Stand by for ‘A Day of Purity’

TWO crazy Christian organisations renowned for their intolerance towards gay rights – and many other things besides – have combined to organise “A Day of Purity” in the UK next month.

Hilariously, Stephen “Birdshit” Green’s UK outfit, Christian Voice, and Mat Staver’s US-based Liberty Counsel, have chosen Valentine’s Day – February 14 – to stage their comical event.

Valentine’s Day, according to Wikipedia, is set aside each year to celebrate “love and affection between intimate companions”. But love and affection are the last things one would ever associate with either of these hateful Christian organisations.

According to a report in The Free Press, an on-line “newspaper” run by British journalist Alan Franklin – who “opened his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ” in 1983 – and his American wife Pat, who lost her marbles to Jesus two years earlier, the “Day of Purity” is to be held:

Alan Franklin on the cover of his European Union DVD

To combat the increasing wave of immorality sweeping our nation.

The rest of The Free Press report comprises Green burbling on about the lamentable state of the British nation. And he lambasts our education system for:

Encouraging young people to experiment in under age sex and many have tapped into vices of drugs, alcohol and promiscuity before they can even understand, let alone contemplate, a committed marital relationship.

Green asserts:

Our modern society has encouraged a lifestyle which is contrary to the Word of God with images on MTV, cinema and popular music. Holiness seems prudish and chastity confined to the Victorian era. Such negativity about virtue needs to be countered.

For this purpose, our Lord is raising up those who will pray for our nation’s youth – and adults – who want change. The Holy Spirit challenges the Body of Christ to repent for our own lack of witness, for turning a blind eye to sin and for failing to demand that our Government should stop teaching promiscuity to our children in sex education classes, stop giving information that is contrary to natural modesty and virtue and which flies in the face of the Word of God and go back to the Creator for His eternal blueprint!

Alan Franklin, by the way, is no fan of the European Union, and has produced a tedious DVD in which he apparently attacks the EU’s godlessness, among other things.  The DVD is comprehensively rubbished in a review on Amazon.

30 responses to “Stand by for ‘A Day of Purity’”

  1. Ivan says:

    Positively dripping with sexual repression.

  2. Albie says:

    Yes stop this sex ed malarky in schools, much better to have them living in fear and guilt and ignorant about STI’s. Not being able to make informed decisions will also reduce child pregnancy.

    I am now determined to make valentines day as hedonistic as possible.

  3. Great link on that website:

    Proof if ever you needed it that either “God” is an idiot and couldn’t dictate something as simple as basic clear rules for living that couldn’t be misinterpreted,…

    Or that humans wrote the bible.

  4. The Woggler says:

    The Day of Purity website says the event will take place on “…Valentines Day or the previous weekday.” Which is it? Monday or Friday? Surely God needs to know so he can plan ahead and be ready for them.

  5. AngieRS says:

    Wow, Greens found a mate. Now I understand why he’s smartened himself up. Trying to impress the boyfriend.

  6. tony e says:

    I can honestly state that I think I would be a lot more tolerant of religion if the twats that practice it kept their beliefs to themselves. Why are other peoples sex lives a constant source of interest to these people?

    It makes me laugh that the religious have this ‘moral compass’ when it comes to sex. Not a week goes by without yet another priest fiddling with a kid, or some minister being caught with their pants down.

    Compared with that lot of repressed fools i’d rather get a lecture on morality from Josef Mengele

  7. Broga says:

    Green’s idea that the Victorian era was chaste is novel. Knocking shops were everywhere, VD was rife, and the aristocracy heavily into shagging. The king helped himself, of course, and the compliant and attractive wives of courtiers who opened their legs to him could expect preferment for their husbands. (Plus ca change, you might say).

    Serving wenches who got pregnant would be thrown out of the great houses amidst fulminations about immorality.

  8. Think or GTFO says:

    Yeah that’s gonna work out just fine.

  9. Marcus says:

    “For this purpose, our Lord is raising up those who will pray for our nation’s youth…”

    I wish he’d get on with it and raise them up to the pearly gates PDQ. I’m getting sick and tired of whinging, whining, moralising toerags like Green and his insipid band of deluded tosspots trying to foist their repugnant views on everyone else. If you don’t like it, fuck off and live on a desert island somewhere you priggish, pontificating wankers!

    Ah, that feels a lot better.

  10. Anonymous says:

    But but but… abstinence gives you STDs!

    STDs and Immaculate Infection

  11. ZombieHunter says:

    I love how bible bashers always go on about MTV as if it’s the cornerstone of youth culture, nobody really gives a shit about MTV as far as I know besides they don’t even play the music I like, I used to get a couple of hours once a week in the wee small hours if I was lucky but I don’t even get that anymore.

    well this’ll be another event that dies on it’s arse before it’s even happened so lets point and laugh as green and co make a tit of themselves yet again.

  12. Graham Martin-Royle says:

    Can anyone explain why a god that is soooooo powerful that it created the whole universe would be the slightest bit interested with what we do with our jiggly bits?

  13. Chris says:

    “Lost her marbles to Jesus” 😀 Oh, I am so going to use that line at some point!

  14. Broga says:

    Anonymous: So how are the abstainers getting STDs? Maybe god is punishing them for not using what he gave them. Couple of billion stars in the Milky Way; billions of galaxies and he is obsessed by what we do with our genitals. Somehow doesn’t make sense – unless you are a fundamentalist christian.

    Heard somebody on Thought for the Day this morning whining away about the bible – the KJ version – being not just wonderful language but also the word of god. Seems we need to remember this and not just the language. Does that include the bits about slavery being OK and what you can do with your daughter if she offends, or people who work on a Sunday etc……. He didn’t say.

    I agree about the language. I can still recite whole chunks of the KJ version. More than most christians, in my experience. However, I also started in on the bits we are usually not expected to read.

  15. Stonyground says:

    Marcus, you need to remember that blogs like this one like to report on the antics of Green and his ilk because we all like to point and laugh. Nobody else pays him any attention as far as I am aware.

    Although I have a hugely varied and eclectic taste in music, I would mainly watch pop music channels for the scantily dressed female singers and dancers. The fact that that kind of stuff pisses off people like Steven Green is a bonus.

  16. Marcus says:

    Stonyground I do know what you mean. But it still riles me that these clowns are out there at all. Mind you, it’s a good excuse to vent the old spleen once in a while. Very cathartic!

  17. barriejohn says:

    Angie: I wonder whether Green and Franklin will be entering into a civil partnership. Just a thought!

  18. CriticalEyeYayeye says:

    The “Day of Purity” is pure Excrement!

  19. Newspaniard says:

    You can bet your socks that the BBC will not keep quiet about this if their fundie DG has his way.

  20. Maz Paterson says:

    Really who listens to crazy god people..other crazy god lovers… They r entertainment to us..

  21. Stuart W says:

    Interesting; the Christian Voice application form that the article links to has a tick box for Gift Aid which means that Green can claim extra money from the taxpayer whenever somebody pays their membership fee. Should this be allowed when CV is a think tank and not a registered charity?

  22. AngieRS says:

    Barriejohn. I doubt it, I reckon he likes it dark and dirty… 😉

  23. Don says:


    Yes, heard that TFTD and exactly the same thing occurred to me.

    BTW, are you familiar with this site?

  24. Buffy says:

    I feel compelled to have hot gay sex on the 14th in their honor.

  25. jaffacakes says:

    Holiness seems prudish and chastity confined to the Victorian era.


    The man is an idiot. Why do people think the Victorian era was an era of Christian virtue. There was 1 lady of the night for every 20 men during Victorian times in London. Today that would be over 200,000 based on a low guestimate of 4 million men.

    If chastity was so widespread why didnt the population plummet.

  26. NeoWolfe says:

    Well, being a freethinker is certainly the catbird seat, isn’t it? We ARE the lucky ones. We can take off the blinders and get the bigger picture.

    But, here’s some food for thought. There was probably a time, in human evolution when a neighbor, a tribesman would hit you in the head with a rock tied at the end of a stick and kill you because he was attracted to your mate. Is it possible that these primitive rambling of these fundies with dubious motive really have their roots in humans attempting to rise out of chaos to civilization?

    Stanger yet. When I was growing up, as a child, if a housewife showed up to church with a black eye, with a story about walking into a door, the shame was on HER, and the assumption was that she has left her husband without option. Not good.

    Since, we have adjusted our views of sexual equality and domestic violence, but look at the unintended consequences. We went from divorce being rare, to fifty percent of marriages ending within the first five years.

    Can it be true, that bold and adventurous as us freethinkers are, that we are pushing too hard for society to catch up with those with open eyes? Tough question, for sure. Because in Pakistan, and India, and Iran trying to join the game, there a fundies with their finger on the nuclear trigger. The alarm is sounding, and there is no snooze button. What are we to do?

    Well, if you hear the alarm, you might set aside your atheist arrogance and realize that there are other groups that do not call themselves atheists, that share the goal. To separate church and state, and dial back the power of religion. As never before, the time is now for sanity.

    (sigh) And I am not a fucking troll.

  27. barriejohn says:

    Stuart W: There is no mention of Christian Voice being a charity that I can see, but I assume that it is from this article:

    But do you recall that Green seemed to object to OTHER charities receiving money – a stance which (as per usual) backfired spectacularly once again! Maybe we should christen him “Stephen Bean”!!

  28. Milz says:

    WHY ARE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE SO OBSESSED WITH SEX?! I mean come on, shouldn’t their concerns lie with more important things like focusing on becoming a good, kind, honest, loyal, respectful human being?
    I think a priest who buggers little boys, or a husband who goes home and beats his wife, should be the focus of these mad immorality claims… rather then two consenting adults having sex….I mean PERSPECTIVES PEOPLE!

  29. barriejohn says:

    Not all religious people, Milz, but the followers of Christianity and Islam mainly (though the ideas did come from other eastern philosophies). This is because they have constructed this “spiritual” realm where everything is pure and holy, so, ipso facto, the “material world” – along with its “animal passions” – must of necessity be dark and evil. Paul imported these ideas into the fledgling Christian faith (see Romans in particular), because this philosophy seems to have been the means by which he had come to terms with whatever personal demons it was that were torturing him (some have suggested homosexuality), and so we have been cursed with the idea that sex is somehow shameful and abhorrent, and that “the flesh” has to be “kept under”!

  30. Robster says:

    How many votes for St Valentines day? ….Good. Now, how many votes for a fun filled christian day of purity? What, none? Come on…We could celebrate with pure water, wash each other with pure detergent and add interest with say, pure Scotch. Now we’re talking. Let’s get pure!