Australian victim of sharia lashing says Islam is a beautiful religion

CHRISTIAN Martinez, who was brutally lashed by a posse of Muslim vigilantes for consuming alcohol, says in TV interview that he has no intention of renouncing the “beautiful” religion of Islam.

In a video we found here, the 31-year-old described Islam as:

 A great guideline to life.

Meanwhile, it was reported here that Wassim Fayad, 43, one of three people charged in connection with the lashing of Martinez has had his bail conditions changed in a Sydney court – because his parents don’t want him living with them.

Wassim Fayad pictured in police custody

Fayad was ordered to lodge $10,000 for his release and eventually left custody the following day.

On Friday, he reappeared before the Burwood court to appeal his bail conditions.

He had been ordered to remain at his parents’ Auburn address, but they had told him they were not happy with him staying there, Fayad’s lawyer said.

Instead, his lawyer requested that Fayad stay instead at a close friend’s house in nearby Lidcombe.

Magistrate Tim Keddy approved the change of address but upheld the other bail conditions, including that he should not approach Martinez.

Hat tip: Bill Murray