christian Voice fanatic”

  1. remigius says:

    … [cut]

    Barry, if you’re going to give your opinion of Green after every soundbite you could at least spell it correctly!

  2. Newspaniard says:

    What do you expect when the head of BBC is a xtian fundie himself?

  3. barriejohn says:

    Why would Green be called upon for an opinion at all? Who is he, and who exactly does he represent to be given a platform by a national broadcaster? As with the Mail’s current “anti-secularism” campaign, it would be interesting to know who is pulling the strings!

  4. Broga says:

    With Mark Thomson, the “devout” RC Director General, biased interviews in favour of Ratzinger and against any appearance by an atheist, A BBC Trust which seems unable to control Thompson in his enthusiasm for Ratzi idolatory and decision to dismiss out of hand a document from the NSS aguing for a secular voice on Thought for the Day, the squandering of licence money on Ratzi sycophancy and so much of a similar nature don’t hold your breath for anything to happen of significance.

    Green is a fundamentalist clown, if he has done any public good it is unknown, he is a foaming at the mouth fool. Are we to accept that the BBC did not know what it was getting into in allowing this fool time on the air? The BBC needs looking at in relation to its role as the propaganda arm of the Vatican in particular and religion in general. Daily, it shames itself by its bias and bigotry.

  5. andrea says:

    what the f*** has this got to do with Green anyway? He’s not only green he’s rotten!

  6. Marcus says:

    Complaint duly submitted to the beeb.

  7. Alan says:

    I think it is a mistake to complain to the BBC. The more people like him, Anjem Choudray, The BNP’s Rev West and other religious nuts wheeled out by the BBC to comment on these type of stories the better. These guys have done more harm to religion in the eyes of the public than any NSS campaign. So I say lets have more of them. Each time they appear it is more rope to hang themselves with

  8. Don says:

    Fair point, Alan. But being seen on the BBC does imply an importance which which Green, Choudray and West do not in fact have. It skews the reality of sad little bigots puffing themselves up.

  9. JohnMWhite says:

    I have no idea what relevance Green’s opinion or even the ‘Christian Opinion’ he proclaims to spout (which he doesn’t) has to the fact that two private citizens are adopting a child via surrogacy. For the BBC to ask for a religious opinion on it is to put a moral value on it, and clearly a negative one at that. This is not something for society at large to moralise over, and I really had hoped people had gotten over the idea of homosexuals raising children by now – it is far from new or shocking. Unfortunately it seems the BBC want to stir something and this is yet another example of what drives Dawkins nuts – religion being given far too high a place in public discourse. What one particular interpretation of one particular faith thinks about two gay men having a child is utterly irrelevant to the discussion and should not be countenanced in the least.

    The BBC ought to be ashamed of themselves for lending a platform to vicious, violent homophobes, but unfortunately I fear that at least at the top they are proud to be doing their duty for Jesus. Naturally, were the shoe on the other foot, Christian Voice would be the first to scream bloody murder over a Muslim-run BBC airing the views of a cleric who thinks church services are idolatry that deserves punishment by death, or worse… a secular BBC paying no mind to any religion at all.

  10. remigius says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Christian Voice rent-a-gob Stephen Birdshit Green is an anagram of…

    Chronic arse-bandit pestering gob-shite in TV here.

  11. Alan says:

    @Don I would disagree the more the public see these guys sprout their poison the angrier they get and the more intolerant they become of theism and its bigotry. The BBC gives them a bigger audience and therefore will generate more anger than they would normally generate

  12. Stonyground says:

    Hopefully, the antics of nutters like Green and the RCC among others will cause people to think twice before they put Christian on their 2011 census form.

  13. Jimbo says:

    I think it’s a good idea. Britain’s favorite nutter does an excellent job of making religion look silly. Long may he keep up the good work!

  14. Marcus says:


    I agree. Simply by airing opinions from the likes of Green the BBC is, by implication, giving legitimacy and credence to extremism. Indeed, by being given the opportunity to spout off on the box in front of millions of people who have no idea the idiot has publicly endorsed the killing of gay people, Birdshit is somehow being presented as having a serious, mainstream point of view. When in fact Christian Voice seems to number just one person – namely Green. So I do think the more complaints the beeb gets the better.

  15. JohnMWhite says:

    If someone has a clip (or a transcript of the complete interview) I would appreciate it. I’d like to add my tuppence worth to the BBC, but in the interest of fairness I’d rather see the actual video, and cannot currently watch BBC videos.

  16. Stuart W says:

    Big bloody deal; he thinks the kid is a ‘designer baby’ and a product of ‘selfishness’. Sentiments like this already pervade the Daily Mail comments forums and other places. Providing Green is not getting paid, it is far better to argue back (and goodness knows when it comes to Green there is more than enough ammunition), than call for a ban. Flooding the Beeb with complaints is playing into his self-important, fame-hungry hands.

  17. JohnMWhite says:

    I don’t see anyone calling for a ban to Stephen Green speaking. The issue is that the BBC think him, a man so unhinged he believes humans should be killed for being gay, to be an appropriate person to talk to when discussing a homosexual couple having a child. There is absolutely no reason for the Beeb to leap to such an extremist position, and to provide it with no real rebuttal and, in particular, with no mention of just how viciously homophobic Green really is. It would be like CNN declaring Obama the US President and immediately asking the KKK leader for his reaction. You can’t BAN them from doing it, but why would they be so utterly stupid as to think the KKK were the people with the most relevant thing to say?

  18. NeoWolfe says:

    Damnit!!! There was an ex-journalist who wrote a book called, “Bad News”. I searched for it on the web but was deluged by google with fifty million hits. I saw an interview with the author, whose name I can’t remember, and the jist was that journalism has changed dramatically since the seventies. Newspaper reporting used to be about collecting and verifying hard facts. The only opinions you would find was on the editorial page.

    I don’t receive BBC on my basic cable, and judging from comments of fellow freethinkers, I wouldn’t care to pay to get it. But, in the US, there is Fox News which is a right wing rag, and MSNBC which is progressive liberal. CNN, which is really struggling in its ratings is trying to be genuinely centrist. If you guys ever get a chance to watch Fareed Zacharia, smart guy, great guests.

    My point is, to be a journalist, if you are going to follow a philosophical story, you must get both sides of the debate on record. I am in agreement with Alan, who said:

    “So I say lets have more of them. Each time they appear it is more rope to hang themselves with”

    But, when only one side of the debate is heard, it’s not journalism, it’s propaganda in the guise of entertainment.


  19. Stuart W says:

    That’s a very fair point John, and I’ve read similar thought-stirring parallels on other sites this evening. I suppose I was thinking more about how, if this complaints campaign does gain momentum, Green and others will twist it for years to come into supposed proof that gay people want anybody who raises a disapproving eyebrow about issues like same-sex parenting gagged by PC tape.
    Having said that, I have never, ever seen anyone in the media – even other Christians – profess to being a fan of Green’s and for that reason I still don’t think harm was really done here. Before and after, the guy is as popular as a tube strike.

  20. JohnMWhite says:

    @ StuartW: Yeah, I think you’re right that a campaign against such hatespeech could easily be manipulated into Christian Voice crying persecution, but they are doing that anyway – they cry persecution at the mere existence of same sex couples, or at such simple things as the Human Rights Act telling them they can no longer treat gay people like scum. It’ll be another arrow in their quiver, but I am unsure how much difference it would make. Then again, I suppose a campaign might not make much of a gain against a stonewalling (for lack of a better term) BBC. And you’re right that no one seems to be a fan of Green or claim he is speaking for them, except his own organisation (is there anyone else in it?). For some reason, though, someone in the Beeb seems to have him in their Rolodex as a go-to guy for supposed moral issues, and that says something rather creepy about Auntie.

  21. Milz says:

    Why the hell give Green air-time at at all? wtf is the BBC playing at?

  22. JohnMWhite says:

    “wtf is the BBC playing at?”


  23. gsw says:

    When a young girl is raped and faces death or abortion – the church would like to force her to go through with the pregnancy.
    When a young woman with syphilis, unable to provide for or love a child, is told by the church that she may not abort the baby (which being innnocent would no doubt go straight to god?).

    But when a loving couple who are unable to have children themselves, want to give a child all the love and benefits they can, THEN the church thinks it would be better if it is not born.

    Bloody hypocrites!

  24. Robster says:

    Jeez, this churchy moron is packed to the gills with good old fashioned hate. He and the organisations he represents are founded on hate and a big steaming pile of unbridled bigotry. How can the BBC not be aware if this?