Would you Adam and Eve it? Pakistan party wants ‘pornographic’ Bible banned

THE fact that Adam and Eve appear naked in the Bible before that unfortunate accident with an apple, and Lot – of Sodom fame – is portrayed as an old pisshead, has sparked calls in Pakistan for the Bible to be banned.

Michelangelo's Adam and Eve

The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party has claimed that Bible stories about characters who are in the buff, intoxicated or – in the case of Jesus a bit of a pussy because he stopped a stoning – are tantamount to “pornographic” slurs against biblical figures who are regarded in Islam as holy prophets.

The party, according to this report, is now demanding that the country ban the Bible because of such “blasphemy” – and exact a “punishment” for good measure.

At a press conference in Lahore, party leader Maulana Abdul Rauf Farooqi informally petitioned the Supreme Court, complaining that Bible accounts about some of the prophets include:

A variety of moral crimes, which undermine the sanctity of the holy figures.

Farooqi cited a number of supposedly pornographic scriptures, saying such “insertions” strongly offend Muslims, who hold all prophets in high esteem, and would never dream of maligning them.

The verses in question are:

Genesis 19:33–36, 29: 23, 32–35, 38:18

Exodus 32:2–6

1 Kings 13:2–29

2 Samuel 11:2–27, 13:1–22

Matthew 1:13, 16:23, 26:14–47

Referring to the antics of US Koran-burner Pastor Terry Jones, Farooqi said his party would not burn the Bible, as Jones has done with the Koran, but would formally lodge a petition if the high court failed to ban the Bible. There would not be a clash between the Islam and Christianity, Farooqi ominously promised, as long as the courts did his party’s bidding.

The definition of blasphemy under Pakistan’s laws is vague and can include offences that are committed “by any imputation, innuendo, or insinuation, directly or indirectly”.

In Pakistan, blasphemy charges have been brought against Muslims as well – in one recent case, for tearing off a page of a wall calendar that had a koranic verse written on it, and in another, for throwing away the business card of a person named “Mohammad”. Attempts to repeal Pakistan’s blasphemy laws have so far failed as extremists have become emboldened under them. Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer and federal minister for minorities Shahbaz Bhatti were murdered earlier this year for their opposition to the blasphemy laws.

Pakistan governments have long advocated a universal blasphemy law. Every year for over a decade, the nation introduced a resolution in the UN’s Human Rights Council and its predecessor body, calling for a worldwide ban against “defamation” of Islam. The resolution has routinely passed, but support decreased over time, and it was not introduced at the last session in March.

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10 responses to “Would you Adam and Eve it? Pakistan party wants ‘pornographic’ Bible banned”

  1. remigius says:

    So they throw a wobbly at the idea that some of their imaginary prophets had genitals and liked a little drinky. And yet the fact that Mad Mo was a self confessed kiddy-fiddler doesn’t seem to bother them.

    I think the Israelites have the right approach. We should give them the dosh to build a bloody great wall around Pakistan, and not let the buggers out ’til the whole country gets its medication sorted.

  2. barriejohn says:

    As for The Koran, on the other hand…

  3. fester60613 says:

    The world would be a far better place if the bible was banned globally. IMO.

  4. Ex Patriot says:

    It would be alot easier if they just banned religion itself, it is all mythology anyway

  5. Mike says:

    While most of us agree that this is a good thing in the promotion that religion and it’s rule books are plain dumb, these guys are known to take things to extremes. And one of the reasons that they do this, is because generally people are wimps and are not willing to be dicks to save themselves from these extremists.

  6. Daz says:

    I like this, with a little amendment. Given the amount of sex and violence in the ‘Good Book’, should it not be illegal to expose under-16s to it…?

  7. Stonyground says:

    I find this hilarious. The fact is there are hardly any characters in the OT who are not the worst kind of villain, the Bible pre-dates the Koran, both books are more than a thousand years old and they have only just noticed that there’s a problem. Mo copied these characters from the Bible, and if he didn’t think there was anything wrong with them who are these people to complain?

  8. Milz says:

    @ remigius
    I couldn’t have put it better!

  9. Paul M says:

    I like it how they have their priorities straight. They want to ban the bible for the nudity and references to consuming alcohol, but not for the violence and bigotry.

  10. Newspaniard says:

    Remind me again: Why are the USA and UK sending so much aid to these savages? Oh, I remember, they are going to help us fight terrorists and find Osama Bin Laden, where ever he may be…