Gay clergy would blow the Church of Scotland apart, warns horrified homophobe

TRADITIONALISTS in the Church of Scotland were left reeling this week after the C of S  General Assembly voted to consider lifting a ban on the ordination of gay ministers.

Addressing the General Assembly in opposition to the proposal, the Rev Andrew Coghill, of the Isle of Lewis, likened the impact of the ordination of homosexual clergy to that of a “hand grenade”.

Away with the ferries. Rev Andrew Coghill. Photograph: Murdo Macleod/Guardian

He howled:

We’re being asked to pull the pin out and it will blow the Church apart.

Coghill is a bit of a cock, who was pictured in 2009 standing on a rock on the Hebridean island, opposing Sunday ferry services.

He’s by no means the only one horrified by the result of the vote, according to this report.

The Rev Andrew Randall of Larbert Old Church said the decision:

Opens the door to de facto revisionism and would be a Trojan horse for liberalism.

And Revd Louis Kinsey, Minister of St Columba’s, Bridge of Don, railed:

The Church of Scotland has decided to follow modern culture and not Scripture.

The ban was imposed in 2009 when controversy broke out over the appointment of Scott Rennie as the Church’s first partnered homosexual minister.

After a six-and-a-half hour debate, the General Assembly voted by 351 to 294 to set up a theological commission charged with preparing a report on same sex civil unions and the implications of lifting the ban on gay ministers. The report will be debated at the 2013 assembly.

Trouble with The Gays in the Church of Scotland has been brewing for some time. Back in 2009 a fundie outfit called Forward Together had a fit of the vapours over Rennie’s appointment, and it gasped:

Mr Rennie has openly stated that he is intending taking his male partner with him to live in the manse. This has caused enormous tremors throughout the Church as it is aggressively taking the debate on homosexuality onto a new level. Forward Together is deeply concerned over this development and asks for Christians to pray for wisdom for those in Aberdeen Presbytery and the wider courts of the Church.

Having a laugh: Rev Scott Rennie

We cherish the peace and unity of the Church and feel this new development will seriously undermine both.

As a group within the Church of Scotland, Forward Together’s desire is to be faithful to the Word of God in all areas of life and doctrine.

And FT wrned:

We will respond to any challenge to the Church’s evangelical heritage.

A report presented to the General Assembly pointed to a Church deeply divided over homosexuality.

In a survey of 22,000 Church of Scotland members, nearly 60 percent said a person in a same-sex relationship should not be permitted as an ordained minister in the Church.

Around one fifth of those surveyed said they would “consider it obligatory” to leave the Church of Scotland if the General Assembly were to allow people in committed same-sex relationships to be ordained as ministers.

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