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The horror of halal slaughter

I ADORE cooking Indian dishes. When I was still living in the UK my provisions cupboards were fully stocked with items readily available from a variety of stores stocking the herbs, spices and pastes needed to create great curries and other Asian recipes. But here on the Costa Blanca in Spain I have been unable […]

US high school student threatened with death for opposing school prayer

NORTH LOUISIANA has been described as “the buckle on the Bible Belt” – and not without good reason, as high school student Damon Fowler at Bastrop High School has discovered to his cost. On the eve of his graduation, the atheist student contacted the school superintendent to let him know that he opposed the inclusion […]

Baptist fundie found guilty of rape

A 52-year-old member of a fundamentalist Baptist church in New Hampshire faces up to 54 years in prison after he was found guilty on Friday of raping his children’s 15-year-old baby sitter, who belonged to the same church, more than a decade ago. The case involving Ernest Willis of Gilford garnered national attention because Concord’s […]

US police accused of paying evangelical couple to turn a gay woman straight

A LESBIAN, who was ordered last year by a court to undergo hospital therapy for her drug addiction, wound up instead in the clutches of an evangelical couple, who were allegedly paid $600 by Bartow County Sheriff’s Department to “cure” her of her homosexuality. Amanda Booker is now suing the police. A lawsuit filed earlier […]

Gay clergy horrifies homophobe

TRADITIONALISTS in the Church of Scotland were left reeling this week after the C of S  General Assembly voted to consider lifting a ban on the ordination of gay ministers. Addressing the General Assembly in opposition to the proposal, the Rev Andrew Coghill, of the Isle of Lewis, likened the impact of the ordination of […]

Amnesty rapped over caning criticism

A CALL by Amnesty International to end the barbaric practice of caning in the province of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, stems from the organisation’s “dislike” of Islam , and its “ignorance” of sharia law. In a statement released on Sunday, Amnesty said that caning violated the UN Convention Against Torture, which Indonesia ratified in 1998, and […]

Carry on Camping

THE end of the world was originally to be a two-part affair: the “rapture” was scheduled for May 21, 2011, and the total annihilation of the world was slated in God’s busy schedule for October 21, after months of “tribulation”. But profit prophet-of-doom Harold Egbert Camping, who came out of seclusion last night to explain […]

Confusion, sorrow and doubt follows lunatic’s failed Judgment Day prediction

THE fact that the Rapture failed to materialise on May 21 at 6 pm “is not the end of the world” according to The Christian Post, quoting an evangelical “intellectual”, Timothy Dalrymple. In “a rare compassionate response to the May 21 debacle”, Dalrymple issued an open letter to senile doomsday prophet Harold Egbert Camping and […]