More trouble for Benny (The Hair) Hinn

A CHRISTIAN multi-media company, which claims to be “the leading charismatic/Pentecostal publisher in the world”, is suing televangelist and faith healer Benny Hinn, saying he violated a morality clause in their contract when he began an “inappropriate relationship” with another evangelist.

Florida based Charisma Media (formerly Strang Communications) is demanding that Hinn coughs up $250,000.

Last August, Hinn admitted to a “friendship” with evangelist Paula White after The National Enquirer published photos of them in Rome, holding hands.

White and Hinn

Hinn was married at the time. His wife, Suzanne, had filed for divorce a few months earlier.

Three years earlier, Hinn had signed a three-book deal with the then Strang Communications Co of Lake Mary, Fl. He was paid a $300,000 advance on the first one, Blood in the Sand, according to the suit.

Hinn acknowledged to his publisher “his inappropriate relationship” with White in August, according to the suit, and agreed that the publisher should get back its money, but he has yet to pay up.

In a letter attached to the suit, the publisher also accused Hinn of violated the contract by failing to work hard enough to market Blood in the Sand.

He failed to make television appearances to promote it, including several on the “700 Club”, wrote the publishers’s attorney Chris Vlahos.

Hinn lives in suburban Los Angeles. He moved there in 1999 after building a national audience at his faith-healing center, World Outreach Center on Forest City Road in Orlando, where he preached for 14 years.

15 responses to “More trouble for Benny (The Hair) Hinn”

  1. Enda says:

    At the very least it was with another woman of proper age and consent and he was going through a divorce at the time. In religious circles that really does make him saint when compared to the child raping/ polygamists/drug addled hypocrites of other sects.

  2. mikespeir says:

    We need a poll: Will this end Hinn’s career? Yes or No.

    On the other hand, don’t bother. I think we all know the answer.

  3. Mike says:

    I loved him in Star Wars.

  4. NeoWolfe says:


    I understand the conflict you are reporting. In the world of christian fundamentalism, one is not really free from a marriage until officially divorced. Additionally, unless his divorce is requested on the grounds of adultery, it is moot.

    But, Enda makes a good point:

    “In religious circles that really does make him saint when compared to the child raping/ polygamists/drug addled hypocrites of other sects.”

    He/she forgot murder (i.e. Jim Jones), but, the point remains well taken. But, the fact that it is not your most powerful comment, ever, can certainly be attributed to a slow news day. 🙂


  5. Alan says:

    @ mikespeir
    Nope his donations will go through the roof. If his gullible followers never saw that he was a fraud and a crook before why would they stop believing now?

  6. L.Long says:

    What?…evangelist Paula White ???
    These are evangelists!
    Literal buyBull and stuff?
    What is a woman doing opening her moth for anything exxxcept…
    Isn’t she suppose to shut up, spread em and make lunch?
    Its amazing how they like livericus for killing gays but ignore all the rest.

  7. James G says:

    Hey…Jebus died for the sins of all humanity…Hence, Hinn gets a free “get out hell card”…he can now Pass Go and receive his just rewards…End of story.

  8. Holland says:

    He signed for it. It’s his kind of eggheads. What’s the problem? Let the idiot pay the idiots.

  9. barriejohn says:

    Alan: Why would any serious politician waste his or her time meeting a “televangelist”? I notice that following that crusade, Hinn also said he had cast out more devils in Trinidad than from any other place he had visited, invoking the wrath of local religious leaders. How gullible can they be? Evangelists since the dawn of Christianity (“I have much people in this place”) have been making similar claims – it’s called marketing! I well remember Cliff Barrows wittering on every week on Billy Graham’s Hour of Decision programme about them “witnessing The Hand of God working in a way that we have never experienced it before” or some such nonsense, and Graham stating before each and every single “Crusade” that they had “never been better prepared to experience God’s blessing” and had “never come across greater anticipation of what God was about to do”. They are snake oil salesmen, and this sort of hyperbole is their stock in trade!

  10. Alan says:

    BarrieJohn your answer is at 4.28

  11. Robster says:

    Here in Australia, the commercial TV networks are required by law to broadcast 60 minutes of religious nonsense a week. So, as it’s super cheap and a good laugh, the 10 network give good ol’ Benny Hinn a run at 4:00am, 5 days a week. They sometimes play another one called Joyce Meyer or something. It’s good it’s on at this time as it’s missed by 98% of the population and if you’re watching TV at 4:00am, then life is pretty meaningless anyway, so any suckers he encourages to send away for what ever it is he offers will have limited motivation or money. I think there’s a xian cable channel, so I guess the Benster is getting a daytime run on that abomination. He and his ilk are so mindblowingly fraudulent, the product doesn’t work and he drains his deluded followers of their cash. How can this be legal? How?

  12. barriejohn says:

    We’ve all seen The Hinny in action, ad nauseam, I’m sure, so I thought that I would just take a peek at “Pastor White” if possible. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

    Captcha: 7BS4 – hahaha!!!

  13. barriejohn says:

    Many Americans are disgusted by the televangelists and their “prosperity gospel”, but they’re not doing the right thing sbout it!

  14. CriticalEyeYayeye says:

    Who can blame him…………. she does have a great set of breasts!